World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: He called her his maid

Unknowing, the sky was dim, although Spring just came, the wind of the night was cold. Under the moonlight, Cheng Xue stood outside, listening to the rain pattering on the rooftop, staring at the sky alone

Not knowing that there was a single shadow in the sky…

In one of the building, on the highest floor, Canglong Shuntian leisurely walked out of the study room to the fresh air of the evening, he sees Cheng Xue downstairs, once again looking at her thin figure, he feels his heart in chaos.

Originally, Cheng Xue’s mind was in a daze, but she felt someone drape a thick cloak over her shoulders, she turned back to see that it was Canglong Shuntian.

His face was indifferent, but there was a blazing light coming from his eyes. There was a strange familiarity to it, as if she had seen it before… But she was unable to recall as the feeling was extremely vague.

Canglong Shuntian saw that it was extremely difficult to meditate. There was a trace of sorrow between his eyebrows, he couldn’t help but gently start: “What are you thinking of?”

It was uncertain if she looking for someone to talk at the moment, full of thoughts, she was very uncomfortable. She unnaturally moved her lips, her eyes kept staring at the starry sky, with an emptiness. She didn’t notice who was speaking.

Finally, the voice spoke softly: “I am homesick… I miss my home, it’s very far away… Of course, if I tell you, you wouldn’t believe it…”

When she hadn’t finished, he interrupted hard, fearing that she didn’t understand his heart. He only had one word – he believed her! But he couldn’t tell the inner complex emotions, this feeling is only reserved for her and her alone!

And she seems to be lying there, staring at him, a kind of warmth, flowing into her heart…

She smiled bitterly: “What’s with this act today! Am I not your maid? Why haven’t you given me orders for half a day? Shun! Tian! Wang! Ye! ”

Her voice saying ‘Shuntian Wang Ye’, is extremely stubborn, and there is no lack of disdain for him.

The strange thing is that he doesn’t care. Instead, he laughs: “You are my maid, but you don’t know. In my manor, I only address one person as my maid!”

Her fascinating watery eyes flashed a strange look, after all, this was the first time someone said such a thing…

“Wow, Shuntian Wang Ye, you changed my name to ‘Maid’? How amazing!”

She seemed to be a creature that evoked his curiosity. At this moment, his shadow of indifference disappeared, replaced with an innocent look, “Cheng Xue, what is it?”


Seeing his look of curiosity, she couldn’t bear to give him a verbal attack. Although she was miserable when he was bullying her, she couldn’t bear to beat him down at the moment. Goodness, what was wrong with her?’

What could she do if she were to beat him down?

Seriously looking at him, her heart gradually softened: “Wonderful, exquisite flower, but it’s a pity that it’s used on you!”

He suddenly gave her a smile: “What is a pity?”

She felt that his expression gave a look of boundless warmth…

She hesitated: “A pity on those flowers!”

“Oh-!” He said with a deep meaning, he knew that there was something in her words, and he smiled.

Cheng Xue suddenly looked up and asked: “Why are you doing this?”

Seeing his innocent look, Cheng Xue once again gritted his teeth and explained: “Why should I be treated like this? Let me enter your manor to be a ‘Maidservant’; at the banquet, you let me sit in the corner to avoid being liked by the Emperor…”

Canglong Shuntian took a deep breath and looked around, his body turned very unnaturally, out of sync with his hands…

What is wrong with him? Suddenly, Cheng Xue was nervous inside…

He finally returned to his calm and regained his formerly arrogant posture…

Accompanied by the blowing wind, there was a fragrant scent, Canglong Shuntian whispered: “I don’t know what to do, I can’t help myself, going deeper and deeper… Cheng Xue, I – like – you!”

I – like – you, the three words he said are extremely slow, he is afraid that she did not pay attention to it…

Suddenly she thought of Feng Yue Ya, thinking of the little bit of care she received on the road to escape, although he was a little cold to talk to, his behavior was full of compassion. She still needs to go to him. In this lifetime, she must repay his life saving grace…

She wondered why she suddenly thought so, but it had never crossed her mind before…

Suddenly, she awoke from her daze, and euphemistically refused, she looked at his saddened expression full of pity, she said, I’m sorry. And he didn’t say it – it doesn’t matter.

She saw that he was full of anticipation, that gradually dimmed. With her loss, Cheng Xue herself was inexplicably heartbroken!

Her body was shaking desperately, struggling.

Canglong Shuntian’s broad chest suddenly opened but hesitated. Would he like to rely on her? With a hardened heart, he held on to her tightly…

Allowing her thin and trembling body to rest in his arms. They felt each other’s warmth.

After a long time, Cheng Xue restored her calm and pushed him away, she whispered: “How do you know of the treasure map? Did you not let me leave because I have a broken connection with the treasure map?”

She was alone in the inexplicable ancient times, she didn’t want to rely on others so easily. She knew that if she relied on it for too long, she would lose her ability to resist! She didn’t want to exhaust her ability. At least, at present, she feels that life and death are in vain…

As of now, you can protect me, but after the matter of the treasure map, will you destroy me?

She suddenly lowered her head and stopped speaking.

Canglong Shuntian did not explain, he knew that she could only believe him if she knew who he truly was!

Suddenly, a red figure flashed in front of them, and the two fixed their eyes. It turned out to be Murong Yu!

Although under the faint moonlight, his red robes are still dazzling, just like a flower that bloomed overnight, beautiful and flawless.

Suddenly she laughed and said: “Dear brother, how late you came? Father will blame you!”

Only today, he exudes a sigh of relief. He does not speak, and Cheng Xue finds out that his gaze is complex she looks at Canglong Shuntian.

What is going on here?

Another gust of cold wind blew past, Cheng Xue felt a sensation that made her tremble, she could not help but hold on to her body…

What surprised her was that Canglong Shuntian immediately gave his coat to her, while Murong Yu, extended the dazzling red handkerchief to her: “Dear sister, don’t freeze!”


The two men were in the moonlight for a long time… What happened to them?

Cheng Xue recalled her very small movements, she had attracted their attention!

Just when Canglong Shuntian said that he likes me, it is true, then what happened to my brother Murong Yu?

Could it be that Murong Yu likes her?

Dear heavens! The answer almost came out, she endured, pretending to be extremely sleepy, yawning, pretending to be careless: “You guys talk slowly, I am a little tired, I will go back to rest, good night!”

Good night?

Not to mention okay, once said, the eyes of these two were staring at her, watching her shiver, this reminded her, that she said something that should not be said, the word was “good night.”

She couldn’t explain it for a while, but escaped from the wildness, leaving only the Canglong Shuntian and Murong Yu to look at each other unclearly…

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