Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 42)

Many years later, when she thought about this match again, her lips would curl into a smile.

After all, she felt she had been teased.

But after this competition, it wasn’t like there were no gains for her!

Other than the five thousand RMB, she also gained the title of great god of «Heavenly Sword», as well as the mesmerized gaze of many fans!

She was also helpless about this, alright?

As for Demonic Year Young Master, he became even more active in the game!

For example, tonight.

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: Looking for Dragon Spring Water and Emperor’s Ink.  PM me if you have a price.

[World] Listen to the Wind Blowing: Young Master has been collecting things lately, does he want to increase his battle power?

[World] Only Love Young Master: Looking for a Double Seventh Festival Set, PM Young Master if you have one.  O(∩_∩)O~

[World] Candy Consort: @Only Love Young Master, do you dare not be this shameless?  A set that cost a thousand RMB, you’re not embarrassed to have someone else pay?

[World] Only Love Young Master: You’re jealous?

[World] Rain God: @Candy Consort, ignore her.  A whore with a dog, live a long life together!

[World] Darling West Sound: He, he.

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: West Sound, you’re playing again?

Bai Yan Nian in front of the computer was a bit excited since Darling West Sound was his last, last contracted.

He had always liked her quite a bit.  Gentle, cute, and a student. She also looked quite good.

Because she went overseas for a few months, she stopped playing the game and stopped contacting him.

Now that she was back, without knowing why, Demonic Year Young Master felt his heart began to throb!

Properly speaking, since he entered a contract with Only Love Young Master, there was no lack of money spending.

All kinds of new sets and dungeon materials.

As long as she spoke, he had to respond to her.

But he felt lately that this girl had become a bit more aggressive.

The sets she wanted were all limited editions which had a sky high price.  Moreover, the more important thing was that when he was in a YY call with her, he felt that she was using a cute loli voice changer!

Moreover, she had never given him her phone number and had denied his requests to meet her!

What use was this kind of contract?  Perhaps even her photo was false!

[World] Darling West Sound: You still care if I’m back or not?

[World] Only Love Young Master: Who are you?

Ye Ying Ge narrowed.  She was not a fool, naturally she knew that this Darling West Sound had a previous relationship with Demonic Year Young Master.

But why did this girl suddenly come back!?

[PM] Demonic Year Young Master: Reed Song, are you there?

[PM] Only Love Young Master: Un, Young Master, kiss kiss.  I’ve heard that you’ve been invited to the experts anniversary banquet, do you need a female companion?

It was hard for her to get a local tyrant, she definitely couldn’t let him be stolen from her!  She had to move Demonic Year Young Master before he said the words ‘breaking the contract’.

As expected, Bai Yan Nian in front of the computer was moved.  No matter what this girl named Reed Song was considered the number one beauty of the «Like Summer Flowers» server.  If he could bring her to the anniversary celebration, perhaps he could make Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust and that Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud jealous.

Ha, ha, ha.  Thinking of this, he changed his mind.

[PM] Demonic Year Young Master: Wife, kiss, kiss, then we’ll go together at that time.  You are so beautiful, you’ll definitely stun the entire banquet!

[PM] Only Love Young Master: Humph!  I’m using a small hammer to hit you, you actually still haven’t forgotten your previous love…… (aggrieved look)

[PM] Demonic Year Young Master: Aiyo, baby, aren’t you thinking too much?  I only love you. If you don’t believe, watch my next horn.

After a few seconds, there was a new message from Demonic Year Young Master to Darling West Sound.

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: Naturally I don’t care!  After all, I have a wife! Wife, kisses!

[PM] Only Love Young Master: Kisses, Young Master.

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