Wild Malicious Consort Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 — The Peak of Rank Six

Immediately, Wu Gang thrust out his foot and sent out a powerful ray of green battle spirit to single-handedly latch onto the whip in Yun Qing Er’s hands.

“Sixth Miss, please cease your anger.”

“Housekeeper Wu, let go. Today, no matter what, I have to have this slut dismembered.” Yun Qing Er fumed, her eyes red with roaring anger.

“Qing Er, your Great Aunt standing here, so what are you still kicking up a storm for! Don’t be so insensible! Quick, come here.” Liu Qinshui hurriedly chastised while shooting Yun Qing Er a look.

Normally, Yun Qing Er would comply. But this time, she was too far gone and too angry.

“Great Aunt, Mother, neither of you know. Last time, that Tier II Elemental Wind Pill I lost was eaten by this slut, Yun Wu. I refuse to calm down until she’s dead.” The moment Yun Qing Er mentioned her missing Tier II Elemental Pill, Liu Qingyue stiffened. Her eyes flashed.

Although it was a minute reaction, it was a trifle in the discerning eyes of an assassin. Yun Wu swept a dark glance at Liu Qingyue as Yun Wu sneered coldly in her heart.

Looks like she, Yun Wu, not only had to tolerate having shit poured over her head, but now she was also being made to carry another’s blame.

“What? That Tier II Elemental Wind Pill you lost was eaten by her?” Liu Qinshui’s voice rose in anger. She was clear on what that Tier II Elemental Wind Pill would’ve meant for the mother-daughter pair.

Immediately, her countenance became one of rage. She spun her head towards Liu Qingyue: “Elder cousin. This time, no matter if you do it in private or in public, you have to punish this bitch and give my daughter and I justice.”

“Great Aunt, if you hand the matter of this little bitch’s punishment over to me, then during the imperial hunting tournament next month, I’ll definitely lend Third Sister a hand and lift her to victory.” Yun Qing Er promised through gritted teeth.

This year, the imperial family was going to hold a hunting tournament for children of noble status. In name, it was a friendly pastime; in reality, its purpose was to allow the imperial family to select a few suitable candidates for the imperial princes to choose from, with the tournament winner gaining an opportunity to become the crown prince’s consort—the crown princess.

All nine misses of Yun Manor were eligible for participation, but the only ones who were truly qualified to take part in the tournament consisted of a mere trio: the most talented Eldest Miss Yun Xin Er, the legitimate Third Miss Yun Lingshui, and the Sixth Miss, Yun Qing Er.

Yin Qing Er’s promise meant that she was willing to relinquish her chance at being the crown princess in order to help Yun Lingshui. With that, one could imagine just how angry Yun Qing Er was. When Liu Qinshui heard her daughter’s words, her expression changed.

When Liu Qingyue heard, she was secretly pleased, but she concealed it well.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Liu Qingyue frowned, then sighed and waved her hand. “Forget it, forget it. Since Yun Wu ate your Tier II pill, I’ll let you decide her consequences. However, don’t go overboard; after all, she is still Yun Manor’s Ninth Miss.”

Yun Qing Er laughed cruelly. “Great Aunt, rest assured. Even if I don’t kill her, I’ll ensure she’ll never have the mouth to steal food again.” At her remark, everyone present understood that if Yun Wu were to fall into Yun Qing Er’s hands, Yun Wu would be forced to lead a life worse than death.

Even so, no one present took pity on Yun Wu. Rather, quite a few were interested in watching a show.

On the side, Yun Wu listened to their conversation and couldn’t help but sneer in her heart. Letting herself get chased into Yun Manor was intentional on her part.

She had three reasons for doing so. One, to uncover Yun Qing Er’s backer. Two, to figure out why she was made a scapegoat. Three, to sniff out who was most likely to have poisoned her.

She had gotten a good grasp on the workings behind the drama happening before her, so it was time to retreat.

She, Yun Wu, was not a someone to be bullied and pushed around. Obediently let Yun Qing Er kill her? They’ve still got a long way to go.

“Ninth Miss, I’m afraid you can’t leave yet.” Just as Yun Wu turned to leave, Wu Gang suddenly stepped in front of her, blocking her path of retreat.

Information from her acquired memories stated:

Wu Gang: Innate Green Rank, peak of Rank Six.

Attribute: Wind.

Weapon of Choice: Broadsword.

Wind attribute?

No wonder he was able to soundlessly appear in front her. He had done so in the blink of an eye.

If he wanted to kill her, it would presumably be as easy as turning his hand.

Martial practitioners specialized in battle spirit; strong bodily defense and formidable combat ability.

The hierarchy went: Practitioner Ranks One through Nine, Master Practitioner, Martial Sage, and Exalted Sage.

Every level was divided into the following: early stage, middle stage, late stage, and the peak.

Currently, in Zhou Dynasty, a peak level Rank Six Practitioner would already be considered an expert.

There were five attributes: Wind, wood, water, earth, and fire.

Seven innate colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, and purple as the highest.

Together, these factors came down to one conclusion: the role this Housekeeper Wu played in Yun Manor was not simple.

His background identity was likely even more complicated. “Housekeeper Wu, you still know me as the Ninth Miss?” Yun Wu raised her head, lips slightly curved as she met his sharp and gloomy eyes with her own cold gaze.

Wu Gang looked at her, and when he saw her bottomless eyes, he was unable to restrain his eyebrows from wrinkling.

A quick second later, Yun Wu’s body resumed its former appearance; sick and weak, no battle spirit at all, but Wu Gang sensed a strange premonition.

It was as if her continued existence would end up spoiling his grand plans.

VIN: The picture is Yun Qing Er’s mother, Yun Lingshui. Just a touch milder than Yun Qingyue.

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