Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 172

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Chapter 172 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (42)

Her earlobe was covered by the other’ lips again. The teenager extended his tongue, licking and kissing softly.

Feeling like a current of electricity roaming around her whole body, Shen Mubai couldn’t help curling up, sending out whimpers of resistance.

Su Huaiyan laughed like a devil, and then finally let go of the ear that he just ravaged. The crimson color was just like a beautiful red pearl, and as he looked at her, the darkness inside his eyes became even more intense.

The boy touched the girl’s cheek with one hand as dense kisses fell on her forehead, making its way down one kiss at a time. Gentle kisses that contained a thick possessive desire fell to the flowing beads of tears that fell from the corner of her eyes, licking and sucking them away. A soft, low laugh sounded from the depth of his throat, it was gentle, yet it was hoarse with longing, “Sister, open your eyes and look at me, alright?”

The boy’s dense breath aggressively occupied her entire senses, her bound hands couldn’t help but pushed away the other’ chest that was pressing down on hers. Shen Mubai shrank herself into a ball, a soft whimper sounded from her mouth, it sounded full of grievance, “Su Huaiyan, don’t do this.”

His adam’s apple slightly turned, his glass-like pupils became dark in an instant, Su Huaiyan easily made the girl unable to resist. He reached down to her ear and said, “Did no one tell sister that entering a boy’s room is a dangerous thing?”

Shen Mubai said to herself in despair, I don’t have this kind of immoral brother.

As the warm breath sprinkled on her face, the boy pinched the girl’s chin and rained down kisses on her swollen lips once more.

Shen Mubai could only accept being forced to receive his dominating kisses, their lips and tongues intertwined, producing an embarrassing wet sounds as saliva slipped along the corners of her mouth. The intense possessiveness and aggressiveness made her brain numb in an instant, followed by the feeling of weakness surrounding her whole limp body, she can only let the devil manipulate her entire being.

Withdrawing from the girl’s sweet mouth, he sucked the trailing saliva that flowed down to her chin. He then buried himself in the girl’s nape, licking and biting softly, leaving behind ambiguous red marks one by one.

The scattered raven hair on his forehead hid the burning emotions inside his eyes as his hands covered the silky cloth, pulling it down lightly to reveal the young girl’s fair and clear shoulders.

Shen Mubai kicked and pushed in useless resistance, the sobs from her mouth grew louder, “Su Huaiyan, don’t mess around…”

Su Huaiyan looked up and showed a soft smile, his dimples looked especially sweet, “Sister, don’t be afraid, I won’t ever hurt you.”

Shen Mubai could only whimper in despair.

The clothing on her body had all been completely taken off, the boy’s dense kisses fell on every inch of her skin. The creepy and terrifying possessive desire paralyzed Shen Mubai, her toes curled up as the aching and numbing sensation made her unable to repress the constrained cry from her throat.

Luckily, Su Huaiyan fulfilled his promise and didn’t do the final step.

But this was enough to make Shen Mubai felt so shameful that she didn’t even dare to say anything, she could only bury her wronged self on the soft bed.

A husky, hoarse voice could be heard beside her ear, “Sister doesn’t think that this is over yet right?” Before the girl answered, a low laugh came from his throat. He pulled her hand and placed it on top of something scorching, his throat turned slightly, “Sister, help me.”

The boy’s voice was somewhat spoiled and coquettish, but it left a permanent shadow inside Shen Mubai’s heart.

Like a broken rag doll, she didn’t even know what she’s doing anymore as the boy’s panting sounds kept ringing beside her ears. Didn’t know how long had passed before he issued out a deep groan, finally releasing some hot liquid on her hand.


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I want to finish translating ‘My Husband With Scholar Syndrome’ until ch 30 first before I continue with this, fufufu~

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Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 172
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