Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 53

Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 — [Teaser]


A black shadow flickered into form and a black-clad man appeared from the air, kneeling next to Zi Moyan. “What instructions does Master have?”

“Have the first team of shadow guards go to the lower course of Yan Yang City’s river channels and remove the blockade, the second team will go to the upper reaches of the river and restore the damaged vegetation. Once they all finish, draw the river stream into the sea basin outside of the city. After the water level has dropped sufficiently, go destroy dams that were previously built, widen the midstream of the river channel, and let it restore itself back to its original natural layout.”

Yan Yang City has one primary river channel that used to be called Lost Swan River. As long as this river was dredged, then the accumulated water would naturally flow away. Once the flooding was handled, what was left would be the post-disaster reconstruction — that could be done by relying on their own strength.

“During the work process, be sure to hide your tracks. Don’t let anyone discover you guys.”

“Understood.” The black shadow flickered again, signaling Phantom’s departure.

Zi Moyan looked at this huge Yan Yang City, her lips self-confidently curled up. “Soon, you could all return home.”

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