Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 173

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Chapter 173 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (43)

Although her hands and feet have been untied, but at this moment, all of her limbs felt weak and paralyzed as she laid on the bed like a broken rag doll whose soul had scattered away.

Su Huaiyan chuckled softly, carefully wiping off the sticky white fluid on the girl’s fingers with a paper towel. He leaned over to bite her ear, “Sister, do you want to do it again?”

Shen Mubai’s face immediately turned into the colour of a cooked shrimp again, she looked at him with tears in her eyes, “Again?”

Su Huaiyan’s eyes grew darker, his voice was deep and hoarse, “If sister looks at me like that, then I won’t be able to control myself.”

Shen Mubai shuddered and curled into a ball, not forgetting to bury her face in the bed sheet, hiding her embarrassment, “Su Huaiyan, give me my clothes back.”

Su Huaiyan couldn’t help but kiss her head, his eyes full of smiles, “Sister’s reaction is so cute, what should I do if I’m hard again?”

Shen Mubai didn’t care if he’s hard or soft, she can only felt herself crumbling apart, “Give me my clothes back.”

Fully knowing that if he continued to provoke this girl, then afraid that he won’t be able to coax her again, so Su Huaiyan complied in a sweet voice, “Alright, I won’t tease you again.”

Two soft objects were tucked into her hand, Shen Mubai secretly opened her eyes and met his beautiful pair of glass-like eyes, which was smiling softly towards her.

Shen Mubai, “…turn your head.”

Su Huaiyan obediently turned around.

Shen Mubai, who was finally dressed, thought that it was over. Unexpectedly, just when she turned her head, she was suddenly pounced by the teenager again as he took her lips in a breathless, intimate dance.

A knock sounded from the door, followed by Auntie Chen asking, “Young master, Miss Yiyi.”

Withdrawing from the girl’s mouth, their wet lips formed a silver trail of saliva. The other’ shameful and scared appearance made the shadow inside his eyes even darker. He answered with a soft, hoarse voice to the person outside, “Auntie Chen, we don’t need milk tonight.”

Auntie Chen blanked, but she only answered, “Yes, young master.”

Auntie Chen stopped after she walked a few steps. She felt that the young master’s voice was a little odd, without thinking much, she went forward and walked downstairs.

Shen Mubai took the opportunity to push Su Huaiyan away and jumped off the bed. She wiped her mouth hard and said, “I’m going back.”

The smile on Su Huaiyan’s face faded as his eyes stared straight to her swollen lips, his soft voice was threatening, “If you do this thing again, I’ll punish you severely.”

The delicate and beautiful boy sat on the bed, the dimples on his cheeks were charming, but there was no smile in his eyes.

Shen Mubai, who was tortured physically and mentally, did not sleep well that night. Not only that, she dreamed that she was overwhelmed by Su Huaiyan until she’s unable to breathe.

She woke up while panting hard and complained to system in grievance, “I don’t have such a brother who wants to XXX.”

System brutally reminded her of the reality, “He’s not your brother ah.”

Shen Mubai closed her eyes and said through gritted teeth, “This is our last conversation, goodbye friend.”

When looking at the mirror, Shen Mubai found several ambiguous red marks on her neck in horror. It was summer, and the summer uniform obviously can’t hide these shameful things, so she can only turn to the use of cosmetic. But, don’t know if the colour is too dark or for whatever reason, she still can vaguely see them.

Shen Mubai who was so annoyed, thought that she might as well abandon Su Huaiyan and go to school alone, but when she stood up, the guy followed her closely as if he had seen through her intention, “Sister wouldn’t think of abandoning me, right?”


I say, Baibai, you must coerce system to lend you some books about ‘How to stop seeking death’, or ‘How to handle yandere lover’, or ‘How to raise your IQ’. (´‐ω‐)=з

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 173
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