World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: A chance encounter at the palace

A series of knocking on the door interrupted them, Gu Yu hurriedly came: “Wang Ye, it’s time for departure…”

Seeing that the time was tight, the two of them can only leave.

“Brother Yue Ya, goodbye!”

“Wang Ye is too polite, on the outskirts of the imperial city, where the willows are, we will meet again, goodbye!”

After saying goodbye to Feng Yue Ya, Canglong Shuntian boarded a carriage to return to the Wang fu, along the way, they saw fewer pedestrians. He lifted the curtain and looked to the sky, this time when he entered the palace, he was in a rush.

How long had he not seen Father Emperor? Is he still the same, the passage of time seems to not have left any marks on him? Father Emperor, once I left, I was away for six years, did you think of me? Or did you not?

His mother fell out of favor, if not because of him, she would have already been abandoned by Father Emperor, mother, mother…

Now that he is twenty years old, he has not seen his mother since he was fourteen years old. If it is not the heartlessness of his Father Emperor, he would have been able to see them once or twice.

But it’s been a whole six years since he had that strange disease, who would dare speak of it?


His train of thought was interrupted when Gu Yu suddenly stopped: “What happened?”

At this time, the gorgeous curtain on the carriage slowly lifted, Gu Yu was very calm: “Wang Ye, we have arrived at the palace, Gu Yu will wait for you…”

He discovered that the road leading up to the palace was like this: “No need! Come with me to the palace, the others can stay here.”

“Yes! Wang Ye!”

The people bowed, as Canglong Shuntian slowly descended the carriage and entered the palace.

Coincidentally, as Canglong Shuntian got off the carriage, in the blink of an eye, another carriage pulled in, he smiled lightly, walking past them, only to see Murong Li come out of the carriage with Murong Cheng Xue following behind him! Suddenly, he felt his eyes light up!

“Isn’t it Murong daren? It’s a coincidence to meet you in front of the palace, haha…”

  • Daren: Position of official

Murong Li was very cautious: “You are very polite, this old minister is always looking forward to seeing Shuntian Wang Ye! What a coincidence!”

Canglong Shuntian used to these words of catering, he did not care, but he was very interested in the woman behind Murong Li and said: “Hey? Who is the woman behind you?”

Murong Li had a happy expression on his face: “Wang Ye is too courteous, she is this old minister’s daughter, Murong Cheng Xue. Cheng Xue, come and greet Shuntian Wang Ye.”

Uh…? Greet? Cheng Xue just came out from the carriage to get slapped in the face. She was still completely unclear about the ceremonies. She also saw Murong Li’s eagerness to curry favor with Canglong Shuntian, along with the look of hatefulness like steel daggers in his eyes… haha! She didn’t know why, but that look made her feel comfortable.

In front of Canglong Shuntian, she couldn’t help but smile: “Greeting Wang Ye!” But in heart she was thinking Canglong Shuntian, you’re very good, you know who I am, yet you pretend to be strangers, how treacherous!”

Just with the exchange, Murong Li’s look became that of anger, he reprimanded “Cheng Xue, do not be rude!”

Cheng Xue was full of grievances: “Father, I am abiding by the rules!”

However, when Murong Li heard the sentence “abiding by the rules!” he suddenly stunned, full of regrets, he should not have been in a rush to bring her out.

Just when Murong Li was about to feel shame, prime minister Nangong Mo’s daughter Nan Shihan came ——

“Greeting Shuntian Wang ye! Greeting Murong daren! It’s a coincidence that we meet in front of the palace, why don’t we enter the palace together?” Nangong Mo said politely.

Then, they heard a soft voice: “Greeting Wang Ye! Greeting Murong daren!” Turning back, she was exposed to the brilliant light for a while, it was a beautiful woman! Cheng Xue secretly admired at the bottom of her heart.

Canglong Shuntian was not paying attention to anyone, he secretly used his eyes, indicating Cheng Xue to look at the woman, meaning for her to study how to give a proper greeting.

Due to the presence of many people, Cheng Xue only gave him a glance —— ignoring him!

But Cheng Xue had forgotten to shield both ears!

Sure enough, the sound of him reprimanding her is untimely: “Daughter of the prime minister, Nan Shihan, really lives up to your name of being gentle and elegant!”

Canglong Shuntian! What do you mean by this? You were gone for six years, yet you know who she is? Isn’t this speaking to her?

“Haha…Wang Ye is too polite, Wang Ye please!” Nangong Mo burst into laughter, followed by an extremely modest action as he reached out to let him go first. Canglong Shuntian immediately noticed, he reached out, and the two walked toward the palace gate.

Fortunately, the prime minister came to ease the anger and embarrassment in Murong Li’s heart. He only glanced at Cheng Xue before leaving.

Nan Shihan was blushing as she was standing there, Cheng Xue could not bear to push her: “We should go!”

Nan Shihan just returned to her senses, she quickly followed, Cheng Xue could not stop but marvel: this woman looks like she just stepped out of a painting, she can only clearly remember her appearance.

However, it was soon discovered by Cheng Xue that Nan Shihan had never seen him before. As a result, Cheng Xue felt uncomfortable in her heart: even if I’m not as beautiful, there’s no need to be so indifferent?

She admits that Cheng Xue is a lonely, indifferent person, but now, compared with the Nan Shihan, she has become a warm-hearted woman!

Didn’t they say that ancients were easygoing?

Didn’t they say that the neighbors in the city are not called neighbors, but instead they are strangers. Even if the countrymen are separated by dozens of miles, they are still neighbors…

Uh… she really can’t figure it out… Cheng Xue was now troubled, she had to keep up, thinking of the scene at the entrance of this palace, not knowing what it is like in the palace. Thinking about it, her legs felt like jelly, soft to powerless, even if she wanted to flee, her state could not get weaker…

Outside the royal study room, eunuch Li is holding a tray of hot tea, and wants to send it to the Emperor. Canglong Shuntian immediately intercepts, gracefully saying: “Gong gong, you have worked hard, let Shuntian do it?”

  • Gong gong: Way to address a eunuch

Eunuch Li sees Canglong Shuntian’s eyes were filled with clarity, his eyes exude an elegant aur., Hearing him refer to himself as ‘Shuntian’, without the arrogance of a Wang Ye, he couldn’t help but smile: “Wang Ye is polite, yesterday the Emperor stayed up all night, thinking of Wang Ye. Wang Ye please!”

Canglong Shuntian let out a bitter smile as he took the hot tea from eunuch Li’s hands, steadily walking into the royal study room.

When he entered, Canglong Shuntian saw his Father Emperor busy reviewing state reports, he came to his side: “Father Emperor, the matters of the state is heavily taxing, you have to take care of yourself, drink a cup of freshly brewed hot tea, to warm your body…”

All the actions of the Emperor seemed to be slowing down and the stiffness was there. When he looked up, he saw that Canglong Shuntian was standing there, he looked at the child who had just grown up!

The Emperor felt his heart warm up, he choked: “Shuntian my child, my good son…”

Having not seen for a while, the friendship between father and son was instant ——

The Emperor got up from the chair, he walked to the side of Canglong Shuntian: “My son, you’ve suffered these few years!” He patted his son’s shoulder, it seems he wanted to say something…

Canglong Shuntian was indifferent: “Father Emperor, this child is in good health! In these years, this child has been studying while recovering from illness, now I also know a little about governing a country. When I am well, I will naturally return to Father Emperor’s side to reduce your burden, if not, I will be unable to live up to Father Emperor’s expectations!”

“Ha ha, my child is growing up!”

“Canglong Shuntian places the cup of tea before the Emperor: “Father Emperor’s momentum has not diminished, this child is safe! This child is looking forward to the many mid-autumn festivals how we will have a reunion dinner, and listening to mother’s voice…”

However, when Canglong Shuntian mentioned his mother, the Emperor’s face sank, so he had to close his mouth and no longer mention it.

Who knows ——

“Has she been well these past six years…”

For a time, there was silence.

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