Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Lingering Fragrance Pavilion

When Zi Moyan heard this name, she was startled for a second before mumbling: “Yue Ran?” He’s actually surnamed Yue?

Zi Haoran continued to introduce towards Yue Ran. “This is my second young brother, called Zi Moyan. He’s currently Long Lin’s Right Prime Minister!”

Yue Ran smiled faintly, but it was as the spring wind. “Hello, can I call you Little Brother Mo?”

“Whatever you want.” Zi Moyan never paid attention to what other people called her by, it was fine as long as she liked it.

After Zi Haoran finished with the introduction, he suddenly remembered one important thing. “Little Brother Mo, I came back just in time for Father’s burial. Yue Ran and I saw Father’s corpse and Brother Yue felt that Father’s death isn’t that simple. He said Father died by a poison called ‘Saffron’ instead of from illness. Regarding this matter, what do you think, little Brother Mo?”

Zi Moyan sized this white-robed man up, he actually knew this type of poison?

Yue Ran felt her gaze and smiled faintly as he explained: “I have learned a bit of medicine before and also felt very interested in this field so I would frequently flip through medical books — that’s where I saw this type of poison before.”

“So it turns out Brother Yue was interested in medicine. That’s right Father’s death was indeed caused by Saffron. I’ve already sent people to investigate before. The capital does have someone who previously had sold Saffron. The transaction spot is at Lingering Fragrance Pavilion.” Zi Moyan didn’t hide it. She called Zi Haoran back was exactly because she wanted to find out who was the culprit who killed their father.

“Lingering Fragrance Pavilion? Little brother Mo, are you really sure it’s there? There isn’t a mistake?” Zi Haoran was extremely shocked, his face filled with disbelief.

When Zi Moyan saw that incredulous expression of his, she said calmly: “What? Although hearing that the transaction spot is Lingering Fragrance Pavilion is indeed rather shocking, but isn’t your reaction a bit excessive?”

Zi Haoran restrained his emotions, calming down. “Little Brother Mo may not know, but this Lingering Fragrance Pavilion is a place Father used to collect intelligence. It’s actually one of Father’s subordinate’s forces.”

“A force that belonged to Father?” Zi Moyan had continuously sent no few people to investigate Lingering Fragrance Pavilion. Only because the person behind it never revealed themselves, she never got a lead. She didn’t think that it was actually Zi Haotian’s subordinate’s forces.

Since it was like this, then shouldn’t it be very dangerous for the culprit to pick Lingering Fragrance Pavilion to do business?

It was all Father’s eyes and ears so he could’ve discovered them at any time. In this kind of situation, they still want to use Lingering Fragrance Pavilion to do business? Could it be that there’s a it-must-be-that-place kind of reason?

“Do you know who’s the biggest manager in this Lingering Fragrance Pavilion other than Father?”

Zi Haoran pondered for a moment. “The biggest manager? I’m not too clear in Lingering France Pavilion’s managements and Father doesn’t usually go there so he also doesn’t mention it often. If not for that one time I was outside eavesdropping, I wouldn’t have known that Lingering Fragrance Pavilion belonged to Father’s forces.”

Zi Moyan actually rather wanted to go have a look aroun

d in this Lingering Fragrance Pavilion. After all, she currently only had Lingering Fragrance Pavilion this one lead. She glanced at Zi Haoran. “Big Brother, have you been to Lingering Fragrance Pavilion?”

Zi Haoran spat out the tea that he just drank when he heard Zi Moyan’s question. “Little Brother Mo, what are you saying?! How could I dare to go to that kind of place? If Father knew, he would’ve no doubt broke off both of my legs!”

“Don’t all men like going to there?” Zi Moyan responded matter-of-factly.

When Yue Ran heard Zi Moyan’s words, he pursed his lips and chuckled. “Then Little Brother Mo should’ve went there often?”

Zi Haoran’s face was filled with disbelief as he said: “Big Brother doesn’t believe that Little Brother Mo would go there!” He was still pretty clear on this Zi Moyan’s apathetic nature.

“I plan to go there now.”

Zi Haoran jumped up in response, extremely angry. “Little Brother Mo, how could a Prime Minister like you go to a place of prostitutes? It’ll be a scandal if this gets out!”

Yue Ran restrained the somewhat ruffled Zi Haoran, pacifying him. “I think Little Brother Mo wanted to go there because he wants to find some clues that relates to Uncle Zi’s death. Brother Zi should calm down a bit.”

Under Yue Ran’s persuasion, Zi Haoran calmed down, both eyes staring tightly at Zi Moyan as he spoke in a serious tone. “Is that true? You only want to go find clues on Father’s death? Not to spend your time in drinking and pleasure?”

“It’s as Brother Yue said, it’s indeed my motive. I thought that Lingering Fragrance Pavilion might give us some information.”
Only when Zi Haoran understood Zi Moyan’s intention that he realized his seemed to have been somewhat rash. He hadn’t even asked clearly of the circumstances before he blamed Little Brother Mo like this, hence, he was apologetic as he said: “Little Brother Mo, Big Brother had wrongly blamed you.” Perhaps he also didn’t wish for his little brother to go to that kind of place from the bottom of his heart.

“It’s fine, Big Brother. We should hurry and get going now.”

“En.” The group of three reached an unanimous decision and rushed towards Lingering Fragrance Pavilion soon after.

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