Wild Malicious Consort Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 — Into the Forbidden Grounds

After Wu Gang regained his composure, he inwardly clenched his teeth. First, he had been targeted by six poisonous knives—knives that were undoubtedly aimed at his vital points. Then, the man revealed his martial prowess, which just so happened to be at the peak of Rank Eight.

Yet that man had the nerve to declare himself nonexistent?

All of a sudden, Liu Qingyue started to urgently command, “What are you all still dawdling for? Quick, chase after Ninth Miss and get her back here.” Just then, Yun Wu had taken advantage of the courtyard’s state of frightened astonishment and had long since slipped away.

When Liu Qingyue came to and noticed Yun Wu’s disappearance, her face had donned an expression of great panic. The small wooden box was still in Yun Wu’s hands.

Wu Gang turned his head and swept his gaze in the direction Yun Wu had run off to; alas, his intention to follow after her was hindered by two more throwing knives.

“You.. what does Your Excellency mean by this?” Wu Gang hurriedly dodged. He looked at Long Qingxie angrily. Long Qingxie’s smile was synchronously bewitching and dangerous as he laughed lightly, “No meaning. You may continue, I’m merely watching the show, nothing more.”

Contrary to his courteous words, in his hand, he was playing with two iridescent throwing knives, as if to say: Another step forward, and these knives will be sheathed in the pit of your stomach.

Even a fool could see he was helping Yun Wu and blatantly going out of his way to pick quarrels. Seeing Wu Gang helplessly entangled by the mysterious man and Yun Wu’s silhouette about to vanish from sight, Liu Qingyue grit her teeth, turned around, and personally gave chase.

Yun Qing Er noticed and naturally was not going to let Yun Wu go either, so she also seized the chance and followed. When Yun Wu saw the two figures hot on her trail, she immediately sped up.

Her experience this time made her realize that she had sorely underestimated the strength of Shenzhou Continent’s martial prowess. That episode in the garden alone was enough to make her understand that if she wanted to survive in this world, the assassin skills she’d gained in her previous life was not going to suffice.

Moreover, her acquired memories told her Liu Qingyue was a late-stage Rank Three Practitioner, and then there was Yun Qing Er too. Just by relying on Yun Wu’s current strength, it would be impossible to deal with them.

With Yun Manor being so heavily guarded, escaping would prove to be difficult, and the two people behind her were not negligent in their pursuit either. Suddenly, something flashed in her mind, abruptly redirecting her flight to Yun Manor’s Forbidden Grounds.

Allegedly, aside from Old Master Yun, no one was permitted to enter the Forbidden Grounds. When Liu Qingyue and Yun Qing Er saw Yun Wu open the stone doors that led to the Forbidden Grounds, their expressions subconsciously changed.

“Great Aunt, that little slut went into the Forbidden Grounds, what do we do now?” Liu Qingyue’s eyes shone with hostility.

“Chase!” That small wooden box Yun Wu took; Liu Qingyue had to get it back. As for the circumstances inside of the Forbidden Grounds, neither Liu Qingyue nor Yun Qing Er was familiar with, because everyone in the Yun family knew that every trespasser was inevitably killed.


Black. Before her eyes, a stretch of utter darkness. Yun Wu’s vision had always been better than most people’s, but now, even she could not see anything beyond pitch-black.

However, just by listening to the soft sounds of footsteps, Yun Wu was able to tell that both Liu Qingyue and Yun Qing Er had already followed her in. Yun Wu thought, why not take this opportunity and assassinate them in the dark? To an assassin, darkness provided the best opportunities.

Just as this thought came to mind, she heard the almost imperceptible sound of a trap mechanism activating. Her surroundings suddenly lit up until she could finally see the place was she in. It was an underground palace, its four walls crawling with a species of strange ivy. They appeared ferocious and gave off an incessant sense of eerie danger.

Yun Wu was standing at the end of a long passageway, just before a turn, while at the threshold stood Liu Qingyue and Yun Qing Er. The latter paid no attention to her surroundings as she locked her gaze on Yun Wu. Yun Qing Er laughed, her eyes filled with malice and hostility. “Little slut, there’s nowhere to run now.”

She moved forward but was stopped by Liu Qingyue. Liu Qingyue looked at Yun Wu and spoke with a gentle smile, “Yun Wu, as long as you hand that small wooden box over to Great Aunt, once we get out of here, Great Aunt will definitely treat you well.”

Hearing this, Yun Wu couldn’t help but give a frigid smile, “What’s inside of this small wooden box? It’s actually able to draw you, the Head Madam, into the Forbidden Grounds and even attempt to curry favor with me? Very well. As long as you can answer this question of mine, it is possible for me to consider returning this box to you.”

“What’s your question?” Liu Qingyue felt somewhat awkward.

“Who was it that poisoned me with Yin poison?” Yun Wu stared at her coldly. Liu Qingyue became stupefied as a flash of surprise passed through the depths of her eyes. Cold Yin Poison was an incurable Yin poison, capable of lurking in the victim’s body for fifteen years while it slowly took effect. It was generally very difficult to detect.

Yun Wu actually was aware of the Yin poison in her body?

How was that possible?

After a brief pause, Liu Qingyue recollected herself and swiftly cover up the peculiar look in her eyes. She frowned, her face a mask of doubt as she opened her mouth, “Poison? What Yin poison? Great Aunt doesn’t know what you’re talking about.”

Seeing Liu Qingyue play dumb, Yun Wu laughed coldly in her heart. She extended her hand and took out the small wooden box. “Looks like you don’t hold this box in regard at all. In that case, I’ll just destroy it.” Her words fell, and she raised her hand high as if preparing to smash the box.

“No!” Liu Qingyue cried out in alarm.

Yun Wu raised the corners of her lips. “Speak, who was it?” Although she already had her suspicions, she knew that some things weren’t as simple as they seemed. Liu Qingyue inwardly clenched her teeth, her heart full of murderous intent. If she knew this was going to happen, she would’ve killed this vile spawn from the very beginning.

“It was…”

VIN: A rough image of how the underground palace might look?

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