Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 388

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Chapter 388: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 41)

The math teacher narrowed his eyes.  He looked at the answer book before turning to the blackboard before turning to the answer book before turning back to the blackboard.

After repeatedly checking, he could only awkwardly clear his throat and say, “Go!”

“Thank you teacher.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a nod as her lips curled into a faint smile.

When she turned to leave, she and her mister childhood friend locked smiles.

This kind of smiling, this kind of tacit understanding, it really suited them.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 100%.]

The lonely years with the cold silent nights alone.

In the high school years, having someone by her would make things much brighter.

But would it really be that smooth?

As they reached the end of their first year, Bei Xiao Shi brought some shocking news.

Cheng Qian Zi had dropped out!

Perhaps the story had been passed from Dream One High School, so she was talked about no matter where she went.

The hatred and loneliness accumulated over time in her heart and finally one day, it exploded.

In a dark alley, there was a man smoking a cigarette and a woman with red lips also sucking on a cigarette.

“You came out quite quickly”  Cheng Qian Zi’s red lips curled as she took a deep breath of her cigarette, looking at Liang Kun as she spoke.

Liang Kun stroked his beard and said, “It’s all thanks to you!”

If it wasn’t for Cheng Qian Zi suddenly changing her testimony at the second appeal, no matter how good his lawyers were, he wouldn’t have been bailed out this quickly.

“Then you have to properly repay me!”  Cheng Qian Zi gave a cold snort, as her eyes narrowed and filled with endless hatred.

“Ha, ha.”  Liang Kun laughed as he stretched his hands out to take her waist, while saying with a smile, “I’ll repay you with a night together?”

“Pei——”  Cheng Qian Zi slapped it away and said, “Remove your dirty hands.”


“Let me tell you, I can get you out, which means I can also lock you up.”  Cheng Qian Zi immediately grabbed his collar and said, “I want you to kill someone.”

“Kill someone?”  Liang Kun’s expression changed, “No problem, let’s see your price.”

“Five hundred thousand.”

“Deal!”  Liang Kun’s lips had an ugly smile as he looked at her and said, “But you’re just a high school student, how do you have that much money?  Did you sell yourself?”

“Pa——”  A crisp slap sound rang through the dark alley, as Cheng Qian Zi glared at Liang Kun and said, “I’ll give you half now and you’ll get the other half once the matter is done.”

“Alright.”  Liang Kun tilted his lips as he rubbed his stinging face, asking in a dissatisfied voice, “Who do you want to kill?”

Cheng Qian Zi took out a picture and gave it to Liang Kun, “A high school student.  For someone as dirty as you, it should be very easy to take care of.”

“It isn’t like your big brother Kun hasn’t killed anyone before!”  Liang Kun took the picture and he revealed a surprised look, “Why is it her again?”

In the picture, Luo Qing Chen was wearing a pink coat as she stood outside the school gates.  Standing beside her was the handsome and stylish youth, silently watching her with his eyes filled with pampering.

She had a faint smile, a smile that was filled with happiness.  It was so contagious, it was like anyone near her could feel the happiness in her heart.

Based on what?

Everything should have been hers, she should have been standing by the bright Gu Qing Nuo’s side, being his most important person.

If it wasn’t for that appearance of that damn Luo Qing Chen.

It was her, it was all because of her!

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