Wild Malicious Consort

Wild Malicious Consort



Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Martial Arts, Romance, Xuanhuan

Translator: Vin

Wild Malicious Consort full title Wild Malicious Consort: Good for Nothing Ninth Miss— is a completed novel written by 醉卧天下 and consists of 1579 chapters total. It is, in Vin’s opinion, one of the most gruesome, savage, and realistic novels of its genre.


She, a 21st century assassin organization’s “godly doctor,” transmigrated into the body of Yun family’s abandoned, good-for-nothing Ninth Miss. Good-for-nothing? Then she’ll let the world see what a real good-for-nothing looks like. Summoners are legendary? Then she’ll become history’s first magical Summoner.

He, Long Xu Kingdom’s third prince and the mysterious, behind-the-scenes owner of Zhou Dynasty’s monopolizing business, seemingly handsome and uninhibited, is actually brutal and merciless.

The world knows her as a detested, sickly good-for-nothing, her standing is as low as a servant’s, yet she solely dominates his heart. Trickery, schemes, overbearing, seducing… an exhaustion of methods, all to capture her heart. Black-belly supports another black-belly, producing scene after scene of blood-boiling indignation and win-win cooperation.

Read to see how they, a prey chased by a persistent predator, stand side-by-side at the peak of this extraordinary world.


Chapter 1 — Rebirth

Chapter 2 — A Bizarre Scene

Chapter 3 — Beast Blood

Chapter 4 — A Bewitching Man

Chapter 5 — Blood for Blood

Chapter 6 —Inhibited Kiss

Chapter 7 — Yin Poison

Chapter 8 — Tier II Elemental Wind Pill

Chapter 9 — Yun Manor’s Main Madam

Chapter 10 — The Peak of Rank Six

Chapter 11 — The Peak of Rank Eight

Chapter 12 — Into the Forbidden Grounds

Chapter 13 — Man-eating Vines

Chapter 14 — The Dragonfire Pearl and Hearthfire

Chapter 15 — Lingering Soul Fragment

Chapter 16 — Dragon Ascension Scroll

Chapter 17 — Fortuitous Luck

Chapter 18 — The Redfire Dragon

Chapter 19 — Millenium Contract

Chapter 20 — His Unexpected Appearance

Chapter 21 — The Sorcerous Clan and the Treasure Map

Chapter 22 — Setting Up a Scapegoat

Chapter 23 — Inappropriate Behavior

Chapter 24 — I Want Your Heart

Chapter 25 — Stirring Trouble in the Mourning Hall

Chapter 26 — Late-night Assassination

Chapter 27 — Extorting Confessions with Torture

Chapter 28 — Pompous Deception

Chapter 29 — His Highness the Crown Prince

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