Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 — Dazhu Proposes To Marry Yang Yue

The citizens of Yan Yang City that were on the mountain peak had now descended said mountain. Their combined efforts and a few weeks of restoration, Yan Yang City returned to its once orderly state before the disaster that ruined it — The City Lord’s residence returned to its former days filled with busting activities as well.

“Prime Minister, sir,” Yang Jing toasted in Dazhu’s direction during the night banquet. “It’s all thanks to your efforts that this flood disaster was resolved. No wonder you weren’t looking worry at all these days — it’s because you’d long since planned it out and even kept Yang Jing in the dark about it! That said, can you forgive my rudeness towards you for these past few days?”

In Yang Jing’s opinion, the flooding receding definitely had something to do with the Prime Minister. Besides him, who still has this kind of ability? Who was still taking care of this problem? The Prime Minister must have done it behind his face, and because of it, he was stressing over nothing for so long!

“No problem, it’s my duty, ain’t it?” Dazhu answered naturally, but he felt completely baffled on the inside. What the hell was going on? Who could give him an explanation?

Though he was fathomed by this, his thoughts turned and found that this was absolutely a good thing for him! If he were to take the credits, then wouldn’t it be easier to marry Yang Yue? Yang Yue would not only look at him in a different light, but more importantly, it would be much more convenient to raise the marriage topic with Yang Jing using this.

“City Lord Yang, this Prime Minister should be leaving after a few days since this flooding has pretty much been managed.”

“Prime Minsiter needn’t leave this soon,” Yang Jing anxiously said when he heard Dazhu. “WHy don’t don’t you stay for a few more days?”

“No need, however, I have but only one wish unfulfilled.” Dazhu showed a look of regret.

“Prime Minsiter should not hesitate to say whatever wish you have. If it’s something that this humble Yang could accomplish, then I’ll definitely do my best to complete it for Prime Minister.” Yang Jing vowed solemnly in response.

Dazhu’s regretful look swept away immediately, staring blatantly at Yang Yue sitting in the distance as he happily said: “I’m just reluctant to part with Miss Yang Yue.”

With that sentence of his and his balant gaze towards Yang Yue, even an idiot would understand. This Prime Minister seemed to have a good impression of the third Young Miss Yang, what else could this be if not reluctant?

Yang Jing laughed when he heard the response. “Your esteemed Prime Minister, if you’re reluctant to part with my daughter, then why don’t we become in-laws and let Yue’er marry you?”

“Really?” Dazhu’s eyes brightened, he didn’t expect it to be this easy. Fantastic, it seemed that impersonating a Prime Minister could still marry back a beautiful woman — a rather good profit to make. The money, then was not even worth mentioning because it wasn’t a crime to take what was his father-in-law’s.

“En, that’s right.” There was no reason for Yang Jing not to agree. He had heard of Prime Minister Zi —  the Emperor hold him in high regards. Moreover, he would have a Prime Minister as a son-in-law – he was even the master of the pen and sword! He wouldn’t be able to find someone like him even if he lit up an lantern!

Yang Yue panicked in that very moment, her tears waiting anxiously to fall from the corner of her eyes. She stole a glance at the cool, handsome young man, but didn’t find any reactions from him. Disappointed filled her pretty eyes completely as she lowered her head, pursed her lips, and wrung her handkerchief.

Marriage was decided by the parents, what could she do about it?

Hearing the two men’s conversation, Yang Yuwei was angry to the point that she almost stormed off. If Yang Yue was to be married off to the Prime Minister, then her position of Prime Minister’s wife would dashed! No, she could not let Yang Yue get married to Dazhu! How could that slut match the esteemed Prime Minister? Only she and the Prime Minister were a perfect match! No one else could snatch what was should be hers! Especially not Yang Yue!

“Father,” Yang Yuwei bolted up with an indignant look. “I don’t approve of Yang Yue marrying to the Prime Minister!”


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