World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Helpless all the way

After eating and drinking till she was full, Cheng Xue stretches gracefully, but found that the Canglong Shuntian has been staring at her, she felt her heart go numb.

Big eyes are not going to stare at small eyes throughout the whole ride, right?

“Hey, I say Canglong Shuntian, you do not need to look at me like this? I, Cheng Xue, knows nothing but eating and drinking and freeloading, I did not say I would not to pay back.”

He’s interested: “Hungry? Is it? There is a long journey ahead, looking at your eating face, I find it interesting, it is only to relieve my boredom, you do not need to be so worried about it.”

Cheng Xue knew the implied meaning: “When was I worried? Just thinking that someone does not turn their eyes, only staring at a direction sure is weird, it deviates the mind a little, it is a kind reminder. Someones thinking too much, right?”

It is getting more and more interesting!

“Where, where… benwang knows the extraordinary looks, Cheng Xue, please do not think so much. Nevermind trying to explain, the more explanation there is, the more confusing it will be, and finally even feel that their own speech is powerless. ”

Narcissist, never has she seen him so narcissistic, Canglong Shuntian, she, Cheng Xue, will remember!

“How did you know my name was Cheng Xue? You asked your servants to inquire my name, Wangye, you really do not have face?”

Canglong Shuntian waved his hand, with indifference: “Haha…Is your name Cheng Xue? I heard it by chance and just felt like saying it. But you, Cheng Xue, know my name and that’s okay, but, yet, to address it freely, I really do not know how many heads you have? ”


Headache, headache, absolute headache, one has to know, to give Cheng Xue a headache there are only a limited amount of people who are able to do that, she does not believe that she is unable to subdue him!

“I say, Wangye, ah, when you tour the flowers alone it counts as touring, two people touring is also touring, the cherry blossoms that have fallen down are down, a petal flew to my lips, Wangye places blame, this measure is too small, if word was to get out, the people would refuse to accept ah! If Wangye’s older brother knows, will Wangye be able to keep face?”

Suddenly he looked up and looked at her again, only met Huang Xiong once, and able to see that there was discord between Huang Xiong and himself, it seems this little Yatou is not simple.

  • 皇兄 Huáng xiōng: Older imperial brother
  • 丫头 Yātou: used for young girls

“Cheng Xue, what you said is incorrect, Huang Xiong and I have a very good relationship, or today he would not walk a thousand miles to meet his Huang di. Huang Xiong did it personally, it can be expressed to the world. Cheng Xue, best to say nothing of this, if the wrong person was listening, your life can not be guaranteed.”

  • 千里迢迢 Qiānlǐ tiáotiáo Walking thousands of miles: Used to express a long walk or one’s sincerity
  • 皇弟 Huáng dì: Younger imperial brother

Well, you say east, and he pulls you west.

  • East and West means on going against of each other

“Keke (Cough)… My point is, what must I do for you to let me go? Why are you frivolous with me? Twice, I have to put up with you, and I only ate a cherry blossom but you are unwilling to let go, could it be that as a prince you have this privilege? If you rely on this privilege to be a Wangye, then replace me, I do not covet these privileges!”

Once said, Canglong Shuntian felt a burst of cold wind, a weak woman, in the presence of a country’s Wangye was speaking of privileges, talking of equality, this is unheard of.

“These words I have already forgotten, there is no need to repeat!”

Cheng Xue just woke up to reality, this was not an era with freedom of expression, but a dynasty of ideological dictatorship, when a remark is made, losing your head is also common, right? Why is he not held accountable?

It is weird! It is uncertain if the black clad black people who were tracking me if they track me to the Wang fu then it should not be my fault? Unknowingly, getting dragged into muddy waters, there must be a distinct understanding then travel, there is no trail to follow, what to do?

It was bumpy along the way, although a lone male and unmarried female are in the same carriage, as the modern female soldier, Cheng Xue felt nothing was inappropriate. There was silence on the road, peace, and quiet all the way, nothing was wrong.

  • An era where it is considered inappropriate for an unmarried female to be in the same room as an outsider that is male

The only thing Cheng Xue cannot be relieved is these ancient conservative clothes, looking at the pattern, color, presumably a bit prestige, wearing it on her is wasted.

Mainly because of mobility, punches and kicks will be difficult to accomplish, if she is once again caught in the fugitive, escape situation, it is just sad!

Where to go? All the best! What Master Le Chen said is not unreasonable, the worldly matters, besides life and death, which one is not idle? Just too detached, aloof, let her, Cheng Xue live in peace, free of all hardships, a good life, it should be said that way!

There is one more thing that is strange, this Canglong Shuntian, obviously wants to trap her and did not ask who she was, a strenuous stay, this is incredible, right?

This Canglong Shuntian, in the end, what medicine is sold in the gourd?

  • 葫芦里到底卖的什么药 Húlu lǐ dàodǐ mài de shénme yào: What kind of medicine is sold in the gourd; What is the person up to?

But this way, looking at him, it can’t be anything good!

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