Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 41)

“There’s no harm in trying.”  Mu Qian Liu saw her stunned face and spoke in a gentle voice.

He just wanted to see, just how powerful was his contracted.

Of course, if he was completely destroyed by her, he would be able to enjoy the feeling of destroyed.

“Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Good director Mu!”  Luo Qing Chen felt like she was laughing as convulsions appeared on her lips!

It was like she was playing Fighting the Landlord and she was just a single step from the end!

Then a “bomb” came out of nowhere and sent her flying, going back several steps.

It really was frustrating!

She saw Mu Qian Liu walk onto the stage in front of everyone.  She looked up at him and she could see a faint smile in his eyes, as well as a trace of pampering love.

She took a deep breath and sat down on the stage.  After taking two mouthfuls of the matcha milkshake Xiao Chun bought her, she sat up straight and adjusted her mental state.

During this time, she didn’t forget to have a conversation with her system!

System, system, do you think I can beat Mu Qian Liu?

[Fifty-fifty chance!]  The system’s cold voice replied.

Your meaning is that your skills aren’t strong enough!?  I want a refund!

[The exchange for skills is a copy of the strongest person for that job in all of «Heavenly Sword»’s servers.]  The system promised, it wasn’t just speaking nonsense!

Can you put it a bit simpler?

[This means that if the host exchanged for Light Blade skills, it would mean that it would be a copy of Mu Qian Liu’s skills.  Your skills would be an exact copy of each other.]

Damn!  Are you praising the male lead?  No, you’re praising the bystander as the number one Light Blade?

[The facts are like this.]

Luo Qing Chen shrugged her shoulders and didn’t respond to the system!

After all, she also thought this!

Mu Qian Liu picked Light Blade as expected.  In order to make it more likely she would win, she changed her Flowing Light main page to focus on crit instead. 

The main reason was to stop herself from running out of HP.  When she changed into her light form, she could crit heal herself and heal herself to full.

The instant the match began, Mu Qian Liu’s lips slightly curled.  He didn’t show any mercy as he sent out a [Set Wind Wave], locking her in place before sending out a [Wild Kill] to take off a third of her HP.

She promised that if the other side wasn’t Mu Qian Liu, she would have definitely dodged that Wild Kill.  After all, even if it was Mu Qian Liu, she had been hit when she was halfway finished using her CC removal skill.

After that, to not show any weakness, with a [Soul Ban] and an instant [Soul Bead], she took a third of the other side’s HP.

Mu Qian Liu’s lips curled slightly and the smile in his eyes became stronger.

It was the same for him, the instant he used his CC removal skill, he was hit by Luo Qing Chen’s [Soul Bead].

“Wow!”  The crowd was filled with cheers.

“Ze, ze, ze, director Mu was actually this good at games!”

“This is a true match between gods!”


After three minutes, Mu Qian Liu seized a chance to apply CC to her before following with a [Blazing Light Kill].  Luo Qing Chen’s heart skipped a beat before she instantly used the light form’s only CC removal skill [Light Wall].  She followed it with an [Invincible Nirvana] that healed her to full.

But she knew that although she was full HP, she was at a disadvantage since all her skills were on cooldown.

In that instant, Mu Qian Liu charged at her with her full HP, quickly sending out the big move [Thousand Flashy Scattered Blades] at her.

Seven parts of damage, she didn’t have any CC skill, so there was no doubt she would die.

But when Mu Qian Liu had released five attacks and Luo Qing Chen only had a trace of HP, he stopped.

The two large swords on his back released a golden blood red light that surrounded him as he released his [Blood Battle Art], leaving him with only a sliver of HP.

In that instant, there was a buzz in Luo Qing Chen’s head as her heart was moved.

In that instant, he just stood there in front of her like a demon that fell out of the sky, truly looking like a god.

He was so handsome that he was glowing……

After a few seconds, she raised her hand to release a normal attack and took the rest of Mu Qian Liu’s HP, ending the match.

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