Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Commotion in Class

“What a beautiful youth! I have never seen such a good-looking person before!”

“Right, right!” The eyes of the princesses below were covered with red hearts.

There was also no lack of princes who were unsatisfied that Zi Moyan stole their limelight when she appeared.

Although this was the First Study, the Imperial classroom, but there were still many rich young misses who were the princesses’ study partners. So when they saw Zi Moyan attracting all of the young ladies’ eyes, the princes were all overflowing with envy.

“This is the Prime Minister’s second son—Zi Moyan,” Liu Shubo introduced to the students below. “From now on, you will all be studying together so you all need to help each other out.”

“Yes!” The young women responded the most clearly.

Liu Shubo pointed towards the back to the seat that was against the wall. “Moyan, why don’t you take a seat there first? For books, you and the student sitting next to you can share first.”

“En, okay,” Zi Moyan walked to her seat. There was a young lady to her right with her little face filled with bashfulness who would looked in Zi Moyan’s direction from time to time, until she said asked in a small, embarrassed tone, “Gongzi[1], you can read the book with me.”

Zi Moyan lightly glanced at this little girl and indifferently declined, “No need, thank you.”

The little girl’s eyes darkened, then turned red, feeling hurt.

This little girl was the current War Minister’s daughter, Li Xien, but she looked sweet and adorable.

Zi Moyan sat on Li Xien’s left, to her right was the seventh prince, Murong Xu, who had always secretly admired Li Xien.

When he saw the beautiful girl heartbroken, he glared harshly towards the distant Zi Moyan.

Pei! What’s the use of being good-looking when he’s just a wimp! And he still dare to pull a face at my woman!

Murong Xu looked to the lecturing Liu Shubo, his face revealing a sinister smile, a ‘one stone killing two birds’ scheme forming in his head.

Hmph, hmph! Let’s see how I’m going to mess with you!

Murong Xu used the slingshot in his hand and aimed towards Liu Shubo, who was standing in the front, and it just so happen to hit Liu Shubo’s head. Liu Shubo painfully cried out, then angrily interrogated the students below, “Who among you all used a slingshot to shoot me?!”

Murong Xu took the opportunity to throw the slingshot at the currently dozing off Zi Moyan’s feet. At this moment, Liu Shubo marched down to do an inspection and precisely saw the slingshots at Zi Moyan’s feet. Moreover, she was still sleeping so pleasantly!

Liu Shubo’s ire soared in an instant.

This Zi Moyan, just came but is already so troublesome. How will she be any better in the future? Looks like he’ll have to properly teach this rascal a lesson in the Prime Minister’s place!

Zi Moyan was not at all interested in these shriveled up ancient classics, so she was planning to close her eyes and rest when she was suddenly forcefully pulled up.

She frowned slightly and as soon as she opened her eye, she saw a fuming Liu Shubo glaring at her. Could it be that he’s angry because she was sleeping in class?

Liu Shubo picked up the slingshot at her feet and asked coldly, “Zi Moyan, mind explaining to me what’s going on? Nevermind that you’re sleeping in class, but to even disturb the lesson? Playing with the slingshot in class? You do still have me as the teacher in your eyes?”

She glanced Liu Shubo’s somewhat swollen forehead once before she immediately understood what had happened. So he was hit by a slingshot! No wonder his anger is so big.

This kind of behavior, she thought slightly in disdain, were just pointless tactics from those little brats who haven’t grown any hair. She lightly glanced an eye at the old man, but didn’t give any explanations.

Liu Shubo stared at the taciturn Zi Moyan and assumed that she was silently acknowledging it. He was suddenly furious and took out a rule, “Zi Moyan, extend your hands out. It won’t do unless I give you a good lesson this time!”

When Li Xuen saw the situation on the side, her small face was filled with worry.

Just when Murong Xu thought that Zi Moyan was going to die for sure, Zi Moyan opened her mouth to explain herself. “I didn’t do it.”

She was originally too lazy to explain, but now it seemed like won’t do if she doesn’t give an explanation. She certainly doesn’t want to be someone else’s scapegoat.

Zi Moyan impassively showed both of her palms. “There isn’t anything that I could use to shoot with in my hand, right? Besides, if it was me, then why was the slingshot at my feet? Why would I want put it somewhere where you can easily spot it when I should’ve properly hid it away?”


[1]公子: honorific for young men (most of the time from a noble background)

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