Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 — Sneak Into the Yang Residence

On the morning of the second day, Zi Moyan arrived outside of Yang Jing’s house — Yang Jing being the City Lord of Yan Yang City. With the entire Yan Yang City being submerged, his house wasn’t any more lucky than the rest. Therefore, he acted according the the Imperial Court’s instructions and led the city inhabitants to take shelter on this high mountain top.

His status was higher than the other villagers, so it was obvious that the village chief’s house was offered to Yang Jing to stay in. So albeit this was Yang Jing’s temporary home, it was, in reality, the village chief’s house. It may not be one of those lavish mansions, but it does have a courtyard adding to it’s unique elegance.

Two people came at of Yang Jing’s house at this time, one old and carrying a medicine box, while the other was rather young — looking no more than thirty-something years old — and wearing the clothes of a housekeeper.

The elderly man sighed as he walked. “Housekeeper Yang, it’s the first time that I, Old Xiu, have seen the illness that City Lord Yang’s young miss was afflicted with, her pulse was extremely bizarre. Old Xiu is incompetent and I’m afraid that I’m even more powerless against the young miss’s illness. I suggest you to find someone else better qualified than me to help.”

Housekeeper Yang anxiously tried to keep the doctor, but this old chap was very obstinate. He didn’t bother with Housekeeper Yang’s urges to stay and left just like that.

Housekeeper Yang helplessly shook his head, his heart beating with anxiety. The young miss suddenly fell in but after inviting dozens of doctors to have a look, they all gave the same answer: it’s a strange illness, they’re powerless against it! If this continues on, what was going to happen to the young miss? Oh the poor young miss.

Zi Moyan curled her lips slightly up, confidence flickered across her eyes. This pharmaceutical drug was created personally by her, how could ordinary Jianghu doctors be able to treat it with ease?

The medicine that she had Phantom put in Yang Jing’s house could be said to be poison, but it also isn’t. This poison was harmless to the body, but it will let the people feel dizzy, powerless from head to toe, as well as having the effect of disrupting the condition of the pulse. Most doctors would be powerless against this kind of medicine, only with her special antidote could it be cured

Zi Moyan walked closer to Housekeeper Yang. “Did something happen? Seeing as there are doctors coming and going out of your house, is there someone sick? I just happen to have some knowledge in the medical arts, who knows, I might be able to help you guys.”

Housekeeper Yang raised his head when he heard Zi Moyan, what came into his sight was a white-clad young man. This young man’s handsome appearance could be compared to that of an immortal — he has never seen such a beautiful youth before, but with his brows angled with a touch of coldness and his cold-hearted gaze, it made the Housekeeper’s heart shivered and unable to keep eye contact with the young man.

Although the young man sounded indifferent, his words was music to Housekeeper Yang’s ears. The gloom quickly swept away from his face as he looked at the man with eyes filled with hope. “Really? That’s great! How about this, follow me to the guest room first, then I’ll call my Master to come and talk to you in detail?”

“Alright.” When Zi Moyan followed Housekeeper Yang to the guest room, it was already occupied by a white-clad man. He was precisely the one who was impersonating her — Dazhu. His sharp, sword-like brows wrinkled slightly, her handsome face creased up into a mess.

Once he saw Housekeeper Yang coming it, he immediately asked anxiously: “Yang Qi, have you invited a new doctor?”

Yang Qi — which was Housekeeper Yang — heard the Prime Minister’s questioning and promptly responded. “Yes, I have. It’s this young master here.”

Yang Qi looked at the two white-clad men in the room, inwardly muttered: They clearly wore the same color clothes, but compared to the esteemed Prime minister, that young man is so good-looking that one’s gaze  couldn’t turn away. Clean temperament and a noble air within the cold aura. The Prime Minister, however, has a look of a hooligan. When the two of them stood together, this disparity was just too obvious!

So much so that he was skeptical sometimes whether or not that man was really the esteemed Prime minister. Which Prime Minister would eat and drink and mingle all day and night, showing not a hint of staid but with such hooliganism instead?!

He obviously see that this Prime Minister has different ideas towards the second and third young miss; therefore, why this Prime Minister was so desperately anxious when the third young miss fell ill this time.

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