Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

On the road hundreds of miles away from Yan Yang City, a troop of eye-catching infantry were currently advancing in the direction of said city. Fifty or so soldiers protecting a huge, gorgeous palanquin as they slowly marched onwards..

Within the palanquin was a young man donned in white along with three beautiful women carrying different bearings. One was wrapped in pink, flowery robes, a white shawl draped over her shoulder. Her face, though heavy with makeup, were like peach blossoms as she looked at the white robe man with tender feelings.

The clothes that the other two wore were exactly the same as others, even their appearances were similar. One glance was enough to tell that these two were a pair of twin sisters. The younger’s palm-sized face was exquisite yet adorable. Her skin so delicate that it could tear with but a blow of breath or a flick of finger. She had a pair of the most beautiful shade of purple eyes that nothing could surpass — dazzling like gem. Adding the fluttering violet dress, she was like a fairy.

The other one, though clearly having the exact same face, yet the feeling she gave off was completely different. Compared to the younger sister, there was a trace of wisdom and maturity in the purple eyes of the elder sister.

The white robed man looked rather handsome. Being an age of twenty years or so, his build was rather tall and sturdy, yet he showed off the bearing of a hooligan. He disregarded the pink robed woman’s flirtatious glances as he stared coarsely at the two pair of beautiful sisters. “My two beauties, this Prime Minister was decreed to come solve the flooding problem. I didn’t expect to actually run into the City Lord’s three beautiful-as-flowers daughters. It’s truly fate that brings us together!”

These three women were Yan Yang City Lord’s daughters. By name, the one in pink was called Yang Yuwei, the older twin in violet was Yang Xue while the younger twin was Yang Yue.

The three daughters naturally heard that this time, the Imperial Court had sent the newly ascended Right Prime Minister to resolve the flood problem, but they were plagued with worry, wondering if the Imperial Court would fault their father. However, never did they thought that they would run into said Prime Minister on the road.

With protection from soldiers in addition to that luxurious palanquin, the three of them believed that this man was, without a doubt, the current Prime Minister

Yang Yuwei, who wholeheartedly wanted to marry into a rich and powerful family, obviously would have some ideas. On the road, she gave it her all, but this young Prime Minister was still only interested in those two younger sisters of hers.

Upon thinking this, Yang Yuwei instantly got jealous. Stealing a glance at the two’s exquisite appearances, she secretly ground her teeth.

Keeping her dissatisfaction in check, Yang Yuwei carried a charming smile as her entire body limply fall in the direction of the white robed man. “Great Prime Minister, after all this time, we still haven’t gotten your name. If you don’t tell us your name, how are we to find you later in Yan Yang City?”

The white robed man chuckled loudly as he caught that feeble, delicate body. Although the two beauties in violet didn’t bother with himself, this Eldest Miss of the Yang family wasn’t bad either.

“Miss Yang, this Prime Minister’s name now, can’t be easily known to strangers. But since the Young Miss wish to know, then this Prime Minister will just tell you. I’m called Da Zhu, it’s fine if you all call me Da Zhu!”

“Da Zhu?” Yang Yuwei’s mouth twitched, sizing the man up incredulously. She remembered that the newly-appointed Right Prime Minister seemed to be surnamed Zi. Could it be that he was called Zi Dazhu?? Yang Yuwei had heard of the Zi family before. An influential family with power to overturn the Imperial Court and the populace! Why would any of them take on this kind of name?

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