World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Xiao Ming Xuan

Seeing that he did not speak any longer, Cheng Xue said: “Shuntian gege, if there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

Just as she was prepared to leave, Canglong Shuntian called out to her: “Cheng Xue, we found the person you were searching for in Murong manor, if there is time I will accompany you.”

Originally, he would be able to find the information by just using some money. Why bother visiting in person, Canglong Shuntian’s heart was puzzled, and he still couldn’t hold back: “Since you know each other from before, why don’t we go together?”

Cheng Xue’s face was serious: “Helping others is not solved by the act of giving silver. You do not know what Wu Hao’s family needs the most. Since you decided to help, it is best to help.”

“Under the heavens, there are so many who are poor, do you, Cheng Xue intend to help them one by one?”

Cheng Xue carefully said: “Naturally, when I encounter them, if I have the ability to do it, I will help. If it wasn’t for Feng Yue Ya saving me, I would have already become a corpse at the bottom of the mountains! The relationship between Feng Yue Ya and I is not what you think…”

Canglong Shuntian rose up quickly, as he gracefully took her hand, he faintly said: “If this is the case, then let’s go, the carriage has already been prepared.”

Suddenly, she was held at this moment and could not escape even if she wanted to. It was as if someone had given her half of their warmth, it was this warmth that made her unwilling to refuse.

They sat on the carriage silently, looking at each other, there was silence all the way.

It’s not that there was nothing to say along the way, there was just silence.

She had a thousand knots in her heart, one was willing to speak, but the other unwilling to mention. So, where could the knots untie?

“Wangye, we have arrived at Wu Hao’s home.” Gu Yu said in a low voice.

When Cheng Xue heard him, she got up and prepared to leave the carriage. Once again, she didn’t wait for the driver to prepare the bench and wanted to directly jump off from the carriage.

But this time, Canglong Shuntian hugged her from behind, gently stepping on the bench. Such a posture was smooth without flaws.

Once again, she felt the warmth he brought to her.

Before when she had been eager to get down and he had quietly pulled her back. A blush slowly rose on her cheek as she whispered, “What are you doing? There are people around…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Canglong Shuntian gave her a carefree smile: “Haha… Maidservant Cheng Xue, benwang is worried you will ignore the rules and jump down, I’m doing this for myself.”

That is to say, once he finished, his look of concern had a brief confrontation with her eyes, his grip showed his tenderness.

Gu Yu looked at the atmosphere between them, while in front, he turned his head around and said: “Wangye, miss Cheng Xue although we have just entered spring, it is still a little chilly, it is best to go into the house to talk.” Seeing that the two did not speak, they were still stiff there, Gu Yu smiled. “Wangye, it’s better to let this subordinate accompany you, letting miss Cheng Xue stand outside in the cold is not good…”

Who knew that they would speak at the same time: “Shut up!”

After a tacit understanding, they looked at each other and smiled.

In fact, Canglong Shuntian wants to accompany her into the house, so that he can protect her, but he just said that words are so ruthless, and in the eyes of the public, it is not good to turn around and walk with her, so that he can take care of her. What Cheng Xue wanted was to go in alone, but she has no silver on her.

So the two are so deadlocked, and no one is willing to take a step back.

At this time, the crisp voice of a child came: “Sister Xue’er, are you here to see Xiao Mingxuan?”

Cheng Xue snapped out of her daze and turned to look, she saw a child with a flushed pink beautiful face that stood there smiling at her.

Her heart was attracted by his smile. Cheng Xue discovered that the child’s home was mainly built from thatch, and it seems to be a thatched cottage that has been in disrepair. In such an environment, he can live like this, happily. Cheng Xue was puzzled.

Canglong Shuntian saw her with no response, and pushed her lightly: “I still didn’t know, that people call you sister Xue’er…”

Cheng Xue’s face was pale: “I lost my memory!”

Her sentence “I lost my memory” is slender and beautiful, seemingly passed through Xiao Mingxuan’s ear.

“What? Sister Xue’er lost her memory?” Xiao Mingxuan rushed in a hurry and grabbed her clothes all at once. He was looking at her with his eyes wide open “Sister Xue’er, can’t you remember Xiao Mingxuan? Xiao Mingxuan is looking forward to sister Xue’er every day. Come on.”

Cheng Xue bowed down and touched his head lovingly: “Xiao Mingxuan, be obedient, although sister Xue’er does not remember certain things, I still remember Xiao Mingxuan. Hey, don’t cry…”

Xiao Mingxuan only laughed when he heard this: “I know that sister Xue’er will come to see Xiao Mingxuan again! It’s windy outside, let’s talk in the house.”

Allowing his little hand to pull her along, Cheng Xue curiously asked: “Xiao Mingxuan, when was the last time sister came to find you? Tell me about sister Xue’er?”

Xiao Mingxuan smiled: “Sister Xue’er, when did you get better? When you played with me the last tame, you were more silly!”

When Cheng Xue heard it, it was stunned. This Xiao Mingxuan was so fierce and his eyes were still so sharp…

Canglong Shuntian was unhappy as he wondered why Xiao Mingxuan was able to hold her hand. He couldn’t help but grab the child’s other hand as the three of them entered the house.

Gu Yu, who was behind them, seeing the tacit understanding of the three of them, linked to the scene of a happy family of three, snapped out of his daze shaking his head, he shouldn’t be thinking like this!

As soon as they entered the house, the light dimmed, there were not too many benches, so Cheng Xue sat alone, while the two stood, making her feel even more embarrassed: “Xiao Mingxuan, would you please ask brother to come over?” In fact, Cheng Xue has other plans. If she treats him coldly, will he still be generous?

Who knew, Xiao Mingxuan also does not give him face, and bluntly said: “No, Sister Xue’er, this bench is only for sister to sit!”

Uh… Cheng Xue looked stiffly at Canglong Shuntian: “Shuntian gege, see, I had good intentions…”

Thinking that he would erupt in anger, he smiled at the child: “Xiao Mingxuan, how old are you this year? How can you be alone in this home?”

Xiao Mingxuan answered: “I am ten years old this year. Since I was a child, maternal grandmother brought me up. During these days, I go out to earn money during the day and I will be back in the evening.”

Cheng Xue’s face was full of caring: “Xiao Mingxuan, what do you usually eat?”

Xiao Mingxuan pointed his finger at the stove not far away, and Canglong Shuntian went to look. When he stepped forward, and opened the pot covered with oil stains. The pot was dark and there were only a few sweet potatoes.

Even Canglong Shuntian couldn’t stand it anymore: “Do you eat such sweet potatoes every day?”

Xiao Mingxuan did not say anything, nodding silently.

Canglong Shuntian said: “Xiao Mingxuan, why don’t you follow brother home? I promise that Xiao Mingxuan would eat well every day.”


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