Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Learning in the First Study

Zi Haotian pulled Zi Moyan over to his side as he introduced to everyone, “This is my second son, Zi Moyan. I’ll have to trouble everyone to take care of him in the future.”

“You don’t have to be so modest, Prime Minister Zi!”

“Young Master Zi is also person of talent!”

Zi Haotian and the guests exchanged a few greetings before he led Moyan to sit down at the main table. He also introduced Moyan to the beautifully dressed middle-aged woman.

Despite the passage of time, she was still attractive. This woman was precisely Zi Haotian’s main wife, Madam Prime Minister, Liu Xuanya.

She gently smiled at Moyan, though there was an undetectable chill flashing through her eyes.

“Hello Madam.” Zi Moyan greeted remotely nevertheless.

Zi Haotian was well aware of Zi Moyan’s indifference so he didn’t request Moyan to call Liu Zuanya ‘Mother’. Continuing with the introductions, on Liu Xuanya’s side was a young man dressed in blue clothing with his clear-cut face bearing a trace of heroism. The young man was Liu Xuanya’s son, the Eldest Young Master of Prime Minister’s residence: Zi Haoran!

“Hello Younger Brother Mo,” The gaze he used towards Zi Moyan expressed goodwill, but his voice was highly spirited.

It looks like this Zi Haoran was more levelheaded compared to Zi Xihan, especially those pair of eyes. They’re so bright and energetic!

“Hello,” Zi Moyan’s impression of this brother of his was still rather good. At least, dealing with an upright person wouldn’t make Zi Moyan feel bored.

Compared to the other court officials, the number of wives and children that Zi Haotian has was the least in number. Presently, other than Liu Xuanya, there were no other concubines.

In the middle of the wedding banquet, Zi Haotian said to Zi Moyan, “Moyan, your brother is already a general now, but you’re still very young. Father also owes you a lot for these few years so to make it up, I have already made a request to the Emperor to allow you into the First Study. In the future, you’ll be learning with the princes and princesses.”

Learn? The corner of Zi Moyan’s mouth tugged. Learn what? The Four Books and Five Classics?[1]

When Zi Haotian saw Zi Moyan’s reaction, he assumed it was of shock. It made him blame himself even more in his heart so he went ahead to instructed Zi Haoran, “Ran’er, since it will be the first time Moyan will go to the First Study, you should accompany him there.”

“Okay!” Zi Haoran nodded in agreement.

Although Zi Moyan was not interested in the ancient learning of the Four Books and Five Classics at all, this did give her the right to freely move in and out of the estate as she pleased.

To her, this outcome was as good as a pie dropped from Heaven, so she made no sound of refusal.

After the wedding banquet, Zi Moyan and Zi Haoran silently sat opposite of the other in the horse carriage.

This was the first time Zi Haoran learned that he had a younger brother. Moreover, it was still such a good-looking younger brother.

“Younger Brother Mo, if someone bullies you in future, you can just find me. Big Brother will deal it for you.”

Zi Moyan, who was appreciating the scenery outside the carriage window, was slightly surprised when she heard Zi Haoran’s words. However, instead of showing anything on her face, she only lightly responded with an “En.”

Afterwards, she resumed looking out the carriage window, her thoughts unreadable.

Zi Haoran forced out a dry laugh, thinking that this younger brother of his might be a bit too cold.

Soon after sending Zi Moyan to the Imperial Palace’s study, Zi Haoran left. And at this time, Zi Moyan was in the Grand tutor, Liu Shubo’s study waiting for said tutor to bring her into class.

She surveyed the study of the ancient Imperial Palace. The Four Treasures of the Study [2] were laid out on the huge table, calligraphies and paintings were hung all over the walls, and the entire interior of the room gave off a hint of the scent of paper.

When she turned around, she saw an old man around sixty years old with white hair and a goatee on his chin. Under the single-folded eyelids were a pair of mysterious eyes that were currently studying her.

This should be that Grand Tutor Liu. Zi Moyan thought.

She then gave him a slight bow. “Hello Teacher.”

When Liu Shubo came back around, he laughed, “You must be the Prime Minister’s second son. You are indeed a person of talent gifted from heaven. No doubt you’ll be extraordinary in the future.”

In regards to Lui Shubo’s praise, Zi Moyan also knew that there were some courteousness in it so she wasn’t that happy. “Thanking Teacher for the praise.”

“En, let’s go, follow me to class.” Lui Zhubo led Zi Moyan to the classroom. Comparing its size to the modern classrooms, they were about the same, though there were only a few dozen seats.

The princes and princess had been in their respective seats waiting for Lui Shubo long ago. When they saw him entering, those few fragments of noise also disappeared.

And the moment they saw Zi Moyan following behind Lui Shubo, they all held their breaths in succession.

Too good-looking! This purple-clothed youth was just like a golden child, with purple clothes fluttering in ‘his’ wake as ‘he’ stepped in lightly like that of a descending immortal.
[1] 四书五经: The Four Books and Five Classics are the authoritative books of Confucianism in China written before 300 BC.
[2] 文房四宝: The Four Treasures of the Study is an expression used to refer to the ink brush, inkstick, paper and inkstone used in Chinese calligraphy and painting.

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