Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Clashing With Zi Xihan

“Have you heard? His Majesty had people send over betrothal gifts, they say that it was for marrying our Eldest Miss!”


“Of course, the betrothal gifts are filling up the entire street!”

The content of the two maidservants’ conversation caught Zhou Jiahan’s attention. Zi Xihan’s big wedding? At that time, the entire Prime Minister’s residence will definitely be especially lively. The more people there were, the more crowded it will be. Wouldn’t this be a perfect chance to sneak out?

Two green figures slowly approached the book pavilion where Zhou Jiahan was currently. When the two saw the said pavilion, their faces changed immediately.

“How did we get here?”

“I know right?! But we better get out of here quickly. If we’re not careful and provoke that thing, then we’ll be done for!”

“En, en!” The two servant girls quickly left Zhou Jiahan’s line of sight.

Zhou Jiahan got up and put down the book in her hand. She then climbed down and left the book pavilion, though she didn’t notice the flash of a white figure inside the book pavilion.

Zhou Jiahan lowered her head in thought, wondering whether or not she should explore layout of the Prime Minister’s residence. It would be more convenient to leave on the day of Zi Xihan’s wedding if she does.

She kept walking and walking until she felt a sudden pain on her forehead as if that she had bumped into someone.

“Who are you? Do you not watch where you’re going? To actually dare to bump into this Miss, are you looking to die?!”

Zhou Jiahan lifted her head and what came into her sight was a young woman dressed in pink clothing, looking around fifteen years old. She would’ve looked pretty good in appearance if it wasn’t ruined by the disgusted expression on her face.

Miss? There weren’t many who could called themselves as ‘Miss’ in the Prime Minister’s residence. It looks like this young woman was precisely this residence’s Eldest Miss, Zi Xihan.

Zhou Jiahan spared her a cold glance before walking on with an emotionless face.

When Zi Xihan saw the plain clothes that Zhou Jiahan was wearing, she assumed the latter to be some lowly servant’s son. Hmph! He’s only the son of a servant, yet still has that kind of attitude when he bumped into this Miss, looks like he must be tired of living!

Zi Xihan grabbed onto Zhou Jiahan by the arm to prevent her from leaving, forcefully pulling Zhou Jiahan to her side and rebuked angrily. “You worthless trash, how dare you still be this disrespectful even after bumping into this Miss! Looks like if I don’t give you some attitude, you would just take this Miss for a sick…… cat……”

It wasn’t until Zi Xihan pulled Zhou Jiahan over that she had a good look at the latter’s appearance, which then left her in a daze. She had never seen a youth this good-looking before. His facial features were exceptionally beautiful and adding to the fact that his entire figure was exuding an untouchable cold aura, it was as if an immortal being had descended upon the secular world.

Zi Xihan suddenly made another plan in her mind. Rather than disciplining such a beautiful youth until he has deep cuts and bruises all over, it would be better to play with ‘him’ for a while before throwing away. Wouldn’t that be an even better way to vent off her anger?

“Pretty boy,” Zi Xihan reach out a hand to caress that fair, jade-like cheek and chuckled. “Considering you have such a delicate face, if you serve this Miss for one night, then this Miss will let bygones be bygones!”

Zhou Jiahan directly ignored her, wanting to leave, yet couldn’t when Zi Xihan was blocking her. Upon seeing Zhou Jiahan’s response, Zi Xihan’s complexion turned extremely ugly. Hmph, who does this person think he is to repeatedly ignore her! This Miss will show you her might for being so ungrateful as to go looking for a beating!

“Someone come tie this person up and send him to this Miss’s room! This Miss will definitely let him know how fearsome I am!”

“Xi’er, what are you up to now?!” A middle-aged man’s voice that carried concealed anger came from behind Zi Xihan.

Zi Xihan’s small face paled when she heard this voice, but her expression then turned to that of fawning as she turned around. “Father! How come you’re here?”

Prime Minister Zi Haotian gave a cold reply. “If I didn’t come, then you will wreak havoc in this place again! You’re about to become Huangfei, yet you’re still so willful!”

Huangfei: Imperial Concubine

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