Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 

With Zi Moyan’s nonexistent experience with love, along with a naturally cool disposition, even if he was a female, he was unable to fully understand Yang Yue’s thoughts. As he looked at Yang Yue’s look of wanting to speak but unable to get the words out, he grew impatient: “Young Miss, just say whatever you need to say.”

“I, I…..” Yang Yue ashamed and angry. She, a female, had to confess to the male. With this being the first time for such an event, and with her upbringing as a female in the ancient times, such a task was naturally very difficult, so how was she supposed to voice her thoughts?

“If there is nothing, then I will first take my leave.” Zi Moyan originally was not a patient person. If it wasn’t for the fact that Yang Yue was female, he would’ve already left.

“No!” Yang Yue saw Zi Moyan turn around, about to leave, so she rushed up and hugged him. His body didn’t give off the same feeling as other men. Instead, there was a faint, delicate fragrance that was very pleasant to smell.

She buried her head deeply in his arms, and said with a sullen voice: “Young master Zi, I like you. From the very first moment I laid my eyes on you, I started liking you. I beg you, don’t leave, stay here and accompany me okay?”

After she finished speaking, she seemed to have exhausted all of her strength and gathered courage. She wanted to have him. This past month, she had thought of him everyday. Clearly, they were in the same residence, yet nothing had occurred. She wanted him to hug her more, and kiss her.

If the instance of her father wishing to give her to the Prime Minister for marriage did not occur, perhaps she would not have dared to do this. She would have only thought about him secretly, looking from afar, but now it would no longer be allowed.

If she didn’t say it, then perhaps she would not have any chances to do so in the future…

Zi Moyan was stupefied by the sudden confession, as it was something he never would’ve thought of occurring. Yang Yue had unexpectedly fell in love with him? But he actually is a female, so there is no way he can take responsibility for her!

He gently pushed aside Yang Yue, his face alienated: “Young Miss Yang, I’m sorry, it is not possible between us.”

Rather than having been given hope only for it to end up in disappointment, it is better to not to have any hope generated in the beginning. This way, she would be able to break off her feelings earlier, moving on to find the happiness that truly belongs to her!

Yang Yue never thought that, having gotten to this step, he would still unmoved Without a shred of hesitance, he had rejected her. Why? Why must he be so cruel?

Her eyes swam with tears, and she violently pushed him. Using an embroidered handkerchief to muffle her sobs, she heart-brokenly ran away.

Zi Moyan looked at the heartbroken Yang Yue, tightly pressed his lips together, and left without saying a word.

After the two people left, a black shadow flickered from amidst the flowers. A person clothed in black walked out, wearing a black hat pulled down to the point where only the lips were visible. The lips were curved up in a small arc, and carried a dark and evil aura.

“Zi Moyan, even though there exists a fake Prime Minister to confuse me, I still found out your true image in the end, hmph! I never thought that you truly would be able to solve the issue of flooding. It looks like you can’t be left alive after all!”

By the time Da Zhu returned, it was already very late at night. He crooned out songs the entire way back, his mood exceptionally good. Since he was about to marry Yang Yue, would it be possible for him to not be happy?

The moment he entered his room, he was shocked. There was a black clothed person in the room, sitting on the main seat. The person’s eyes were dark, gleaming with a sharp light, and fixated on him, giving him a faint feeling of oppression. “Who are you? Why are you here? Don’t you know that this is my residence?”

Da Zhu composed himself. In any case, he has met all sorts bandits and scoundrels before. He isn’t afraid of what the black clothed person might do to him at all!


Hope you enjoy!

I tried to keep names and such consistent from the previous translator’s work, but if there are any inconsistencies you notice, please comment below.

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