Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 — To Poison

Under the white moonlight, within the inn, a young man was donned in a snow white robe. His figure tall and slender, making his clothes flutter. His appearance was like a drawn cold sword, preventing people from approaching, yet he could easily steal people’s souls away.

When the black-clad man by the young man’s side saw such a scene, he felt deep veneration in his heart. This was precisely their Master! He was only eighteen years old, but already possessed the ability to look down on the land under Heaven. He still remembered when Master appeared before him three years ago, his strength forced others to submit to him despite having such an obviously puny body!

His undaunting strength caused even him, the number one assassin of the martial arts world, to concede defeat. Then in the later days that they interacted, he discovered that his Master was a genius! It only took him three years time to turn Zhou Manor from nothing into the business establishment that it was today, its stores branching all over the country!

His Master became an existence that people looked up to. He couldn’t not yield to him.

He didn’t want to become useless, therefore he gave his Master a completely intact Umbra. He then nurtured those orphans and little beggars into the first-rate assassins and shadow guards that they were today!

The Master now could be said to have wealth that was equivalent to that of an entire country. Even if the Master wanted to sit on the throne and rule a country, it wouldn’t be empty talk. It was his Master after all! “He” was the target that he wanted to follow for a lifetime.

“Master, did you call your subordinate over for something?” He kneeled before the young man’s feet, his hands cupped into fists with his respect written across his face.

“Hei Ying,” Zi Moyan started indifferently. “I called you here this time because I need you to go look for a specific place for me. This place is in Yan Yang City but it hasn’t been submerged in water, though its terrain is rather low.”

“Hasn’t been submerged, yet its terrain is rather low.” The black-clad man by the name of Hei Ying muttered under his breath. It was the first time he had heard of such a strange place.

Zi Moyan pointed to the painting by her side. “You just need to search in accordance to the image of this painting.”

Hei Ying took the painting and opened the picture scroll. When he saw the landscape, shock showed in his eyes. “There’s such a beautiful place in this area?”

“Once you find it, guard it in my place. Report any abnormal changes to me at all times.”

“Yes!” Hei Ying carefully put away the picture scroll and with a flicker of his shadow, he disappeared.

After Hei Ying left, another man’s hoarse voice sounded from the dark corner of the room. “Master, why did you have master[1] rush thousands of miles over to carry out this task instead of entrusting it to this subordinate?”

Hidden within the dark was Phantom, the head shadow guard who constantly protected Zi Moyan. Phantom and the other shadow guards were all taught by Hei Ying, so they obviously called Hei Ying master. He had heard their conversation, but it was only when he really could not hold it in, that in the end, he opened his mouth and asked.

Zi Moyan spared the petulant Phantom a glance before coldly reprimanding: “Since when did you lose your calm like this?”

The shadow in the dark trembled, hastily pacifying his agitated mood before walking out of the darkness and kneeled towards the young man. “Phantom will reflect on the mistake.”

Zi Moyan didn’t make it difficult for him, her expression gradually relaxed as she patiently gave an explanation. “I entrusted Hei Ying with this task because I still need you to go do other things for me.”

When Phantom heard this, he became extremely excited. What his Master meant is that Master valued him even more!

“What’s Master’s instructions? Phantom will go immediately!”

Zi Moyan took out a pack of medicine powder from her sleeve and passed it over to Phantom. “Have this powder poured into the water tank in Yang Jing’s house.”

“Understood!” Phantom didn’t ask anything, because as a shadow guard, he knew that he only has to carry out his Master’s orders! He received the powder and left with a flash.


[1]师父: The one who taught Phantom as opposed to 主人, who Phantom swore fealty to. (They’re both translated into ‘Master’ so… only difference I can make is the capitalizing of ‘M’)

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