Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

Yang Jing’s current face now entirely different from his original kind old man type of countenance. Instead, he had on a deeply serious look. He glanced coldly at Yan Yuwei before he turned to Zi Moyan, and remarked: “Zi Moyan, you really have a good hand.” 

“You know my true identity? You are Wo Buren’s person!” He was too careless!

When Yang Jing heard this sentence, his eyes became abnormally gloomy. He coldly stated: “What are you guys still hesitating for? Still not going to grab him?”

Yang Jing brought fifty government troops with him and surrounded Zi Moyan. If Zi Moyan was not affected by the muscle weakening agent, then even if Yang Jing brought army, he may not be able to bring Zi Moyan down. Now though, since he was affected by the muscle weakening agent, it was difficult enough for him to stand, let alone defend himself. 

All of the soldiers grabbed spears and rushed forward to stab Zi Moyan. All of a sudden, Zi Moyan lost consciousness and fell to the ground, thereby avoiding the danger of being killed by spears.

Yang Jing watched him fall and was surprised. He unhurriedly and calmly walked toward the still Zi Moyan, checking to make sure that he was actually unconscious. After confirming that fact, Yang Jing finally took the golden bow away from Zi Moyan’s hands. His hands were trembling with excitement. This was the first time he came in contact with a mystical artifact!

He carefully wrapped the Gold Dragon Bow and Arrows with the silk cloth that he brought, then ordered the soldiers: “Bring Zi Moyan. Return to the residence!”

“Yes!” All of the soldiers returned in unison, and gathered their spears. Several of them stepped forward to carry Zi Moyan.

“Yan’er, hurry and wake up. If you linger any longer, I won’t consider you well-behaved anymore.” Amidst the darkness, Zi Moyan seemed to hear a soft and magnetic male voice filled with tones of pampering. 

The voice seemed very familiar, making him want to rush forward to seek where the sound came from. He wanted to hear more of the voice. 

Who are you? Who is it, really?

He walked for a while, until a bright light started enveloping his world. He slowly opened his eyelids. With a glance, he saw that the moon was brightly hanging outside, the faint moonlight peeking through the rusty bars of the window. A cold breeze fluttered through.

The cell was filled with a sense of decay, and the jailer’s outside were drinking and chatting. The noise drifted into the cell.

It turned out that he was locked in a prison!

Zi Moyan immediately realized his current situation. He tried to sit up, and found that his movements were just as difficult as before. There was no strength in his body. It seemed like the effects of muscle weakening agent that affected him would still require a few more days to subside. 

Currently, he is locked in a prison, without any strength whatsoever. This was the first time he had encountered such a predicament. If Yang Jing really was one of Wo Buren’s people, then it was to be expected that he be killed off. After all, he was a great thorn in Wo Buren’s eye. Since he was outside and currently within grasp, then it would be a great opportunity to do the deed. If he returned to the capital city, then it would be much harder. 

“Open the door, I want to see Zi Moyan.” Yang Yue’s soft voice drifted in from outside the door.

Once Yang Yue’s voice rang out, the boisterous sounds from the guards immediately receded. 

“Third Young Miss, this Zi Moyan is a criminal. Without permission from the lord, we do not dare let you meet him. Furthermore, I’m afraid that this prison is too dirty, not fit for a person of your stature to visit. You should hurry and return to your quarters.” A jailer cautiously spoke up.

Zii: Sorry for the late update! I’ve just started my summer courses, and reviewing schoolwork. I should be able to update more regularly again soon!

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