Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

“I am only going to say something then leave. If you don’t tell my father about this matter, then he will never know of it. However, if you choose to bar my way, I will not forget this transgression in the future.”

These jailers knew that could not offend Yang Family’s Young Miss. Anyways, she was just a weak woman. Since wouldn’t be able to rescue the prisoner, it’s fine just to let her have a look.

“This… alright. Young Miss, just go inside and take a look, then immediately come back.”

“En, don’t worry. I won’t create any trouble for you guys.”

Zi Moyan heard footsteps come closer and closer. He knew that Yang Yue had already come inside.

As the distance between the two people shortened, Yang Yue’s figure gradually became more clear. She was wearing a pale purple dress.

The purple color stood out in the moonlight. As before, she was beautiful, her manner gentle, but with a calmer look in her eye compared to before. It seemed as if she had suddenly grown up. Her eyes tightly locked on the white figure before, not straying even the slightest bit.

The jailer opened the door and reminded once again: “Young Miss, whatever matters you have, hurry up and say it. Don’t delay for too long.”

Yang Yue softly nodded her head and replied: “Yes, I know. Go.”

She slowly walked closer, her eyes gentle, and gradually revealed an intense obsession that was not there before. As she hugged Zi Moyan, she warmly declared: “Young Master Zi, I believe that you are not the Jiang Hu imposter that my father says you are. You didn’t approach my family with ulterior motives, right?”

Zi Moyan originally wanted to push Yang Yue away, but after he felt the warmth from his shoulder, he put down his hand. 

Jiang Hu imposter? What does she mean by saying this?

“Miss Yang, what do mean by this? What have I done wrong, to cause your father to act in this way toward me?”

Yang Yue removed herself from Zi Moyan’s arms. His face seemed slightly flushed red, and his clean cut eyebrows were furrowed tightly. His angry appearance was still incredibly good-looking.

“Don’t be angry, of course I believe in you. In the beginning, I did not know what was happening. Once I returned home, I asked my father, who said that you were a Jiang Hu imposter who approached our house will ill intentions. This must be because that Prime Minister slandered you. Since he wasn’t able to win me over, he didn’t want you to have a good life either. It’s all my fault. I told him that I liked you, and it ended up causing this. But you must believe that my father is a good person.who is loyal to the emperor and the empire. I plead you not to blame him.”

Zi Moyan realized that this incident was related to that fake Prime Minister. Da Zhu, that mountain bandit, wouldn’t use such methods to take care of me. He must be under the control of someone else right now. And that person’s goal must be the Gold Dragon Bow!

Zi Moyan’s face eased up a lot. He calmly look at the slightly worried Yang Yue, and said: “Don’t worry, I already understand now. I won’t take it to heart.”

Yang Yue broke into a smile, looked at him shyly, and whispered: “Thank you.”

She suddenly remembered that there was one more matter. She took out a small bottle of medicine from her sleeve and gave it to Zi Moyan: “Young Master Zi, this is a life-saving detoxification pill. If you ever encounter any dangerous circumstances in the future, you can use it.”

Zi Moyan picked up the small white bottle. The cool touch of the jade caused him to feel a bit moved in his heart. When he spoke, it was obvious his voice was much more gentle than before. “Thank you Miss, for your good intentions. I accept them. If I do get released, I will be sure to thank you well.” He pulled out an embroidered handkerchief, and presented it to Yang Yue. “This is your sister’s handkerchief. She had accidentally dropped it. Can you return it for me in my stead?”

Yang Yue took the embroidered handkerchief, nodded, and obediently replied: “I got it, rest assured. I will absolutely give it to her.”

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