Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 — Investigating Zi Moyan

Once Zi Moyan closed the door after entering her temporary room, Phantom appeared inside. He had always been following by his Master’s side, he was just hidden in a place where other people couldn’t spot him, is all.

Zi Moyan obviously knew that he was always by her side. After all, she could easily detect him with her current skills. “After today, is there any movement on Yang Jing’s side?”

“Yang Jing had people investigate Master.” Phantom answered softly.

“Oh? Then how did it go?”

“Master, I’ve already prepared accordingly to your instructions, Yang Jing won’t be able to find any holes.”

“Looks like he was suspicious of my identity that time,” Zi Moyan’s clear-cold eyes flickered with a light of wisdom. “After all, I am also surnamed Zi.”

“Master, I believe that those information about Zi Yan is currently already within his hands.”

“En, very good. Take care to monitor his activities for me. If there’s any unusual changes, come inform me immediately.” Zi Moyan knew that Wo Buren’s power in Long Lin empire wasn’t small. She had been able to find out that Yan Yang City also concealed a part of his forces, and this Yang Jing was the one most worthy of suspicion.

“Yes.” With a swish of a dark shadow, Phantom disappeared from the room.

At the other side of the compound where a room was lit brightly within, it was just as Phantom had said. Yang Jing currently held the results of the information that Yang Qi had mobilized people to collect.

As he flipped through all of the  information regarding Zi Yan, his tightly knitted brows finally relaxed at the end. “This is the registry of the country’s Ministry of Revenue, it records all the information on the entire country’s population and people so there shouldn’t be any problems. Looks like this Zi Yan is indeed as he said, only a wandering crane, a traveling doctor practicing medicine.”

That’s right, there was indeed an eighteen or so years old  Zi Yan on this book of registry. The only record written on it was his birthplace, lost both parents, as well as his occupation. Right now, he was but a traveling doctor wandering and touring everywhere while treating diseases, nothing more.

Yang Jing massaged his temples, alleviating his recent pressure. He gave the book to Yang Qi and instructed: “Remember to return this book to the Ministry of Revenue.”

“Yes!” Yang Qi received the book with a smile. “It seems now that this Zi Yan isn’t anything to worry about, your plans won’t be affected.”

“En, but we can’t lower our guard against him this quickly. Go, have people put him on surveillance everyday, and don’t let him take half a step out of this residence .”

“Yes, Master.” Yang Qi bowed respectfully before leaving.

A radiant light flashed through Yang Jing’s abstruse eyes before mumbling to himself: “During this special period, it’s still better to be a bit more cautious. I hope that Zi man isn’t someone that he sent over. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Even if Xue’er likes him, he could not remain in this world!

In the early morning, Zi Moyan intended to go outside after dressing orderly. She planned to inspect Yan Yang City’s terrain properly in order to better resolve this flooding. She hasn’t forgotten about the main purpose that she had came here for after all.

“Young Master Zi is up pretty early.” Yang Qi’s voice traveled from behind her, and what she met head on was a smiling Yang Qi blocking the main doorway of the residence. “Where is Young Master planning to go? The flooding disaster haven’t been rectified, so it’s better if you stay here and relax instead of heading out impulsively.”

“I merely wanted to go stroll around.”

Yang Qi blocked Zi Moyan, who wanted to go out with a polite smile still hanging on his face. “Young Master, the Master has instructed that you need to stay within the residence. If you heedlessly head out and something happens, Yang Qi won’t be able to shoulder this responsibility.”

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