Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 — Arrived In Yan Yang City

Only after hearing Phantom’s report did she know that, as it turns out, it was a bandit who had impersonated her — and it was only to scam money out of the City Lord. This time, she rather wants to see what this City Lord wants to play at, so why not let this fake Prime Minister help her investigate what was true and what was false of the City Lord!

Over the course of several days of speeding on the road, Zi Moyan finally arrived in the vicinity of Yan Yang City. Due to the flooding, the entire city seemed to have sunk under, leading to the citizens relocating to the nearby mountain and temporarily settling down there. The first thing that Zi Moyan saw when entered this temporary settlement was many people surrounding a luxuriously dressed male while exclaiming loudly: “City Lord, when is the Imperial Court going to fix this flood problem? Are homes are all gone, but we still haven’t seen any movements by the Imperial Court!”

“That’s right, can’t the Imperial Court at least give us an account?”

“We all can’t wait to return home too!”

Many of Yan Yang City’s citizens complained because the feeling of homelessness was just too unbearable. Now that they lived on the mountain, they couldn’t be more morose as they watched their homes being submerged below. They all wished that the Imperial Court would quickly resolve this issue so they could go back home quicker!

The well-dressed man looked to be forty or so years old, growing a goatee on his chin. He had a good-natured appearance and a height reaching about 1.7 meters. His face was filled with gentleness as he comforted these agitated citizens. “Fellow citizens, you don’t have to be anxious. The Imperial Court has already sent the Right Prime Minister over to resolve the flood problem. He’s in my residence as we speak and we’re both currently discussing the means to manage this disaster. I believe that you’ll all be able to go back home in no time!”

The City Lord of Yan Yang City was called Yang Jing. He has always been rather decent as a person, nor had he committed any wrongs. During the period that he was the City Lord, nothing major happened other than this time’s relatively serious water disaster — the people lived rather well too. However, it was this flooding that caused Yang Jing the greatest suffering. Not only was the Imperial Court dissatisfied with his performance, he didn’t have a proper home to return to.  

The same time that Yang Jing consoled these city citizens, he was incessantly complaining of his own bitterness in his heart. However, it wasn’t appropriate for him to say that he has been thinking of various ways of serving this esteemed Prime Minister when he arrived — he didn’t know where he had thrown the matter of handling the flooding to!

“Since the City Lord has already spoken, then we’ll just have to wait. I believe that we’ll get a result soon enough.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Let’s go.”

Seeing that the City Lord wasn’t having it easy either, the citizens didn’t bother him too excessively. Under his appeasement, they all dispersed, leaving Yang Jing’s old face to drop and sighed. What a bunch of troubles.

Zi Moyan watched the City Lord’s distressing back. This City Lord’s outer appearance didn’t looked to be some corrupt official, then which was the actual force that Wo Buren placed in Yan Yang City? It seems that she needed to create an opening and scout out the City Lord’s residence.

Zi Moyan came to an inn, innkeeper took but one glance from the materials of the white-clad youth’s clothes that Zi Moyan was a rich, respectable person, hence, he hastily came forth to welcome the other. “This must be your first time here, right Young Master? If you need anything, do not hesitate to tell me.”

Zi Moyan took out ten tael of silver, giving it to the innkeeper as she voiced coldly: “I want one of your best rooms. Prepare a few dishes and bring them to my room, afterwards, don’t come disturbing me.”

“Of course!” The innkeeper laughed compliantly as he accepted the silver, then promptly lead this youth to the best room he had. During the entire process, he could feel the ice-cold pressure on the youth’s body that after sending him into the room, the innkeeper momentarily released a breath. It was then that he realized that the back of his clothes were all drenched in sweat. This was the first time he had seen such a handsome young man, but that face was cold enough to form ice!

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  1. I just read through the chapters available really fast. This is a fun story, the MC is so cold & indifferent, it is hilarious. I do wonder what will the E do when he finds out that his beloved is a woman? ?

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