Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Zi Moyan picked up the unconscious Black Eagle, moving him to a safer place, and then continued walking deeper into the cave. Since the feather arrows had all been shot out already, he did not receive any more damage as he progressed. 

He carefully examined the doors of each of the pathways. On them were carving that seemed similar to the zodiac. Thankfully, such things existed in the modern times as well. He had seen and learned about it from entertainment shows on TV.

If you switched to an ancient person, they might not be able to decipher the meaning of the carvings. According to the attributes of the artifact, it should be located in the upper left corner where the Sagittarius-like carving is located. 

He pushed open the large, heavy doors. The inside of the cave was dark, the air muddy. He carefully walked in, thinking that even though there was such an impressive mechanism outside the cave, it didn’t necessarily entail that there would also be such a mechanism inside. 

Relying on his senses, he felt that the place his was in resembled a corridor. He continued to move forward, and once again encountered a closed door. He pushed open the door to take a look, and felt that he had come to relatively empty place. 

Retrieving matches kept inside his clothing, he lit up the oil lamp hung nearby. The yellow light instantly brightened up the entire room. The structure of the room also became clear. There was an oil lamp placed in every corner of the room, with a small, round table in the middle of the room. 

A set of golden bow and arrows were placed on the table, just a few meters away from him. Zi Moyan silently neared the round table, and lightly brushed the bow and arrows. The bow and arrows had already collected a thick layer of dust, and its appearance was not that different from any other set of bow and arrows. 

The moment he picked up the bow, a burst of white smoke sprayed at him, catching him unprepared! Much of the smoke was inhaled by him through his nose.

A wave of dizziness overcame him, and Zi Moyan felt that his entire body had gone weak, as if strength had been drained from him. It was even strenuous just carrying the bow in his hand. It felt the same as if he was carrying a several million pound boulder!

He suddenly realized that there must’ve been an issue with the smoke. Not good! He must have encountered some sort of muscle weakening agent, as he wasn’t even able to muster up the tiniest bit of strength. He has to leave this place immediately! With his current condition, there is no way to protect the Gold Dragon Bow!

Zi Moyan roughly stumbled out of the cave. Every step he took had him reeling with dizziness. If it wasn’t for his strong constitution and determination, he would long have lost consciousness like Black Eagle. 

“Come, hurry and surround him, don’t let him escape!” An arrogant female voice rang out, its sound permeating throughout the entire area. 

Zi Moyan strenuously raised his head, looking coldly at Yang Jing and the people surrounding him. His sharp eyes stared straight at Yang Jing, icily inquiring: “City Lord Yang, what do you think you are doing right now?”


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