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Wife is Outrageous Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Enjoy~ RIP forgot to post XD -Kiki

Wife is Outrageous Chapter 130

Chapter 130   Enjoy~!   -Kiki

Wife is Outrageous Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Ha…ha… ha… sorry long time no see! I quit translating for a few weeks cause idk… I just felt really tired of the whole scene and decided to take a break. Sorry for not saying anything. Anyways, I’ll post 2 chapters a day […]

World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Translator: Littleredblossom Editor: KongoIsamu

Wangye’s Maid Chapter 29 \o/

Hey everyone……. this one is kinda really late. Sorry :0 Also…… the chapter is super short 🙁 Tell me if the links are broken or not in the links and I’ll try to remember to look at them. lol. Chapter 29 Yers truly, Entropy

Chapter 45 DGM is out

Chapter 45 well this is the final chapter will see you guys like, at the end of this year

Wife is Outrageous Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Enjoy~ Sorry, pace is gonna be a bit slow since for now, I’m just translating for fun now that my Patreon is closed. I might speed up the pace later once we get more readers 🙂

Wife is Outrageous Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Enjoy! Haha sorry, things have been going on lately >.

Wife is Outrageous Chapter 125-126

Chapter 125-126 Enjoy~ XD I may or may have not purposefully left it on a cliffhanger without a teaser… :3