This way of transmigration is definitely wrong! Chapter 57

I missed Zhou Yun Seng and Du Xu Lang ah~ _(;3/ I just finished reading listening a quick transmigration novel and man, I’m disappointed ah… What’s the most disappointing part when reading a quick transmigration? The ending ah, ending! ZYH’s story has the best ending so far… Kez has good eyes (QwQ)7 Chapter 57 Translator […]

QT: Rescuing The Blackened Male Lead Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Another chapter done~ I’m trying to prepare for school, so I’m stacking the chapters (trying to, at least) I’m hoping to release one chapter a day this week around 8 PM central time (in the US). Wah, I’m sorry Elaine it’s going to be a lot of work this week T-T Translator: Vis […]

QT: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 7

Chapter 7  Hello again~ I have some exciting news…I HAVE AN EDITOR. PLEASE WELCOME….ELAINE!  Thank you, Vin. I could not have asked for a better editor. Here are a few words from her~ Elaine: Hi!! I’m Elaine, a new editor~ I’m super excited to work on this with the awesome Vis, and I hope you guys […]

Just the Two of Us in this Vast World, chapter 1 part 8

It’s this time of the weekend again, and I got a new update for y’all: PART 8 LINK Credits: Translation: def_nomad Editors: Nocturne, Yuuki TLC: Lilina Thanks for reading! Also, if you happen to know Japanese and are interested in TLCing leave a comment, if possible with a disqus account so I get a notification (for some reason comments from […]

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