Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 — Finding the Truth

Dazhu wasn’t afraid of some Imperial Court. If he was scared, then he wouldn’t have become a bandit in the first place.

“Liangzi, don’t worry about it,” He consoled. “I already had people investigate this Prime Minister’s troops. They’re still a distance from here, so relax. I’ll just go scam that Yan Yang City Lord for a sum of cash, then I’ll immediately dash. He wouldn’t be able to find me anywhere with this disguising art.”

Langzi agreed that this was indeed a big deal to make, so he didn’t stop it. “Alright then, Big Brother. I’ll let you guys pass, but if an emergency comes up, remember to holler for me. This way, I came come help you.”

“En, okay!”

After letting Dazhu pass through, Liangzi was incessantly depressed. It wasn’t easy for himself to come do his job, but he hadn’t expected that the person they caught for slaughter was his older brother-in-law. Not long after Dazhu’s large parade of people left, a white robed youth appeared riding his horse on the road far in the distant.

Liangzi’s eyes were sharp, he could tell from this distance that this young master with his rich-looking clothes and imposing air, the latter was surely a son of the some rich family! Wasn’t this the lamb that the Heavens send him to slaughter?

Liangzi lit up in excitement, signaling to his brothers-in-arms. “Brothers, hurry and go have that white robed fella surrounded!”

And thus, the bandits rode on their horses and had the white robed young man encircled. Because he was far away, Liangzi couldn’t see clearly, he only saw somewhat of a silhouette. It was only when the young man came closer into view did he realized that this guy was rather exceptionally handsome. Fair skin so soft that it seemed water could be squeezed from it. If not for the chill that came from his glabella, Liangzi would have thought him to be a cross-dressing woman!

Liangzi had grown to be old already, but this was the first time he had seen such a pretty boy before!

Liangzi came out from his trance and pointed at the young man with his axe and fiercely spoke his lines. “I can tell from your look that you’re from another part of the country, right? Then you must not know the rules here. If you want to cross this road, then you must ask whether or not this uncle’s axe will agree!”

The young man spared him a frosty glance that made Liangzi feel as if he had fallen into an icy cave. The former’s expression remained wooden as he asked indifferently: “What do you guys want?”

Liangzi actually felt fear towards this weak, scrawny youth merely because of that single glance, leading to his voice quivering involuntarily. “Y-you… a-ask us… w-what we w-want?!”

He then forced down his jitteriness, trying to comfort himself. It’s one against many, what’s there to be afraid of?! Liangzi, oh Liangzi, you’re the head of a bandit stronghold! Those minions of yours are all watching, you can’t be scared of him! Otherwise, how are you supposed to face them in the future?!

Regaining his confidence, Liangzi viciously glowered at the young man. “What do we want? Is there even a need to ask? We obviously want money! As long as you’re smart, then you should hurry and leave anything valuable you have on you! Or else, I couldn’t mind having you sold to a brothel, you’ll probably fetch a good price with that face of yours!”

“That’s right! Hurry up and take out your valuables!” The other bandit minions began to echo along, completely unaware that they’d provoked someone that they couldn’t afford to provoke.

This white robed youth was the one who’d been following after the Prime Minister imposter — Zi Moyan. She previously did not travel together with the main troop, but when she heard her subordinate reporting that there was someone impersonating her while heading to Yan Yang City before her, she felt it odd.

As a result, she decided to follow this imposter’s troop by herself, wanting to made clear where these people popped up from. However, she didn’t expect to encounter a heist.

“Kill them.” Zi Moyan ordered coldly, she didn’t have any interest in wasting time with this bunch at all. “Remember to get the identity of that person impersonating me from them.” Although she was rather far, but she’d witnessed the interaction between the two, so she knew that these two people definitely knew each other.

Dark shadows flickered, leading to the sudden appearances of many black-clad men and simultaneously placed the sharp swords they held in their hands onto the bandits’ necks. With a slash, all of the bandits fell from their horses, dead. They didn’t even have the time to react with how fast these black-clad men’s movements were, dead without knowing how they died.

Zi Moyan didn’t pay them any heed, her subordinates were enough to take care of these bandits. She, instead, continued to leisurely gallop on her horse towards Yan Yang City.

Liangzi witnessed how powerless his own people were against these black-clad men, dying in their hands, and as he saw said men, he was so scared that he fell off of his horse.

His gaze then landed on the already disappearing white robed young man with the latter being a demon as his only thought. If he’d known that this was the result earlier, then he rather not have came in the first place.

Dark shadows flickered again and the few dozens of black-clad men disappeared, leaving only one behind. He was precisely the  shadow guard hat was assigned as the personal bodyguard to protect their master — Phantom.

The shadow guards was in independent force that existed under their Master, specialized in protecting their Master and gathering information on their Master’s behalf, experts in assassination and poison These shadow guards were had gone through careful selection by their Master, chosen from among the young men and women based on the level of qinggong they had. They were then formed into the Umbra — one can tell just by looking at how they come and go without a trace.

Other than this task, Umbra was a first-rate assassination bureau as it would be what outsiders would see it as. Most people wouldn’t be guaranteed to be able to hire people of Umbra for hits. As a result of that, people of Umbra has a one hundred percent success rate in assassination, there hasn’t been a miss in the people they were hired to kill. And because of their unfailing accuracy, Umbra grew to be a frightening existence in the martial arts world.

Umbra appeared in the martial arts world three years ago, and it has grown exponentially within these three years. As of today, Umbra was already the martial arts world’s most mysterious and unparalleled existence. No one knew who the lord of the Umbra was, the only thing that they do know was that Umbra was related to the suddenly emerged Zhou Manor.

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