Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

The person in black laughed with a face full of ridicule and asked: “You seem to have been living pretty happily here. Your fake identity as the Prime Minister hasn’t been seen through yet?”

    Da Zhu heard the person in black’s words, and so shocked that his mouth fell open. His eyes were flustered as he wondered. How did he know? Who is this person?

The person in black saw Da Zhu’s tense look, and patted him reassuringly on the shoulder: “You don’t need to be so nervous, I won’t tear down your identity. I will even help you get the girl you want!”

Da Zhu looked at him with vigilance, and asked with a cold voice: “What do you really want? There’s no way I’ll believe that you will help me for no reason!”

“Haha……” The man in black laughs a little darkly. “What do I want? You will know in the future. In any case, remember that our goals will not be in conflict with each other.”

“You’re not scared of me just leaving?” Da Zhu asked, confused.

The man in black gave a sinister smile and leaned in close to Da Zhu, his dark eyes unfathomable. He stared at Da Zhu and enunciated word by word: “If you leave, then not only do you lose the girl and the rewards; people from the court will also go chase you down and try to kill you. Pretending to be a prime minister, delaying important court matters, deceiving and defrauding the court– are these charges not enough for you to swallow?”

Da Zhu’s face turned ugly. This was the first time in his life that someone had threatened him like so. To make it worse, it was by this strange person. Even though he was not some high up minister or someone with a great deal of power, he was still the leader of the mountain bandits! Since he does whatever he wants, of course there will be people with grievances. But even if it is the court, he is not afraid of them!

“Even if the court comes, can they not recognize all the help I have given them? I have not done that bad!”

The man in black wore a treacherous smile. He had already clearly investigated Da Zhu’s identity. He was the leader of some mountain bandits. The threat of the court may not be useful, but after days of investigating, he had long found Da Zhu’s weak point. It was the Yang family’s third miss, Yang Yue!

“You, as leader of the mountain bandits, may not need to be afraid of the court; however, if you are wanted by the court, will you still get the chance to marry Yang Yue? It was already hard enough for you to get this chance, are you just going to let it go to waste? Also, Yang Yue originally did have some good feeling toward you, yet perhaps it will all dissipate into nothingness!”

“You!” Da Zhu’s face darkened by a shade, and he glared intensely at him.

He drew in close to Da Zhu, speaking breezily into Da Zhu’s ear: “If you dare leave, I won’t let off Yang Yue! Are you fine with that?” His speech was very at ease, but it carried a clear murderous intent. It made people feel intense fear.

Da Zhu tightly clenched his hands into fists, his eyes red. He really wanted to immediately go kill this person. “You’re not afraid of me just killing you right now? With you dead, wouldn’t the situation be even more favorable for me?”

The man in black was not worried at all. He opened up his arms up widely, his face at ease while looking at Da Zhu: “Kill me then. Once I’m dead, Yang Yue will follow suit. In the netherworld, I’ll still be accompanied by a beautiful lady. Why not?”

He gambled on Da Zhu not taking any action, since Da Zhu will be worried about Yang Yue’s safety, and wouldn’t rashly make the decision.

Seeing Da Zhu’s look of entanglement, he knew that he had gambled successfully!

Da Zhu forced himself to calm down. He couldn’t play around with Yang Yue’s life. He coldly asked: “What do you want me to do?”

“That’s right, this is how you should be acting. What needs to be done, I will slowly tell you, don’t be anxious.” In order to play with Zi Moyan, naturally he needed to find some chess pieces. This way, playing will be meaningful! Hahaha…….


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