World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Imposing killing intent

Not knowing, or sensing the sunset, after staying on the carriage for a good half day, it was uncomfortable.

The curtain opened to see a magnificent sunset, it was just nearly evening time, it would get dark soon. There was not even a small town around, how could it be so desolated?

“Something’s not right?” Cheng Xue suddenly blurted out.

“What’s not right?” Once Canglong Shuntian opened his mouth, a hoarse voice came out, being in the carriage for so long this is his first sentence, he really was able to withstand the loneliness!

“Your Huang Xiong looks luxurious and lazy, likes places of wealth, how would he be willing to spend such a long time, and enduring the loneliness of traveling, to come to this desolate land, just to pick you up, making a big problem from a small matter!”

  • 皇兄 Huáng xiōng: Imperial brother

Canglong Shuntian went into deep thought: “Hm, it makes sense, continue!” He really wanted to dig into her head, to see what she was thinking, even such small things cannot escape her eyes.

“The point is, why am I here? Is everything coincidental?”

Canglong Shuntian closed his eyes with silence, he left the hall for far too long, his Fu Huang should have forgotten him by now, right? It must have been Fu Huang who ordered oldest Huang Xiong, otherwise, there is really no reason to come to this desolate place.

  • 父皇 Fù huáng: Imperial father: The Emperor

Even Huang Xiong left so hastily, it seems the meaning of drunkenness is not in the wine, her words.

  • 醉翁之意不在酒 Zuì wēng zhī yì bùzài jiǔ: meaning of drunkenness is not in the wine: there is a larger meaning

Yes, who is she? Where did she come from? Why did she appear here?

Cheng Xue is a weak female, one would not appear in this desolate area for no reason, and, what she was wearing at that time, is something a daughter of a wealthy family would wear.

Everything will be known once we return to the court!

“Gu Yu, pick up the pace, arrive at the town in front before dark.”

“Yes! Wangye!”

“Jia~jia~” Gu Yu’s voice was loud and clear, in the desolate sunset his figure was bold and heroic.

“Gu Yu, is he your personal bodyguard?” She was bored, this is no solution if boredom continues.

He just nodded slightly and did not speak.

Seeing him respond, Cheng Xue then said: “Are we going to spend the night at the upcoming town’s inn?”

He nodded, still silence.

And she looked down, seems to have not noticed Canglong Shuntian’s response, and continue to speak: “Tonight in the inn if you encounter assassin, the other people can protect well, right?”

Meaning that she will bring him a calamity, last time she was lucky, encountered a group of stupid clad black men and escaping, but escaping once does not mean that she would be able to get away every time!

The stress on her body was too much! She just does not know where they can go? It is unknown whether this year she will be able to enjoy the beauty of a cherry blossom?

Canglong Shuntian’s eyes flashed a trace of strangeness but still remained silent.

“I do not know why a group of black clad people is trying to kill me, but I’m sure they will not give up, best to let me go now, swords do not have eyes, I’m afraid more innocent people will get hurt.”

  • 刀剑无眼 Dāo jiàn wú yǎn: Swords without eyes: weapons do not discriminate
    He sat down, did not take Cheng Xue’s words to mind: “Oh? So to say, I saved your life?”

Cheng Xue suddenly looked up, with a serious look: “Obviously, you kidnapped me alright? I am kind enough to remind you, but you do not listen.” Finished, Cheng Xue was quite angry, fiercely hit the carriage, no longer caring about this cold Canglong Shuntian!

And he just gave a smile: Why did I make her stay? Even he himself did not know, but somewhere deep in his heart, he could not let her leave …

Maybe the collision of feelings begins with many misty impressions, but as time goes on there’s gradual affection.

He never believed this world is beautiful and sad, a touching love story, he does not believe in love at first sight.

He just indifferently refuses one woman after another who shows their love for him.

It seems that he is the earthly burden, forever white and flawless, free of dust.

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