World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Returning to Murong manor

Murong Yu was hesitating while the carriage drove around in the crowded city.

“Gongzi, this is the fourth time going around the Imperial City, can we return to the manor now?”

He still did not make up his mind and watched Cheng Xue who was sleeping against his shoulder. He didn’t know how to make a decision.

At this time, Cheng Xue was still in her dreams. Even in her dreams, she was running, thinking that it was real, Murong Yu listened to Cheng Xue’s mouth as she kept shouting “home”. Once he heard that, he made up his mind: “Return to the manor!”

The servant who was outside driving the carriage could not help but sigh, they could finally return to the manor to rest.

The sun was setting in the west, there were less pedestrians along the way, the carriage finally stopped before a prominent “Murong Fu”. He could have chosen the back door into Murong fu, but Murong Yu chose the main entrance, he wanted to let father know that his jiejie had returned!

To let everyone know that his sister, Murong Cheng Xue has returned!

Murong Yu went straight into Murong manor while holding Cheng Xue as they descended from the carriage, from inside the gates came an announcement full of excitement: “The Young Master returned! Young Miss also came home!”

Yes, they are back. How difficult it is to go back and forth, only they themselves would know.

Entering Murong manor, Murong Yu walked towards Cheng Xue’s room while supporting her… ignoring the looks on the servants who were welcoming them.

In the study, the dignified and serious, Murong Li, who’s plans had not worked out this year. He sat at his desk, with every stroke concentrated on calligraphy. The pen floated across the paper freely and with ease.

It seemed he was too devoted in his practice of calligraphy, disregarding Jiang En, the steward who entered the study.

“Old Master…” As usual, he said in a long profound voice.

Murong Li did not have the slightest hint of acknowledgment. His eyebrows were slightly sloppy and seemed to have trouble, deep in his mind.

If in the past, steward Jiang En must not bother the old Master, but today, he took a hard time to think: “Old Master, Young Master Yu, and Young Miss had returned!”

Young Miss returned?

As he heard this, Murong Li’s body turned stiff and stopped there. The beautiful, flawless paper was stained with ink from the brush: “What? Young Miss had returned?”

Steward Jiang did not understand why the Old Master was so nervous, busy with his relaxed expression, and smiled: “Yes ah, Old Master, just now, young miss returned. Only that the Young Miss is very weak and Young Master Yu is supporting her.”

Murong Li’s right hand was clearly trembling slightly. He could not figure out how his daughter was able to survive after being chased. She was alive and well… Xue’er! Father is sorry!

Steward Jiang sees that Murong Li is stiff, guessing that he had missed the Young Miss too much, and reminds him: “Old Master, do you go and see Miss?”

Go and see? He was hesitant. Why didn’t he want to see his daughter? Why did he not worry about his daughter these days? It’s just that he couldn’t face her…

After hesitating, he couldn’t help himself and walked out of the study room. Steward Jiang saw Murong Li’s look as he rushed to Murong Cheng Xue’s room.

Cheng Xue happened to sleep for a day, and subconsciously feels that someone is supporting her. She lazily opened her eyes to see Murong Yu smiling gently at her. His clothes were like red flames, but his name meant rain, this made Cheng Xue feel a little worried. This little brother was the type that had empathy for others!

At that moment, the door was gently pushed open, a middle-aged man slowly stepped forward, looking at the way he dressed, with casualness, that person was Murong Cheng Xue’s father, Murong Li!

Although it was an elderly person, his weather-beaten face still had the handsome appearance of a young man. However, the gaze in his eyes was sly, making Cheng Xue somewhat disgusted!

She frowned and took a look at Murong Yu. After understanding, he retreated to gently close the door.

Looking at Murong Li’s hands trembling and walking towards her bed, his eyes were full of kindness, pity, and remorse. On his weather-beaten face, there were some wrinkles. Somehow, the person in front of him let Cheng Xue think of herself. The dad, and the mother thinking of the only people she could rely on…

Gradually, her eyes were wet with unshed tears

Murong Li came forward in tears: “Xue’er ah, I’m sorry Xue’er, father was wrong, father was wrong…” Holding her hand, he kept repeating those words. The words were real and the words were filled with annoyance and pity. “It’s good that you’re alive, It’s good that you’re alive…”

Cheng Xue pushed his hand away, endured the soreness from her body, she struggled to sit up and smiled: “I just want to know why you are doing this?”

She asked with a tone of righteousness, not regarding the slightest amount of courtesy, her voice was icy, which made Murong Li’s heart go cold.

Cheng Xue wipes the tears of missing her loved ones, with an unyielding tone: “I woke up in the forest and was running for my life… How much of it have to do with you?”

Murong Yu saw his father cry with tears leaking down his face. He didn’t want to bother him. He didn’t think that Cheng Xue would keep asking questions. He was afraid that his father would be angry. He couldn’t help worrying about it: “Jiejie… Father looks like he is in deep regret!”

Yes, indeed, he loves her. Since he loves his daughter so much, why should he let his daughter die for the so-called treasure map?

She was still waiting for his reply. She wants to see what this so-called father would do to show his concern for her.

Just then, the next thing he did is too unexpected for Cheng Xue!


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