World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 1


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Chapter 1: Peppery new recruit encountering danger

Following the fragrant path to see a woman in a military uniform standing under that cherry blossom tree, her hands were holding the fallen petals, with a mournful look, there is the look of pity in her eyes.

The second day of training new recruits, outside the training camp.

It was not easy that morning, camp training was only one day, thunder and lightning, not a quick rain, but heavy pouring rain, the road in the jungle was getting more and more difficult to walk, and there is no place to rest.

New recruit Cheng Xue watched her comrades lose their strength quickly, as her comrades scurried for ways to rush to the top. As she walked, she made a mark on the roadside tree with a bayonet at the fork never thought, suddenly thunder lightning, lightning hit where the Cheng Xue, she suddenly fell unconscious!

She only felt drowsy, her whole body aches not knowing how long she was out for, she woke up and found herself lying in the grass, clothes half wet, wearing a strange dress. She struggled to get up, only to find herself very heavy, injured not to say, even her strength felt like it was dwindling.

She carefully inspected her body, she saw her smooth snowy arms, it was unfamiliar to her, she carelessly made a sound and found that her voice was different from that of the past, she estimated that her body was currently fifteen or sixteen years old.

She subconsciously told herself that she had crossed through, just the soul of Cheng Xue, and not the rest of her.

She only remembered that she was struck by lightning while training in the field and did not remember what happened afterward!

Horrified watching around, she only saw a group of black-clad people coming at her to kill.

“Look, there she is!”

“We absolutely cannot let her get away again! Otherwise, we will lose the treasure map!”

Cheng Xue’s heartfelt a hint of surprise. Treasure map? This little girl’s body is hiding a treasure map?

Seeing that the situation was not good, Cheng Xue held onto her throbbing body and ran, but how can the body of a fifteen to sixteen years old girl compare to those well train clad black

people brimming with murderous aura and two to three of those clad black people would know qinggong.

It would not be good if they caught up to her and capture her! Seeing some of the clad black people soar up, almost catching up, Cheng Xue made a move, she picked a tender tree and quickly climbed atop the tree.

At the moment, the black-clad people had surrounded the tree.

“Haha……haha! Do not look at Murong old thief, an old planner, how did he not teach his daughter how to escape?” The leader of the clad black people could not help but ridicule.

“You go get her down!”

Seeing herself about to fall into the hand of clad black men, and suddenly a man dressed in white, holding a sword descended from the skies, with a leisure turn of one hand, those clad black people were repelled.

Cheng Xue found it difficult to lift her head, He was wearing a gauze hat that covered his face, only showing his handsome shadow.

She did not speak as the man dressed in white gently picked her up, and used qinggong to get farther away.

“Who are you? Why did you grab me?” Cheng Xue asked while reluctantly struggling in the air.

Then it seems that a burst of cold entered her body: “Miss, it looks like I’m saving you?”

However, Cheng Xue is not listening, still struggling, the man in white’s eyebrows slightly knit, coldly he hit the back of her head, making her dizzy.


When she woke up, she found herself lying in a bed, her whole body aching from the pain.

Waking up she saw the man in white sitting there, he seems to have been guarding her …

“Who are you? What are you doing, sitting there and watching me?”

It is best not to ask, a hint of coldness came straight towards her, he was still sitting there: “Miss, who did you offend, that jianghu’s assassins are chasing after you?”

Cheng Xue was suddenly lost in her mind: “There were so many clad black people chasing?”

That man in white just glanced back, originally he was ready to leave, seeing her trance, he actually changed his mind: “You should put men’s clothes as a cover, this Yue Inn also cannot stay for long.”

“Oh… ” She whispered, her gaze shifted to the top of the man … that man in white retreated behind the screen.

After changing clothes, Cheng Xue looked through her own body front and back, searched over and over, she did not find a treasure map, she suddenly panicked…

Waiting for a long time, but also there is no movement in the room, the man in white wandering a few laps and found that she has not come out, first he was worry and then angry, changing clothes took such a long time? Is it time to delay?

Walked out from behind the screen again seeing the scene before him, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry, he had on a helpless look, which changed back to the indifference expression: “Do you not know how to wear men’s clothes? You look at your clothes to wear it is all crooked, come! ”

Cheng Xue had an unhappy face, she pouted, and walked in front of him: “What? So bad to wear? Who made your clothes so big, wear body like costumes?”

  • The costumes that are worn during a Chinese opera

He took on the lead: “What’s your clothes here, this is what the people here wear? Are you not trying to blend in here? If you don’t wear it then fine! Be quiet!”

Unable to tolerate Cheng Xue say one more word he, without her permission untied her body’s crooked clothes, soon, when seeing her body again, the feeling is different? It felt more comfortable on the body than before, but Cheng Xue was angered: “You know, men and women cannot be too close? Ah……?”

He glanced at her coldly and turned around with disdain as if it was something to be taken lightly: “Do not forget, you are still on the run, do not make myself like the Merry young master going to travel to the mountains and water!”

Listening to his tone, the seriousness, and anger, Cheng Xue closed her eyes, casually said: “Got it!”

When the two people walked out of the room upstairs, he saw a few people eating downstairs and suddenly hid in the room with Cheng Xue behind the screen: “It is them, those who chase you the men in black!”

Cheng Xue blinked her eyes: “I know your martial arts are very powerful, they were masked, how did you get to such a conclusion, you are too arrogant right? You will not tell me that you are relying on a keen sense of smell right?”

His face laughed: “If I said I saw it from their sword, what would you say?”

Their sword? Cheng Xue down forgot this point, how did they get here so fast, where the presence of the clad black people ah?

See Cheng Xue face was questioning his intentions, he whispered again: “Believe it or not, follow me or not, it is up to you.”

Cheng Xue blinked her eyes: “Why should I believe you?” Although he did repeatedly save her, she cannot rely on others to save her when in distress.

He felt helplessness and disdain when talking to her: “Then leave!” Then he left, no longer caring about Cheng Xue.

Her heart weighed heavily, now the way she was dressed, those clad black people would inevitably recognize her, plus the injuries on her body have not fully recovered, she should not jump from the window, she had to take a chance.

Towards the end he disappeared from the wooden window, Cheng Xue deeply bows: veil man, Cheng Xue will certainly repay this grace of life if we meet again. The jianghu is sinister, unpredictable, being completely dependent on a stranger will get you into danger … you must also be able to understand …

Although, subconsciously, she will not hesitate to believe him.

Repaying gratitude is a must.

From now on, life and death are determined by fate…

At almost the same time she opened the door and stepped out on to the second floor at the inn, step by step, style, handsome, dressed as a man, lining her more handsome, delicate face.

She walked down, her back was as straight as a pine, she walked confidently, although not tall, with bleak colored clothes, her handsome gracefulness could not be resisted, the women dining downstairs could not help but sneak a few glances.

“Whose family’s son is that? Look, he is so handsome?”

“Yes ah, weak like a scholar, yet strong, presumably he is a scholar going to the imperial city this year…”

“Yes ah, yes ah, look at the aura of his eyes, those who see them would be lost in them, just marry him and forget everything…”

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