Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Crossing Over

Within the dark, she groggily thought that it was noisy. It seemed to belong to the voices of several young boys.

“Beat him! Beat him to death! Beat the crap out of this worthless bastard for me!”

“Gou’er, are you sure it’s a good idea for us to be bullying him like this? At the very least, he is the little Young Master.”

“Hmph, Young Master?” The young boy’s eyes glinted with a trace of contempt. “He couldn’t even be compared to a dog in this household right now so it’s fine. There’s no need to worry about beating him to his death, hmph! If something does go wrong, then I’ll take responsibility! Who told him to steal my food anyways?”

Zhou Jiahan’s mind slowly cleared up a bit. She gradually opened her pair of languid eyes, and was met with series of punches and kicks delivering towards her body.

When she tried to move her limbs slightly, her body was struck with a wave of sharp pain.

Seeing that she was awake, the other five boys stopped striking one by one. They made some distance between her and themselves as they all stare at her with caution.

“Boss, look, he’s awake!” A scrawny boy said nervously to a fat one.

What this fat boy wore was slightly better than all the other boys present and from the looks of things, he should be the one leading this bunch of kids.

Zhou Jiahan frowned slightly. What’s going on? Why were these kids beating her?

Furthermore, all these kids were wearing costumes from ancient China. Are they acting in a film? But it didn’t seem like they were filming though, because when she took a quick scan of her surroundings, there were no cameras!

In any case, she needed to deal with the current dilemma in front of her first!

She slightly moved her body, which seemed to be falling apart, and could tell that there were many broken ribs. The robe she was wearing was originally snow white, but now it was stained with dark footprints all over. It was clearly made from good quality satin, yet there were numerous patches sewn on it.

Right when she still hadn’t figured out her situation from looking around the unfamiliar environment, someone within that group of children exclaimed, “You guys continue kicking! Kicking him when he’s awake will only be a lot more interesting!”

Even though the other children heard the boss’s order, they showed slight hesitation. Then each of their faces straightened, carrying instead ill-intent as they gathered around Zhou Jiahan, who was lying immobile on the ground.

But what kind of person was Zhou Jiahan? She was the all-powerful Business Queen! How could she be afraid of a few little brats when she could even disregard the fact that her muscles felt as though they were being torn apart with just a shift of her body right now?

She coldly swept a glance over these children and an unbearable pressure was instantly forced down upon them, dropping the temperature around them by several degrees.

The children were frightened stiffed by those horrifyingly cold eyes. They didn’t know why, but they felt as though the one they thought to be weak and cowardly just seconds prior, suddenly changed into a whole different person, becoming someone that caused them to shiver in fear.

When he saw that his companions, who were originally so bold, suddenly scared stiff, the head of the group became somewhat flustered and went over to kick Zhou Jiahan himself.

It was right at this moment that Zhou Jiahan took ahold of the incoming foot, picked up a wooden awl lying on the side, and ruthlessly pierced that boy’s foot, causing blood to gush out in the next moment.

“Ah! It hurts like hell!” The boy screamed as he fell to the ground. When his other companions saw this, their faces were filled with fear as they looked towards Zhou Jiahan as if they witness something terribly frightening.

Then they all scrambled to flee one by one, leaving this leader kid called Gou’er here by himself to hold onto his foot while rolling about and screaming in pain.

Zhou Jiahan forced herself to stand up, her face expressionless as she left.

As she examined the ancient building structures while occasionally seeing servants and maidservants busying about, her brows furrowed deeper and deeper as an absurd notion took form in her mind. Did she transmigrated?

This kind of situation only occurs in fictional novels, yet it was actually happening to her!

“Young Master! What are you doing here?” A young girl dressed in plain grey cotton clothing came running towards Zhou Jiahan with her hair tied into two adorable little side buns, one on each side of her head. Judging from her appearance, she should be a maidservant of this residence.

“Young Master, did Gou’er and them bully you again?” When she saw the Young Master with his clothes disheveled and injuries covering all over his body, her heart was aching yet indignant at the same time. “Hmph, these people are just the children of servants, yet they dare to bully you! If not for the Madam passing away so early, how could it be possible for them to climb over the Young Master’s head?!”

Zhou Jiahan only stared at her silently instead of giving a response. This body was clearly that of a female, why would she call her ‘Young Master’?

“Hmph! I’m going to find them to settle the score!” She declared angrily with the desire to carry it through. It was really infuriating her that even those lowly scoundrels came to bully the Young Master!

They really took her for a pushover if she doesn’t show her wrath![1]

Zhou Jiahan blocked the angry little girl and said lightly, “No need.”

Those few boys should’ve learned their lessons this time, so she reckons they wouldn’t dare to come provoke her again! They’re just a bunch of little brats anyways.

The young servant girl thought the reason that the Young Master didn’t dare to look for them was because he was afraid, so she put on an ‘I got your back’ expression as she puffed her chest out. “You don’t have to be afraid of them Young Master. You have Xiao Ya to support your back! Come on, let’s go settle the score with them!”

Zhou Jiahan lightly threw a glance at this delicate little girl, so she’s called Xiao Ya.

The anger burning in her eyes due to the Young Master being bullied was not fake. From the looks of it, she ought to be the only person in this entire residence that treated this body’s owner well.

“No need, I’ve already taught them a lesson. Let’s go back.” There was a sense of assertive authority implied in her tone of indifference.

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