Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 — The Flood Recedes

The moment she appeared, Zi Moyan saw Yang Jing looking in a rather difficult situation as he walked around in a circle in a panic while Dazhu, however, didn’t seem to care at all. She couldn’t help but shake her head. If this matter was to be given to Dazhu to handle, then this flooding would worsen than not.

When Dazhu saw Zi Moyan coming over, his couldn’t help but be self-conscious. He didn’t know why, but when he saw this young man, he would have the urge to flee. “Alright, let’s talk about the flooding at a later date. This Official still has a few things to do, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“You… Sir!” Seeing the Prime Minister being so irresponsible as to slip away, Yang Jing was both flustered and exasperated. Why did the Imperial Court send someone like him?! He didn’t come to fix the flooding, but to cause trouble! He was virtually infuriating him to death!

“What’s the matter, City Lord Yang?” Zi Moyan’s clear-cut voice instantly cooled down Yang Jing, whose anger was reaching his boiling point moments prior.

“Nothing,” He helplessly sighed. “It’s just that I’m a little concerned with the flooding left unresolved, is all.”

Zi Moyan carefully scrutinized Yang Jing each and every movement and after confirming that he wasn’t putting up an act at all, she gave her consolation. “There’s no need to worry, City Lord Yang. I believe that this flooding will be resolved very soon.”

Zi Moyan hadn’t been idle within this one month. She had been dealing with the blockage in Lost Swan River the entire time, alleviating the damage to the vegetation, and refilling those river channels and gorges that had been recklessly opened. According to the time she had estimated between the time of deployment and operation, the main river should already have been cleared,.

“Oh?” Yang Jing looked at her skeptically, but his face collapsed only after a glance. He thought that Zi Moyan was only trying to comfort him, is all. What was there to be strange about? Did he think that the flood was going to be solved just like this?

“Sir – SIR!!!” Came Yang Qi’s voice from afar. The man frantically rushed over with disbelief written all over his face, looking like he had seen some strange creature of a sort. He ran to Yang Qi, but because he had suddenly came to a halt after running so fast just now, he was a bit out of breath. He panted as he slowly informed: “City Lord, sir, that… that flood tide… It – it…”

When Yang Jing heard the phrase ‘flood tide’, he was promptly anxious. “What’s wrong? What about the flood tide? Did it rise again?”

He also silently screamed in his mind: It can’t be right? If the flood really did rise, then we wouldn’t be able to stay on this mountain peak anymore, would we?

If it was so, then wouldn’t he have to throw away his black gauze hat?

“No! It didn’t rise, but fell – the flood is receding! We can go back home!” When Yang Qi reached this point, he was unable to control the excitement on his face and his eyes couldn’t help but redden. After waiting for so long, this flood was finally receding—and they could all go back as well!

When Yang Jing heard this news, his mind blanked out momentarily. He hadn’t misheard, right?! The water was receding? But he didn’t seemed to have done anything though! It receded by itself just like that?

“Is this real? Yang Qi, you’re not kidding with me, right?”

Yang Qi inwardly rolled his eyes. Does he think that he was so bored as to to joke about this kind of situation? Though that was his thought, he didn’t dare to really voice it out loud. He solemnly said: “Master, the flood is really receding. If you don’t believe it, then you can go see it for yourself.”

Yang Jing rushed out to the mound outside to have a look. It was indeed as Yang Qi said, the flood was already receding, and the houses that were damaged by the torrent was beginning to reveal themselves. The Lost Swan River that was previously acting like an out-of-control, untamed horse was already as docile as a little lamb.

“Th-this is really too unbelievable! The flood is actually receding!” Yang Jing said in elation.

The other Yan Yang citizens had also followed Yang Jing over to look down in the direction of the retreating flood, they were extremely excited as they happily cheered in succession: “THE FLOOD IS RECEDING, THE FLOOD IS RECEDING!!”

There was even some citizens running in the streets of the village, joyfully shouting as they ran: “THE FLOOD IS RECEDING, WE CAN GO HOME NOW! WE CAN FINALLY GO BACK HOME!!”

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