The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.24


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

In the Precious Stone City, where people come and go, a figure wearing black cloak slowly walked among the crowded cultivators, and finally stopped in front of the largest inn in the Precious Stone City.

The cultivator inn opened here was not like the inn in the mortal world. Each side of the entrance was a waiter to welcome the guest. After entering the inn, apart from the lower-class room, you must first pay a piece of a middle-grade spirit stone at the counter to be able to check in.

Of course, if you want a better accommodation room, you will need to provide even more spirit stones.

After all, the cultivators were not like mortals who would always have the traces to find their entry and exit. Many cultivators have their own skills to be able to come without a shadow and go without a trace. The inn was naturally to make money. If a cultivator stayed there, and then just disappeared without trace and ended up not paying; then their business would be unable to make ends meet.

The shopkeeper in the counter was lazily reclined on the lounge chair placed in the counter, and when he saw a black shadow was standing in front of the counter, only then he lifted his eyelids and took a glance.

“The lower-class room you need to pay ten lower-grade spirit stones for one night stay, and no deposit is required; for the middle-class room you need to pay one hundred lower-grade spirit stones for one night stay, the deposit is a piece of middle-grade spirit stone; the top-class room you need to pay a piece of middle-grade spirit stone for one night stay, the deposit is three pieces of middle-grade spirit stone. Guest, what kind of room do you want?”

The black shadow did not speak. The shopkeeper only saw a very fair palm stretched out from the black cloak and placed three pieces of middle-grade spirit stone on the counter.

When the shopkeeper saw three pieces of middle-grade spirit stone on the counter, his squinting eyes that seemed to half-asleep were suddenly wide open. He stood up from the lounge chair as his face quickly piled up with a smile, “Guest, please wait for a moment, I will call someone to lead you over.”

“You don’t have to, I want to sit in the hall for a while first.” A voice that sounded a little hoarse can be heard from the cloak.

The shopkeeper also conveniently said, “I will arrange a seat for you now?”

“Just casually find a place on this side of the hall.” The hoarse voice continued to say.

“Please come with me, please come with me.” The shopkeeper said as he quickly put the three pieces of middle-grade spirit on the counter inside his Universal Pouch, and then politely lead over this cultivator in a black cloak which his face completely unable to see clearly to the front hall.

The Precious Stone City was just a third-rate cultivation city. The shopkeeper has lived here for so many years, and he rarely sees a cultivator who would order the top-class room.

He originally wanted to take this generous guest to the quieter place in the hall, but he did not expect this seemingly mysterious black cloaked man would pass through three or four tables and stop next to the low-rank cultivators who were drinking the cheapest tea on their side.

“I’ll just sit here.” Said the black cloaked man with a hoarse voice, and he didn’t wait for the shopkeeper to respond, before he right away sat down.

After the shopkeeper saw that his precious guest had already chosen the place, he also didn’t say anything. The shopkeeper turned around to find a waiter waiting on the side, and let him entertain this precious guest well.

This black cloaked man was precisely Li Luo. Although he has the medicine pallet that can change his appearance, there were only more than ten pills on a bottle, each of which can only last for two or three months.

Therefore, Li Luo did not want to waste this medicine with only more than ten pills. As a result, he simply used the black cloak in Yun Tianheng’s universal pouch to cover his face.

He chose this inn because the traffic in this inn was large, and the news also circulated relatively fast. What’s more, this inn was mentioned in his book as a well-informed intelligence organization and the information point on the Tianyun Continent.

He was going to find out the current situation of this world first in the hall, then ask the shopkeeper to contact that organization to inquire about Chu Wuyong’s situation.

After all, he had just returned to this world. He is unaware of the circumstances now.

Li Luo casually ordered a pot of the best tea in this inn and a plate of pastry. He sat quietly in the same place, silently listening to the gossip of the not far away cultivators on that three tables.

“Have you heard, the secret place of the ancient great cultivator that would only be opened once in five hundred years, it would be opened next year.”

“Is it the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave of Han Guang Immortal Lord? I also heard that it seems that this time the invitations that would be released from the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave are four or five more than before…but this good thing, is not our turn.”

When Li Luo heard this, the action of him drinking tea slightly paused, the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave…this was also one of quite important events of the book he wrote. As he mentioned earlier, the male protagonist can cultivate the Immortal path’s cultivation method and can also cultivate the Devil path’s cultivation method. But after all, these two cultivation methods would clash with each other.

These effects were not very obvious when the male protagonist had not yet reached the Demigod stage, but when the male protagonist crossed the dividing line of the Demigod stage, the conflict between these two completely contradictory cultivation methods were immediately apparent. However, because the male protagonist’s special constitution, it was still possible to suppress these two opposing cultivation methods.

Of course, it would certainly not work in the long run. The male protagonist by chance got the opportunity to enter this Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave, and under a freak combination of factors, he got the succeeding cultivation method of Han Guang Immortal Lord. Only then, the male protagonist was genuinely able to make the two cultivation methods, who were like the yin and yang, not interfere with each other, to be able to integrate into one another.

At this time, the male protagonist was really on the road to the highest point of the brilliant future prospects.

However, if he remembered correctly, the plot of the male protagonist beating Yun Tianheng should be after this event of the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave. At the moment, the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave has not been opened yet, how does Yun Tianheng easily handled in advance????

Although Li Luo had been beaten by the plot for N times, but after he knew the progress of the current plot, he still felt a bit surprised. After all, this plot of the beating was a full ten years earlier!

Can they still have a good time together? It seems that it was necessary to find the shopkeeper and ask the intelligence organization to check Chu Wuyong’s situation.

Li Luo silently took a sip of the strong fragrant tea on his hand, then ate the pastry while continuing to listen to the discussion of the cultivators on that three tables. After he heard almost all the information, Li Luo stood up and walked towards the counter.

At this time, the shopkeeper had long since regarded Li Luo as his precious guest. When he saw Li Luo come over, he immediately greeted him warmly and asked, “Guest, what do you have to order?”

Li Luo stretched out his hand and placed a piece of middle-grade spirit stone on the counter, and the hoarse voice was heard from the black cloak. “Can the shopkeeper take me to a room?”

The shopkeeper glanced at the middle-grade spirit stone in the counter, then lifted his eyes to look at Li Luo, his eyes flashed a light.

Immediately, he looked at Li Luo more enthusiastically, and his hand also very quickly took that piece of middle-grade spirit stone and put it inside his sleeve. “Guest, your room, let me take you there to see it.”

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