Wild Malicious Consort Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 — The Dragonfire Pearl and Hearthfire

These wretched things, why would they be so kind as to help detoxify her? Yun Wu reckoned they were actually offering her up as a sacrifice… and that the object or being of their worship was within this very magma pool.

She dared to make such a bleak claim because, beneath her feet, she felt the slow stirrings of a silken creature.


She blanched and immediately wanted to climb out of the magma pool. The giant python and man-eating vines hissed threateningly.




A colossus creature suddenly flew out of the magma pool, followed by a resonating dragon’s roar. When the creature appeared, the nearby python and the man-eating vines all obediently bowed their heads, as though to welcome their king, making for quite a strange sight.

“Hahaha, this prince has been imprisoned for hundreds of years and deprived of human flesh for eons. This time, my vassals, you have done well.” The crimson dragon cackled, its drool dripping down to the ground. The beast, clearly in a buoyant mood, eyed Yun Wu with a terrifying gaze.

The giant python and the man-eating vines seemed pleased by the crimson dragon’s praise, for they began to hissing in delight.Meanwhile, in the magma pool. When Yun Wu caught sight of the crimson dragon, her expression turned a bit unsightly.

She completely ignored the dragon’s excitement because her own sense of crisis was crying out. A peculiar passage of information flashed through her mind, further darkening her expression.


The Dragon Clan’s Eight Prince, the Redfire Dragon: Fire-attribute, valiant offense. Ill-tempered with an inherent love for slaughter, the Redfire Dragon is a blithely gluttonous beast and thus one year, it launched an expedition of unruly massacre.

Humans serve as the Redfire Dragon’s primary food source, though it bears a preference for females. After surrendering to a Summoner from the Yun family, the Redfire Dragon was subjected to imprisonment within Yun Manor’s Forbidden Grounds.

Yun Wu honestly didn’t know why her mind was capable of providing her this sort of information, but if everything it said was true, then her situation…

“Old geezer, quick, do me a favor! Save me, ah!” At this point, the only person who came to mind was her savior from Beast Forest; that old necklace spirit. After all, he was able to manipulate a ray of light to reduce a group of lousy beasts to dust, meaning his strength was irrefutable.

“Brat, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, it’s that I’m also helpless. I am a sacred relic-spirit, but your body is lifeless, so there is no way for us to form a spiritual contract. I just—” An elderly voice spoke in her mind, but without waiting for him to finish rambling, Yun Wu cut in with gritted teeth.

“What about last time? Make an exception. Wait until I get out of here, I’ll definitely revive my body and form a contract with you. Right now, saving my life is more important—”

This time, before she could finish, the Redfire Dragon opened its mouth and descended, intending on swallowing her whole.


A ray of black light suddenly burst from Yun Wu’s chest, bringing about an imposing surge of energy that spread through the underground chamber. The Redfire Dragon’s body was immediately knocked aside. “Sorcery? Ah… What is the relationship between a human like you and the Sorcerous Clan?”

The dragon’s beastly pupils flushed with rage and a roar set off in the chamber. It was as if he had met the murderer of his kin.

“Quick, into the magma.” The elderly voice hurriedly urged.

Yun Wu wasted no time sucking in a breath and sinking into the magma, upon which a fiery, oppressive sensation assaulted her. It pressed down on her in a way that felt dozens times worse than being in normal water. Fortunately, a faint black light soon shrouded her body and alleviated the pressure.

“If you don’t want to become the Redfire Dragon’s snack, then you must quickly locate and procure its Dragonfire Pearl. It can be used as blackmail. The pearl is in the deepest part of the magma pool.” The old spirit sent mentally. Without an ounce of hesitation, Yun Wu kicked her feet, momentarily resembling a fish as she quickly swam towards the depths of the magma pool.

The magma pool was much larger than what she had imagined. Before her eyes was a sea of red. She couldn’t see the Dragonfire Pearl at all and could only continue to traverse further into the recesses of the magma pool. The deeper she went, the stronger the oppression. The temperature rose, as if warning her that if she continued, she would be cooked alive.

“Hurry, the Redfire Dragon is coming back.” Yun Wu turned her head and could vaguely make out the Redfire Dragon’s roaring form, just before it dove into the magma pool. Her heartbeat quickened, and she kicked harder, propelling straight into the magma abyss.

At the bottom of the pool, she saw a ball of flame with a white pearl as its core.

That should be the Dragonfire Pearl.

She drew near, braving the magma’s oppression and resolutely headed for the flame. Not far behind her, a roar sounded. When the Redfire Dragon caught on to Yun Wu’s plan, its eyes reddened with anger and with a flick of its tail, it dove for Yun Wu.

The same instant she was hit, she grabbed ahold of the pearl. In but a split second, fiery pain enveloped her hands. The charring process was alarmingly quick; she could visibly see the greater part of her hands turn black.



The soul-excruciating pain made her feel like both her hands and soul were being incinerated.

VIN: Still can’t get much of a grasp on Yun Wu’s character yet.

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