Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 39)

Luo Qing Chen felt a bit nervous when looking at Mu Qian Liu who was casually standing on the side and her palms unknowingly began to sweat.

Although with the system here and she had control of the world, so she wasn’t afraid!

Since this was the male lead’s first time seeing her play first hand and it was after she had just exchanged for the Void Jade skills, she was a bit nervous.

Bai Yan Nian was full of excitement and incomparable confidence as he sat in front of his computer adding his skill points.  Luo Qing Chen looked at the Void Jade skill tree and her lips curled, changing from the [Fire Set] normally used for duels to the [Ice Set]

Void Jade was a very flexible job and compared to Flowing Light, Void Jade was the more popular one.

This was because one could choose from three different attributes, which were [Fire Set], [Ice Set], and [Thunder Set].

[Fire Set] was mainly for duels.

[Ice Set] was mainly for support.

[Thunder Set] was mainly for farming.

Most of the Void Jades in the game chose the Fire Set.  They all thought that the Fire Set could deal large amounts of damage, but that was not the case.

After all, a [Fire Set] Void Jade focused mainly on dealing damage and had too few CC and CC removal skills, so they were easily taken care of by the enemy.

It was different with the [Ice Set].  This attribute was called the support skill tree because the skills of this attribute were all CC skils!

It had to be said, the number one Void Jade in the entire server should be an [Ice Set] Void Jade.  Being able to crit and CC at the same time, that was called exciting.

Then why couldn’t she try it?

After thirty seconds, they finished adjusting their keybinds and entered the competition field.

Bai Yan Nian was the first to move, dashing to the area behind Luo Qing Chen.  She used an [Ice Seal] small skill to stop him halfway and because she completely invested in crit skills and runes, although it was only a small skill, it was still quite painful.

Actually it wasn’t like this kind of Void Jade didn’t have its drawbacks.  The biggest drawback was that as long as you took an instant kill skill, it meant that before you could torture the other side to death, you would die first.

So, this was a very skill heavy attribute that people didn’t normally play.

This was because there were just too many dodge skills and if you didn’t dodge properly, you could give back the accumulated advantage you had.

Or even lose the entire plate……

But Luo Qing Chen didn’t give Bai Yan Nian this chance!

She played almost perfectly, dodging all of Bai Yan Nian’s skills.  It had to be said, Void Jade and Flowing Light was different after all.  Flowing Light could change to their light form to heal themselves, so they always had a way out.

But it was different with Void Jade.  As the most fragile DPS job, as long as she was hit with a large skill, it would be hard for her to survive.

Not to mention that this was the [Ice Set] Void Jade without any heavy damage skills.

But Luo Qing Chen’s dazzling skills came out in this moment and blinded everyone here.

She was running circles around Bai Yan Nian, following one CC skill after another, not giving Bai Yan Nian even a chance to breathe.


The final small skill landed on him and he was killed.

As for Luo Qing Chen’s [Ice Set] Void Jade, she actually didn’t lose a single point of HP.

This was the legendary same job perfect kill!

“Ah, ah, ah——”


Almost at the same time, the employees present all cheered

This was a cheer that came from their hearts, the respect given to an expert.

Bai Yan Nian still didn’t submit, but he knew that whether it was in terms of control, skills, or skill connection, he was not at the same level as Luo Qing Chen!

But he didn’t understand, had Luo Qing Chen played «Heavenly Sword» before?  Why was she so powerful?

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