Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 — She Only Needs His One Sentence

Startled by his daughter’s sudden roar, Yang Jing was extremely displeased with her inconsideration.

“Yuwei, the guest is still here, how can you be this thoughtless as to joke in front of your guest?”  He reprimanded coldly. “Sit down this instant!”

“I won’t! You always gave the good things to my little sisters since we’re young, why are you still so unfair now?! You even gave the person that I like to third sister without caring for my feelings! This time, I refuse to compromise!” She hatefully glowered at Yang Yue, who had her head down. Hmph, what is she trying to pretend? Acting like she’s all weak and delicate — I really don’t know what’s so good about this kind of people!

She leveled an adamant gaze with Yang Jing, expressing her determination — she absolutely will not concede.

There wasn’t a need to mention how ugly Yang Jing’s face had become. He couldn’t believe that this eldest daughter of his didn’t give him face at all, and even if she does have something against it, she could’ve talk to him privately. How could he not be furious now that she had refuted him in front of everyone? He was furious to the point of wanting, very much, to give her a slap in the face to wake her up!

Both Young Master Zi and the Prime Minister was still here so it was not appropriate punish her in front of them. He forced down his anger, but it didn’t stop his voice from shaking. “You’re the eldest daughter of this family, but you actually spoke such brazen words! Hmph, all these years that I have been teaching you has been for nothing! Someone come and have the eldest miss locked into the woodshed to think over her mistakes!”

Two servants came and flanked Yang Yue, wanting to drag her away; however, when they touched her, Yang Yue fiercely shook their hands off and said in disgust: “Scram, none of you are qualified to touch me! I can walk myself!”

Yang Yuwei was like an haughty peacock. Even though she was chided by her father, she wouldn’t care. Instead, she remained full of herself as she leisurely walked out.

“Sorry to have everyone see such an embarrassing sight,” Yang Jing said sheepishly to everyone else as he gave a few hollow laughs.

“No a problem,” Dazhu laughed, not caring. “The Eldest Miss has her cute sides too.”

In his eyes, all three misses of the Yang family were beautiful. However, the chances of obtaining all three was too small, so he decided to chose the one that best satisfy him — which was the sweet-tempered Yang Yue. Not only was Yang Yue pretty, she has a gentle temper and a super sweet voice. Then there was the fact that she had never paid attention to him, it was exactly the so-called “the thing you can’t get is always the best” — he wanted to obtain Yang Yue even more than the other two because of it.

“Sir, how about letting Yue’er send you off –” Yang Jing had originally wanted Yang Yue to send Dazhu off after dinner, but he hasn’t finished talking before Yang Yue ran off to chase after that distinct, white figure.

“This child…” Yang Jing said helplessly.

“It’s fine, it’s fine! I can’t go back myself.” Dazhu laughed, watching as the beautiful purple figure disappear in the distance. Hmph, beautiful, you’re going to be mine sooner or later.

“Young Master Zi, Young Master Zi…!”

Zi Moyan heard Yang Yue’s voice from behind as she headed towards her room, causing her to stop.

“What is it, Miss Yang?” Zi Moyan dully asked.

Yang Yue panted, her fair white face flushed a nice shade of red that was like that of a ripe red apple. However, such a charming sight couldn’t cause any ripples in a certain person’s eyes.

She timidly lifted her head up and met directly with a pair of clear-cold eyes, causing her heart to tremble and speed up.The heart that she had managed to calm down seconds ago started to beat in chaos again.

“Young Master Zi, I – I…”

Zi Moyan frowned slightly, she was never patient with these things “Miss, Moyan will leave first if there isn’t anything.”

Seeing that Zi Moyan was about to leave, Yang Yue panicked. She hastily pulled on the other’s sleeve, nervousness was written all over her face. “Young Master, don’t leave.” Her pretty eyes begged Zi Moyan, it was the first time she was acting like this. She didn’t want to get married to the Prime Minister, she only want the person in front of her. Even if Zi Moyan gave her only a tiny bit of attention, she would be happy for a long while. She only needed his one sentence to disobey her father. She wouldn’t regret it either, because she had the courage to do so! What she wanted was his one sentence.

WATERLILY: So… for those of you who didn’t get to this point from my post, I’m here to notify ya’ll that I won’t be translating in the future so this is the last chapter I translated before I stop. Thanks for putting up with me until now 🙂

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