World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Conversation on the carriage

Even she couldn’t believe it. Now she will obey him, not for anything else, but for his request…

Either way, she could no longer continue staying in Murong manor. Murong Li, that old fox of a father can’t wait to marry her off into the imperial palace. What’s more terrible, Canglong Hui is a candidate, he may go to Murong manor and force her to marry him.

Perhaps, what was once forced upon her is now a great blessing…

Even though, becoming a maidservant might cause her to suffer…

Murong Li couldn’t bear to see Cheng Xue getting dragged away, he followed Canglong Shuntian, he extended his trembling hand forward: “Xue’er, can you tell father what is going on?”

She only stood with her back turned toward Murong Li: “Because of Shuntian Wangye, Xue’er was able to escape death, becoming his maidservant is to repay him.”

Canglong Shuntian, who was standing next to Cheng Xue suddenly could not calm down: It’s hard to say, could it be that she had already guessed that he was disguised as Feng Yueya, was it seen through by her? Is she so smart…?

He raised his eyebrows, just staring at her quietly, slightly entering a daze.

Cheng Xue did not think carefully of her own words, only saying it to silence the person behind her. She secretly sighed in her heart, and quietly followed Canglong Shuntian away.

Upon Murong Li’s face, there was not a speck of light. He now looked like a sullen old man. After the two were gone, the horse immediately drove out of the palace gate, with the carriage driving toward the moon outside the palace.

Upon the carriage, Cheng Xue did not speak a single word, it was a deadly silent in the carriage.

While he was as arrogant as ever, not saying a word, he looks at her with a trace of embarrassment.

Finally, when she had enough, she interrupted his line of sight: “Don’t just look at my face, it will look the same, is there something on my face?”

He pursed his lips with interest: “Oh? Miss Cheng Xue is overthinking, I was just lost in thought!”

Lost in thought or not, Cheng Xue decided to strike him with a heavy blow: “It is good to be a prince for a lifetime, being able to stare at beautiful women and get lost in thought? If you want to torture me, just directly say it, in the future I may end up as the maid who warms your bed!”

He tentatively asked: “Then, how should you repay me who saved your life?”

Inexplicably angry, she slammed her fist: “The life-saving grace is to be repaid, or not to repay! Besides, it’s obvious that you forced me to come back with you along the way to your manor, obviously, you escaped from my enemy, where were you to help me?”

When Cheng Xue said this, he seemed to let go of his heart, and the stone in his heart finally fell to the ground.

She saw that he did not speak, thinking that he felt ashamed and continued: “Just, I said that repaying is just an excuse, someone, you don’t have to worry so much!”

Suddenly, he blinked and shouted with relief: “Haha, you want to avoid Murong Li, to the point you are willing to come to my manor to be my maidservant?”

This time she was silent.

Then he narrated: “Then you’re afraid of Murong Li, afraid of a forced marriage?”

Forced marriage? Cheng Xue raised her eyebrows toward Canglong Shuntian, she said with indignation: “Before the banquet, you let me sit alone in a corner, instead of sitting next to father, isn’t that to allow me to escape from being seen by the Emperor? Yes! I am afraid of a forced into a marriage, afraid of Murong Li! What are you afraid of?”

This counter question, was sharp and forceful, yes, what did he fear, he is not afraid of his imperial father wanting her after taking a single glance at her? Just like Lin Yiyi?

His heart and mind were not at one with each other, he pretended everything was irrelevant: “Ben wang is just worried, it is very difficult to get a maidservant, only for her to be fancied by my imperial father! Imperial father has taken so much away from me, I don’t want him to take my maid as well!”

Suddenly, there was a deathly silence in the carriage, Canglong Shuntian cleared his throat in an untimely manner and bluntly said: “Cheng Xue, now you can’t go back to Murong manor. Would you like to come with me and help me find a treasure map? Ben Wang can protect you from being pursued!”

Actually, this is rhetoric to her. What does he truly want to do?

She raised a delicate eyebrow: “I said it, you were grabbing on and unwilling to let go, I knew it, it was related to the treasure map!”

“Ben wang sees that you so afraid of Murong Li. It seems that Murong Li has done something to you. It is so compelling to let you marry from Murong manor earlier. Naturally, he has a secret, a secret that he must guard. Ben wang can help you, until the day when the treasure map is able to face the light!”

*Face the daylight: The truth uncovered

“How did you know that I was related to the treasure map at the beginning?”

He narrowed his eyes, only a shallow word, he said, Cheng Xue, you are overthinking things!

Seeing that he did not treat this as a joke, she is also serious. Looking at the current situation, it seems that Canglong Shuntian and Murong Li must not be of the same group, it seems she is really over thinking it.

“Of course, doing this, I must have conditions!”

When Cheng Xue heard his condition, she relaxed her mind, conditionally proving that they still had some value to each other. He was temporarily a person on board: “What conditions?”

He eagerly drew a thin fan in his hand: “Naturally, the first thing is not to disclose that I know martial arts!

What shocked her was that she did not have to make an oath. He came to her to talk about the conditions, which proved that he would be very anxious about his martial arts being divulged…

She is indifferent: “Only the dead can’t talk, I am a weak woman, how can I help Wang Ye find the treasure map?”

He sat there: “To be able to escape from the layers of the men in black’s hands, since the ordinary woman, and if you do not agree, the men in black will be relieved after seeing your corpse your body, and now only Ben wang can protect you with reasonable care…… As for the bounty, ben wang is not the last resort, it will not be so!”

His answer was one of courtesy, there are so many points that gave him the majesty of an Emperor, the expression, the self-confident…

Cheng Xue is also unambiguous, as she gives a refreshing response: “Good! A word is symbolic of a promise! At least I will be useful to you before the treasure map is found!”

He doesn’t smile, it seems to be another deep meaning.

Unknowingly, the carriage has been to the front of the palace, not waiting for Canglong Shuntian, and Cheng Xue inadvertently opened the curtains and jumped to the ground.

Even the groom was suddenly shocked on the spot, the small bench in his hand, shivering in the air, seeing Canglong Shuntian, with shaking hands, he put the bench and putting the bench on the ground.

Cheng Xue did not notice what was wrong with her movements. She turned to see Canglong Shuntian was still on the carriage. He walked on the small bench and walked into the palace, leisurely, and ignored Cheng Xue behind her…

Gu Yu came from the side of the carriage and respectfully said to Cheng Xue: “Cheng Xue Maiden, here, please, Wang Ye has arranged a room for you!”

And she looked at the three big characters of “Xiang Wang Fu” this goes, I don’t know when I can return to Murong House, I can’t help but think of it, she takes a red towel from my sleeves: “Gu Yu, can you give me this red towel to my brother, this is what I bought for my brother before, I don’t know if it is convenient?”

Gu Yu was shocked first, and then replied: “Cheng Xue Maiden, naturally it is ok, I don’t know if there is anything you want to tell your brother?”

Uh… This service is too home, too? In order to avoid the tongue, she was busy refusing: “No need, just this thing, Gu Yu has been thoughtful!”

Cheng Xue did not know. Before that, Canglong Shuntian had secretly ordered Gu Yu. If Cheng Xue Maiden wants you to bring something to her brother or Murong Li, you promise her. Gu Yu was shocked by how thoughtful his master was…

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