World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Distressed again

Seeing the group of black clothed people walking away, Cheng Xue immediately came out of the carriage, in a cold voice: “Who are you?”

He was dressed in white under the dazzling light of the night, he did not say a word, his hair scattered on his shoulders, moving under the wind, his body even shares a faint scent.

The scent smells familiar…

The carriage was driving fast, scenery flash by, everything was unfamiliar to her, she only knew that the carriage had made so many turns that she was unclear of which direction that they were going.

Although she was scared, she still kept a calm facade: “Where are you taking me? If you are not clear I will not agree to be led by my nose! ”

“Looks like you forgot, you are fleeing for your life, it is best if you sit still and be quiet!” that reply, even those who are cold and proud would have an impulse to jump off the carriage.

I said I would jump and I would do it, I, Cheng Xue, am not afraid of you: “Who knows what type of kindness you have for me!” She pretended to be docile and quiet, but in fact, she was waiting for a chance to jumped off the carriage.

This person saved her, but not necessarily willing to help her, maybe it would be fleeing the wolves only to end up in the tiger’s mouth.

  • Fleeing the wolves and ended up in the tiger’s mouth: Fleeing a dangerous situation, only to end up in a more dangerous situation

Just when she was about to jump off the carriage, thinking of running to the barren mountains ridge again is not a solution, the entire road is full of thorns, maybe when she jumps out of the carriage, she would get stabbed by thorns.

She obediently sat beside the man in white and decided to wait and see.

“Who are you?” He asks coldly, breaking the silence.

“Cheng Xue!” As always, these two words came out coldly.

“Only that?” He still did not believe it.

And she only gave an indifferent “Un!”

“Why did you save me?” This time she changed her cold tone and asked.

And he was silenced like a millennium frost while driving a carriage, he indifferently answered: “Happened to pass by!”

“That was very timely!”

Listening to his reply, she concluded that he and those clad black people are not on the same side, wanted to thank him, originally wanted to display her gratefulness, but due to his frosty demeanor, it was melted away.

Can this person not be so cold? It seems that he has never had any contacts with girls. If this was her era, other than playing handsome what else can this man do?

Thinking till here, Cheng Xue suddenly lets out a “Puchi” laugh, that smile seems to be able to melt his cold and proud seven feet thick ice.

The same white clothes, the same cold and proud character, he and Canglong Shuntian are quite similar.

Once confirmed whether the other is an enemy or friends, Cheng Xue relaxed her vigilance, her chatterbox suddenly opened: “Your surname ah? What is this place? Why is your martial arts so good? How do you practice? Suddenly come here for a walk … … ”

Cheng Xue is like a loaded machine gun, staring at the man in white “chug, chug” kept on firing.

The man in white finally could not stand it, his face sank: “Shut up!”

She was brought to reality all of a sudden, Cheng Xue was unwilling ah, held her breath. Finally came here to run into a person who can speak, and he said “Shut up” she was suddenly mute.

“Not right ah, didn’t you just come into the town? Why are we at the barren mountain ridge?”

“Still cannot trust your blessing? If we weren’t avoiding another gang to kill you, we also do not need to go to a small town and take the main road. We will go the small road!”

“What? You mean, there’s still someone behind us?! Fortunately, I did not jump off the carriage.” She inadvertently said her original idea.

“But it’s not too late to jump now, at least I do not need to run after you.” His voice was still cold, without any warmth.

Had thought the tiredness of his heart could be somewhat justified, to feel like she did not need to rely on him, suddenly Cheng Xue backlog as her anger suddenly increased: “According to your ability, if you want to fly away now is not too late. There was no need to save me, but to speak in such a cold manner!”

He was startled, gave an expression of stiffness, even the movement of his hand stiffen: “Looks like a cliff is in front, get ready to jump off the carriage!”

Wu Wu, he let go of the reins, his hand wrapped around her waist, and firmly jumped off the carriage. This really is a cliff!


Could not feel the support of the earth, her body suddenly fell down! She cried in fear!

“Shut up!”

The man in white reprimanded her while pulling out his sword, plunging it deep into the cliff above, along with the gravity of the two, continue to slide down.

Only the dark cliff under the sword could be seen, electric light dancing as the sword made contact with the stone, watching the spark caused by the friction, Cheng Xue felt fear in her heart, all of a sudden, the moment of instability caused her to flutter into the arms of the man in white.

The man in white did not have a stable hold and they rapidly fell, going deeper and deeper down the cliff.

Above the cliff, a group of masked people came.

“It looks like they fell off the cliff! We lost them again!”

“Ah! Yes, this little girl is dead, the treasure map is also gone!”


Above the cliffs, there were regretful sounds that repeated, grievances coming from the clad-black men, it is also difficult to eat when you are an assassin

  • This is not literal eating, more like, able to make money to feed oneself

Under the cliff, there was complete darkness, life or death was unknown.

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