Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 38)

Luo Qing Chen had completely smashed Bai Yan Nian and it hadn’t even taken a minute.

It was like the competition site exploded and even Xiao Chun who looked at Bai Yan Nian with obsessed eyes had now turned her gaze onto Luo Qing Chen.

When Bai Yan Nian got off the stage, his brothers all began making fun of him.

“I never thought someone who has been addicted to internet games since you were young would lose to a little girl!”

Moreover, this girl is the one you want to chase.  Big brother, you won’t have any face this time!”

“Go, go, go, we’re going out to drink!  We’ll get drunk and forget all these unhappy things!”

But how could Bai Yan Nian be in any mood to drink!  He really felt that he had lost all his face and just wanted to dig himself a hole to hide in!

The player who was second on the «Like Summer Flowers» battle ranking actually lost to a girl from the company who no one knew about!

He didn’t accept it!

“All of you scram for me!”  Bai Yan Nian roared out and scared everyone around him.

As soon as his voice fell, he walked in Luo Qing Chen’s direction filled with anger.  He looked at her and said, “Let’s compete again, alright?”

“Un humph?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly raised her brow and had a relaxed look on her face.

“Qing Chen, you also know that the Flowing Light job is unparalleled in duels.” Bai Yan Nian had a look of unwillingness, but his voice was quite good still.  After all, in front of a goddess, he could only smile and say, “Let’s compete again and you won’t take Flowing Light this time, alright?”

Damn!  What did this Bai Yan Nian want to do!

System, system, calling the system!

[If you want to exchange for skills for other jobs, you need to pay the corresponding exchange points!]

System, you wouldn’t be hiking up the price, right!

[The system isn’t that kind of system!]

Luo Qing Chen thought about it, how could she completely destroy Bai Yan Nian!

She had her answer after a second, she could only do it if she beat him with the same job!

[Does the host wish to exchange for Void Jade job skills?  Yes/No.]

Yes!  Very certain.

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for Void Jade professional gaming skills (Limited to only this word).]

“Alright.”  There was an abnormal confidence in her smile.  She looked up at him and said, “We’ll wait for them to finish!”

After all, other people were also playing and they couldn’t affect others.

But she never thought that a magnetic voice would ring out in her ears.  It was different from the crisp sound of water, but rather it was deep and elegant, giving people a nice numbing sensation.

“Open up another two computers.”  Mu Qian Liu came over from not far away with a faint smile on his face.  There was shattering glow in his eyes that penetrated the layers of defenses in her eyes, seeing through everything.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned and couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous.

“Director Mu——”  Everyone who saw Mu Qian Liu instantly stood up and smiled along with him, including Bai Yan Nian who had been angered to the point of wanting to duel Luo Qing Chen again.

“Un.”  Mu Qian Liu nodded as he spoke with sparkling eyes.

“The two of you, computers have been prepared in the right competition area, so please come this way.”  The beautiful secretary beside Mu Qian Liu came forward with a signature smile and spoke to the two of them.

Bai Yan Nian was just filled with confidence.  He walked in front of Luo Qing Chen and reached the competition area before her.

If it was just a chance to show off in front of his goddess before, now that Mu Qian Liu was here, it was a chance to display his talents!

He definitely wouldn’t let go of a chance like this.  If he could become the main game planner for «Heavenly Sword», his status and his salary would soar!

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