Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 — Set Out to Resolve the Flooding

Zi Moyan’s expression sunk, her voice cold as she spoke. “Are you imprisoning me?”

“You’ve misunderstood Young Master Zi. Yang Qi, why haven’t you let Young Master Zi out yet?”  Yang Jing appeared at this moment, coldly sparing a glance at the housekeeper.

“Apologies, Young Master Zi,” Yang Qi dutifully made way, his face sincere as he apologized to Zi Moyan. “Please forgive Yang Qi’s insolence.”

“Young Master Zi, my housekeeper really was considering your well-being, so please don’t take offense, saying it as imprisoning or whatever is too serious.” Yang Jing chuckled. “You’re my daughter’s benefactor, I haven’t even the time to present you as a honored guest yet. How could we imprison you?”

Zi Moyan coldly spared Yang Jing a glance, remaining taciturn.

“Young Master Zi, didn’t you want to go outside? Then go, but be careful on the road.”

“En.” Zi Moyan’s face returned to its previous indifference, striding out at a leisure pace.

Seeing Yang Jing letting Zi Moyan go, Yang Qi felt it somewhat strange. “Master, didn’t you say to tightly monitor this person? Why did you still let him leave?”

The other snorted. “We haven’t figured out his real identity yet, so we can’t beat the grass to scare the snake[1]. Having people watch where he goes will do.” His abstruse gaze tightly locked onto that white figure disappearing in the distance, looking pensive.

“Yes, Yang Qi understands.”

Zi Moyan climbed to the highest altitude of the mountain, looking over the entire layout of Yan Yang City. Most of the houses were submerged, leaving the citizens homeless. This was indeed a problem. Looking for the Spirit Tool and countering the hidden enemies could be delayed for a bit. What she should do right now was to quickly fix the flooding problem so that the citizens could have a home to return to.


A black shadow flickered into form and a black-clad man appeared from the air, kneeling next to Zi Moyan. “What instructions does Master have?”

“Have the first team of shadow guards go to the lower course of Yan Yang City’s river channels and remove the blockade, the second team will go to the upper reaches of the river and restore the damaged vegetation. Once they all finish, draw the river stream into the sea basin outside of the city. After the water level has dropped sufficiently, go destroy dams that were previously built, widen the midstream of the river channel, and let it restore itself back to its original natural layout.”

Yan Yang City has one primary river channel that used to be called Lost Swan River. As long as this river was dredged, then the accumulated water would naturally flow away. Once the flooding was handled, what was left would be the post-disaster reconstruction — that could be done by relying on their own strength.

“During the work process, be sure to hide your tracks. Don’t let anyone discover you guys.”

“Understood.” The black shadow flickered again, signaling Phantom’s departure.

Zi Moyan looked at this huge Yan Yang City, her lips self-confidently curled up. “Soon, you could all return home.”

A man was hidden behind a large tree in the distance. His long hair was draped over his shoulder while a white hairband dexterously secured the part that was draping. He wore a silver white mask that was suffused with a cold light, but the pitch-black eyes that was revealed was tightly locked onto the young man in the far distance.

With the slightly upturned slender brows and the pretty eyes underneath carrying a light arrogance within, this self-confidence adorning the young man’s absolutely breathtaking face prevented people from turning away their gazes even more. He was like a hegemon overlooking all living things as he stood in solitude aloft that huge boulder with his white robes flowing with the wind, left alone by the world!

When he saw this kind of spectacle, the man’s eyes flickered with obscure emotions and seemed to be conflicted. He slightly lower his gaze, those long eyelashes faintly trembled as he concealed the emotions within his eyes, returning to their gentleness. Only, it did not reach his eyes, because they were already ice-cold.


[1] 打草惊蛇 (Proverb): to inadvertently alert an enemy


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