Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Death

“Boss, I have already arranged for all the necessary funds. It will guarantee that the young Miss will have the best possible environment for treatment.”

“Boss, the candidates we have selected from our organization are all currently in their designated position within the country. I don’t think it will be long before the team can retrieve the necessary medical information to treat the young Miss’s illness from the country’s secret military base.”

Standing tall amongst the modern skyscrapers was the headquarters of Zhou Group, which was also the tallest skyscraper in A City. Within the office located on the highest floor, a beautiful woman was sitting on a ten meter wide leather sofa. Her demeanor was so overbearing and cold that it could freeze the people within her surroundings.

Facing that atmosphere were two middle-aged men who didn’t dare to make a sound as they kneeled in front of the woman with their heads down. However, if they were looked at closely, then one would find that of the two men present, one was a tycoon of the National Food industry while the other was an influential military deputy chairman.

Two very prominent figures, that one could only catch a glimpse of on television, were now behaving like kittens and wouldn’t as much as dare to make a sound when facing the woman in front of them.

“En, very good.” Zhou Jiahan was still as cold as ever, but the two men didn’t miss the brief flash of praise in her eyes.

In response, both of them relaxed at the same time.

[Knock, knock, knock!] Suddenly, there was a series of urgent knocks against the door.

Zhou Jiahan frowned slightly but answered, “Come in.”

Coming in through the door was a woman with an extremely good figure donned in black and white clothes, but her charming face carried traces of worry. She was Zhou Jiahan’s personal secretary, Mu Hua.

Mu Hua went to Zhou Jiahan’s side, lowering her head down to Zhou Jihan’s ears and informed, “Not good, President. The young Miss, she…”  She hesitated to continue as she threw a glance at the two men currently kneeling.

Zhou Jiahan waved her hand at them and coldly ordered, “The two of you can go on ahead and attend to your matters.”

“Yes ma’am!”

After the two men leave, Mu Hua hurriedly continued, “The young Miss has an extremely high fever and blood is constantly flowing from every orifice of her face. The doctor said you’re needed for a blood transfusion because the young Miss’s blood type is the especially rare Type RH-negative and there isn’t enough of that type stored in the blood bank to compensate the blood loss.”

“Which hospital?” Zhou Jiahan asked, there was a rarely seen trace of worry in her voice.

“Downtown district’s Jun Qu Hospital.”

“Alright, but if something comes up within three days’ time, you’ll have to take care of it for me. I’ll be accompanying Menghan, so I won’t be back within that time frame.”

Once Zhou Jiahan finished delivering her instructions, she immediately picked up the car keys on the desk and went straight down the stairs.

“Yes, Mu Hua understands.” Afterwards, Mu Hua left Zhou Group’s headquarters and came to an abandoned building where a man dressed in black was already waiting for her.

Black clothes covered the man’s entire countenance, only revealing a pair of placid eyes. His line of sight was tightly fixed towards the distant highway, his thoughts difficult for others to read.

Mu Hua came to the man’s side and said in a lowered voice, “Master, Zhou Jiahan is already on the way.”

“En.” When the man heard the name, his eyes briefly flashed. He gazed at the ongoing traffic, the corner of his mouth cracked to reveal a cruel smile. “No matter how Zhou Jiahan defends this time, she will definitely die!” As long as a person exposes even one weak point, then no matter how formidable he or she is, that person will become as weak as an infant.

Arriving at the downtown district’s military hospital, Zhou Jiahan quickly flew towards her younger sister, Menghan’s ward.

When the private female doctor, Alice, saw Zhou Jiahan, she gave a respectful bow. “President Zhou, you’re here? I was just about to call and tell you that because of the young Miss’s condition, we have decided to place the young Miss under observation for a few days in Jun Qu Hospital.”

Zhou Jiahan’s heart relaxed once she saw Zhou Menghan sleeping peacefully on the bed with a rather steady complexion. She then coldly looked at Alice and inquired, “Didn’t you call Mu Hua and tell her that Menghan had a high fever and that she needed a blood transfusion due to excessive blood loss?”

The beautiful doctor found it strange, so Alice could only stare ridiculously in the face of Zhou Jiahan’s blue eyes. “No, the young Miss is doing fine. She just fell asleep so how could there be a fever? Besides, I never made a call to Miss Mu Hua. How did she know that the young Miss was moved into Jun Qu Hospital?”

Zhou Jiahan thought back to what happened earlier. A touch of coldness quickly flashed across her pair of attractive eyes when she understood what had occurred. “It’s fine, take good care of the young Miss. If there’s any problems, immediately inform me.”

An explosion suddenly occurred at the hospital just as Zhou Jiahan was about to leave, shaking the entire floor violently.

The severe shaking slowly woke Zhou Menghan up from her sleep. When she saw Zhou Jiahan, her small face lit up with surprise. “Big sister? You came?”

Seeing that Menghan had already woken up, Zhou Jiahan hurriedly ran to her side to take her into her embrace. The coldness she had earlier was replaced with affection. “Menghan, how are you?”

“Good,” Menghan answered. She looked around the violently shaking building and her small face became alarmed. “Big sister, is there an earthquake? We should get out of here!”

“Earthquake?!” Alice exclaimed in surprised. “No way…”

“There’s no need to worry Menghan,” Zhou Jiahan took Menghan’s hand and comforted in a soft voice. “Big sister will protect you.”

“En.” Upon hearing that, Menghan’s mind felt calmer because her sister always let other people feel that they could depend on her.

Zhou Jiahan felt that the shaking was getting more and more violent. This was definitely not created by an earthquake. When she recalled the events that occurred on the way here, she immediately realized that this might all be a scheme. A scheme that was specifically targeted at her.

Zhou Jiahan immediately took Menghan and ran for the exit. However, it was at this moment that the ceiling began to collapse, falling towards the spot that they were standing at.

She hurriedly pushed Menghan away and the falling slab of concrete ruthlessly slammed onto her body.

“Big sister!” Menghan cried when she saw her sister being pressed down by the slab of concrete, tears were streaming down her cheeks as she trembled.

Right now, all the bones in Zhou Jiahan’s body were being crushed. Even the slightest movement was enough to give her so much pain that she would be drenched in cold sweat.

Because she was being crushed under the ceiling, her body and the floor came in close contact, letting her clearly feel that the floor was on the verge of caving in. Anxious, she looked towards her frightened stiff little sister and urged, “Menghan, go! Get out of here immediately! The building is going to collapse!”

It was impossible to escape now that she was trapped under chunks of concrete, but she cannot let Menghan die in this place!

When Menghan heard Zhou Jiahan’s words, the tears in her eyes fell again as she stubbornly shook her head. “No! If I have to leave, then you have to leave with me!”

She wanted to save Zhou Jiahan by trying to pull her out.

Zhou Jiahan was helpless. Menghan was born with a weak constitution, so with her current strength, it was impossible and a waste of energy if she thought she could rescue her out from under the rubble.

Her eyes were cold as she turned to look Alice, who was standing by Menghan’s side. “Take Menghan out of here as fast as possible.” Her frosty voice carried a commanding tone as she placed down an order, and despite being crushed under concrete, her imposing manner didn’t decrease in the slightest.

“Yes,” When Alice received the command, she hastened to pull Menghan away.

“Big sister! Big sister…” Menghan struggled frantically trying to break out of Alice’s grasp, but her physical strength was so weak. How could she put up a fight against Alice?

As Zhou Jiahan watched her little sister leave, her heart became calm. Her consciousness was slowly getting blurry, and it was only when there was a loud bang that she fell completely into a state of darkness.

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