Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 — The Fake Prime Minister

When Dazhu caught onto the question in Yang Yuwei’s tone, panic briefly flickered across his eyes, but it was to no one’s notice. Intending to cover up his abnormality, he chuckled. “Beautiful, Dazhu is my nickname and I am rather fond of it. Only people who are close to me address me this way. So since I have told you, shouldn’t there be a reward of a sort?”

“Dazhu,” Yang Yuwei blushed, pitifully glanced at the man but her eyes were release sparks towards him. “You’re so mean!”

As Yang Yuwei and Dazhu flirt, Yang Yue felt somewhat dissatisfied. No, she wasn’t jealous, but was speechless. She felt that eldest sister didn’t know how to keep herself in check, she was still a woman after all!

Yang Xue, however, didn’t even spare a glance in Dazhu’s direction. Her pretty eyes were gazing out the window since the start, no one knowing what was on her mind but herself.

At this time, the entire troope was suddenly surrounded by a group of bandits. The leader of the group had his face masked, brandishing a huge axe in his hand as he shouted: “Stop right there! If you want to pass through this road, then obediently handover the toll fee. Otherwise, you’ll need to ask whether or not my axe agrees!”

Dazhu was not very happy right now. To think that it wasn’t easy for your father I, a bandit, to impersonate a Prime Minister for amusement, yet I still have to be robbed by bandits? If this spreads out in the future, then where will my, Dazhu’s face hang?

Yang Yuwei’s powdered face lost its color when she heard the threat. She frankly dove into Dazhu’s arms. “Dazhu, I-I’m scared…..”

Fastening his arm around Yang Yuwei, Dazhu gently consoled: “Beautiful, don’t be scared. You have me, Dazhu, here. It’ll only take me three or five kicks to take care of those clowns with their pathetic excuse of martial arts.”

Dazhu then stepped out of the palanquin, yelling at the head of the bandits. “Where did you bunch come from? Do you know who I am?”

The head bandit didn’t expect this man to keep his wits after encountering a heist, and calmly butting heads with them at that. He thought the man to be someone with a strong background, but as a bandit, he obviously wouldn’t be afraid of these. Though, some problems should be dealt with earlier than later.

He bellowed with laughter, giving the man a look of disdain. “Which deity are you, good sir?”

“The name’s Dazhu, Mt. Beiming Dazhu! Do you know who I am now?”

This Mt. Beiming and Mt. Yan Yang outside of Yan Yang City were twin mountains that face each other, and the relationship between the two chief of their respective bandit strongholds weren’t bad either. What was more was that Dazhu’s little sister was the other’s wife, meaning that this chief bandit was his older brother-in-law. Thinking up to this point, his heart shuddered, was this for real? If his wife knew that he’d robbed her brother — wouldn’t she flip out on me?

The head bandit immediately unmount himself from the house he was on, walked to Dazhu’s side and pulled the latter towards a more remote spot. Sizing him up with that pretty face of his, he muttered in his heart. Brother-in-law didn’t look this good, does he?

“Are you really older brother-in-law? He wasn’t this good-liking in the past.”

Detecting his very own brother-in-law’s misgivings in the other’s eyes, Dazhu chuckled. “This is me after changing appearances so of course you wouldn’t recognize me.” He knew that the other still didn’t believe him, hence, he pulled up his sleeves, revealing his arm and the red birthmark on it. “You should at least recognize this birthmark, shouldn’t you?”

“En, en! So you’re really Big Brother! Your Little Brother has been impudent!” He had believed Dazhu this time. Although it was brother-in-law, but this Dazhu was his Big Brother as well — he would usually address him as Big Brother.

Dazhu nodded in satisfaction, slapping his his puny figure on the pack. “Liangzi, on behalf of your Big Brother’s face, you should hurry up and let us pass over.”

“Yes, of course, there’s no question about that! Only, Big Brother, why are you hanging around these military soldiers? Aren’t we bandits?”

Dazhu didn’t see Liangzi as an outsider, so he told him all of the events that led up to now. Once Liangzi heard the entire story, he was given a start. “Big Brother, you even dare to impersonate the Prime Minister?! If you were to get caught, it’s going to cost you your head!”

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