World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Le Chen’s phrase of broken red dust

They had walked a distance, when suddenly Master Le Chen stopped: “This young lady, forgive this old man, but I see Miss’ brows have an aura of someone that died, presumably Miss’ past life and present life may have a disaster.”

Cheng Xue’s face had doubt written all over it: “Someone who is about to die? Past life and present life has a disaster?” But thinking carefully, indeed, in her past life she was struck by lightning, in this life, when she just arrived, she had to flee for her life.

Seeing her deep in thought, Master Le Chen’s eyes flashed a firm, pleasant look of surprise, with an incredulous look: “This young lady, in one’s life, commit seven days of cherry blossom, why don’t you listen to this old man?”

  • 一生命犯七日樱花 Yī shēngmìng fàn qī rì yīnghuā: One life commits seven day cherry blossom, is a saying of how love or beauty will bring disaster to the person with this fate. It is a fortune-telling saying.
    She was suddenly puzzled, then amazed, slightly touching her pale snow like cheek, she uncertainty said: “The master does not have any evidence, why do you say such?”

Masters Le Chen looked at the sky and gave a sigh: “Young lady does not know, this old man had a strange dream many years ago, in that dream there was an extraordinary lady of grace under the cherry tree, there was often a sense loss, it felt pitiful, Buddha said, she and I will one day see each other if fated, I wish to tell her … … ”

Not waiting for Master Le Chen to finish, Cheng Xue interrupted: “There are still such things, but what master said, but I have somewhat similar.” This kind of thing, Cheng Xue felt that it is really hard to come by.

Master Le Chen closed his eyes, with a sad look: “Young lady’s eyes, are exactly the same as the eyes of the woman in the dreams, whether it is you or not, this old man must tell you Buddha’s remarks.”


“Yes ah, past lives have been set to dust, this life, commit the seven days of cherry blossoms, a rough road ahead. Worldly matters, apart from life and death, the rest are idle!”

Cheng Xue suddenly paled, her mouth murmured: “Past life has been set to dust, seven lives today cherry, rough road. Worldly matters, apart from life and death, the rest are idle … … ”

Saying these few words, why is it that my heart cannot feel the pain?

“What this old man wishes to say has already been said, hope young lad will treasure these words in the future, this old man will retreat first.”

Waiting until Cheng Xue was walking away, Murong Yu was searching through Huashan Temple looking for his sister, he urgently rushed to Huashan temple hall, and happened to meet Master Le Chen.

“Master, did you see a woman with plain clothes, clear pupils…”

Murong Yu had not yet finished, when a disciple next to Master Le Chen who saw Cheng Xue and Master Le Chen together, blurted out: “Young master, the woman you were describing, went with Shuntian Wangye back to his residence!”


Cheng Xue did not know how she ended up before the eyes of Canglong Shuntian, she only knew that they were surrounded by a group of people on the sedan, after that she was unconscious.

Did not know how long, Jing Xiang arrived on time: “Wangye, we are at the foot of the mountain, I will bring the carriage here.”

Inside the sedan, a desolated sound came: “Un!”

He came out of the sedan, gently holding Cheng Xue and walked straight in the direction of the carriage ignoring the group of people behind him.

Canglong Shuntian’s personal bodyguards, Gu Yu also came to greet them, not waiting for the order of the master, the person behind Canglong Shuntian paid a sufficient amount of silver, and sent them away.

Waiting until Canglong Shuntian got on the carriage, Gu Yu arrived quickly: “Wangye, we will return to the residence, you should be careful.”

In the same cold response: “Un!”

At the moment his focus is occupied on Cheng Xue, how would he have time to think about others.

Seeing her stare out into emptiness, her face pale and weak, weak breath, her whole body seemed paralyzed in his arms.

He only felt that there was something tightening in his heart, and in uttered urgency drew the curtains of the carriage: “Stop, let Jing Xiang bring the sweet desserts and the water here.”

“Yu – ” Getting the master’s orders, Gu Yu immediately stopped the carriage, ” Yes! Wangye!”

Jing Xiang, then hurriedly came, she was just about to put food and water aside, Canglong Shuntian command: “Jing Xiang! Get on the carriage!”

Jing Xiang got an inexplicable feeling, she could only get into the master’s carriage: “Wangye, do you want desserts and water.”

Canglong Shuntian’s hand took the food, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled: “You wait on her to eat.”

Jing Xiang noticed that in the arms of Wangye, miss Cheng Xue was laying, subconsciously frightened: “Wangye, just now miss Cheng Xue was radiant, how could she suddenly faint?”

And he did not seem to hear Jing Xiang ask him, but clearly “Cheng Xue” the two words he heard, seemingly in full though.

“Cheng Xue?”

Jing Xiang, seeing her master like this, did not dare to ask, she gently carefully moves Cheng Xue, it was difficult to get her to drink water.

“Jing Xiang, what did you talk about when you were with her?”

She did not feel comfortable to say: “It’s something that does not matter. She asked if Wangye lived here for many years, and then I told her about Wayne’s illness and recuperating in Huashan Temple. When she was changing her clothes, there were injuries on her body?”


Seeing Wangye with a frown, Jing Xiang felt that she had deliberately added more worrisome matters on Wangye: “Yes ah Wangye, the injury is not heavy … …”

“What else did you talk about?”

Jing Xiang carefully reviewed her thoughts, pupils fixed: “There was no more, Wangye!”


Although it is carefully recalled, it does not matter what they think, in the eyes of Canglong Shuntian it is unimportant, she is just a maidservant, when is it her place to know the private matters of the master?

Because maidservants do not pay attention, she forgot she personally said to Cheng Xue that Wangye did not know martial arts, she did not mention. Facts have proved that she really did not know her master knew martial arts.

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