Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 174

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Chapter 174 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (44)

The teenager tilted his head slightly, the smile on his face felt harmless, but it sent a shiver on people’s back instead.

After she arrived in the classroom, Shen Mubai finally felt that she could breathe as she spread herself out on the table with half of her soul gone.

Zhou Jialin looked at the spiritless her and inquired, “Su Yiyi, what’s wrong with you?”

Shen Mubai raised her head and gave her a bitter look.

Zhou Jialin was startled by the dark circles on her eyes, “What did you do last night?”

Shen Mubai was silent for a while and was about to say something, but then she heard Zhou Jialin was surprised while looking at her neck, “Su Yiyi, did you get bitten by mosquitoes?”

Shen Mubai was filled with unspoken bitterness, but she could only dejectedly conceded, “Yes.”

Zhou Jialin said sympathetically, “You should said it earlier ah.” Then she took out a tube of herbal lotion from under her desk and passed it to her, “Here, for you.”

Shen Mubai, “…Really, thank you.”

Zhou Jialin said generously, “Thank what ah, feel free to use it, I still have another tube.”

Shen Mubai accepted the herbal lotion.

Zhou Jialin stared at her, “Why are you not using it ah?”

Shen Mubai chattered nonsense, “I’ll use it in the toilet later.”

Zhou Jialin, “Oh.”

All morning, Shen Mubai stayed in her seat with a guilty conscience, afraid that others would see something wrong with her.

In the afternoon, their physical education class collided with class 1-6.

When Zhou Jialin asked her to watch Su Huaiyan play basketball with her, Shen Mubai resolutely refused.

Zhou Jialin said bitterly, “Su Yiyi, you’ve got to accompany me, I’ll treat you with an ice cream ah.”

Shen Mubai held on to her remaining morality, “Won’t go, you should ask someone else.”

And thus, Zhou Jialin had to give up, but who knew that she’d came back after a while?

“I don’t see Junior Huaiyan playing basketball today ah.”

Shen Mubai’s face was cold and indifferent.

Zhou Jialin stared at her for a full five seconds and then smirked, “Are you at loggerheads with your brother?”

Shen Mubai said calmly, “Nah.”

Zhou Jialin looked at her with a ‘I’ve seen the truth’ expression on her face, “If it’s not like that, then why do you look peeved when you hear his name ah? Who are you lying to?”

Shen Mubai became silent, she asked system, “Am I?”

System answered, “You are.”

Shen Mubai stopped talking, she felt that system and Su Huaiyan had formed a partnership to annoy her to death.

From a distance, came a familiar figure. The delicate face and perfect figure of the teenager attracted many girl’s eyes, their cheeks blushed with shyness.

Zhou Jialin was so excited, “S-S-Su… Huaiyan’s coming.”

Shen Mubai wanted to turn around and left but was caught by her pig teammate, “Hey, Su Yiyi, your brother’s coming for you.”

At this time, Su Huaiyan had already came in front of the two people.

That deceptive face showed a sweet smile to Zhou Jialin, “Sorry, I want to say a few words with my sister.”

Zhou Jialin was fascinated by this smile, and she didn’t forget to push Shen Mubai to him,” Speak, you two speak.” Not stopping until there, she still tactfully turned and leave the two alone.

Shen Mubai, “…”

Su Huaiyan stared directly to the girl in front of her with his intoxicating dimples adorning his smile, “Sister, come here.”

Not only Shen Mubai didn’t listen to his words, she also turned on her heels, wanting to run away.

Su Huaiyan grabbed her by the arm and took her all the way to the side corridor, trapping her between himself and the wall.

“Sister, don’t try to provoke me.”


A pig teammate indeed… (ノ_<。)

Also, trapping her between himself and the wall, Σ(゚Д゚) kabedon?!

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 174
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