My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 — Contradiction

Although Bai Chuan’s situation has always been good, but she still need to see Professor Feng at least once a month. It was a routine examination and not necessarily a treatment, it was just a simple chat so that Professor Feng can understand Bai Chuan’s current mental state.

When Bai Chuan was small, this thing was taken care of by Grandma Bai. Later, when Grandma Bai became older, the Bai family then would take turns to bring Bai Chuan to these sessions. Now that Bai Chuan was married, this task naturally fell on Mu Xiaoya.

“I don’t want to go in.” Reaching the sanatorium entrance, Bai Chuan frowned unhappily.

“We would enter and stay for half an hour, just chatting a bit with Professor Feng and go out. After that, we can go to eat lunch. In the afternoon, we still have to search for some furniture in the furniture centre.” Mu Xiaoya coaxed.

“Can we move in after we buy the furniture?” Hearing about furniture, Bai Chuan’s expression became a lot better.

“That’s right ah, after we finish buying all of the furniture, we can move in our new house.”

“At that time, you can cook for me to eat.”

“I’ll cook whatever you want to eat, then what would you do?” Mu Xiaoya broke into laughter, Bai Chuan was so persistent to make her cook for him.

“Then, I’ll wash the dishes, then we can watch TV in the living room together.” Xiaoya remembered everything I said to her in the new house that day.

“Yes, yes…” Mu Xiaoya took the opportunity when Bai Chuan was talking and swindled him to enter the sanatorium. On one hand, she couldn’t help but wondered, she didn’t see Bai Chuan so unhappy like this when she came over the previous two times, she didn’t know what happened to him today.

Professor Feng had already waited in the treatment room, when he saw the two coming inside, he smiled and asked, “What’s wrong with you? You look a little unhappy ah.”

Bai Chuan gave one glance at Professor Feng and sat down without saying anything. But he knew that even if he didn’t care about him, Professor Feng would still keep talking to him continuously.

Sure enough, he heard Professor Feng continued to say, “What happened? Can you tell me?”

Bai Chuan remained silent, he lowered his head and focused on playing with his fingers.

Professor Feng had no other way, he can only turned to ask Mu Xiaoya, “What happened before you came?”

“Nothing, it’s just… Xiao Chuan looked like he’s not happy coming here.” Mu Xiaoya explained.

“Don’t like coming here? It shouldn’t be ah, he had come here for more than ten years now, how come he suddenly like this?” Professor Feng didn’t hide from Bai Chuan when he said this, perhaps it can be said that he said it to Bai Chuan deliberately while secretly observing Bai Chuan’s reaction.

But Bai Chuan still didn’t respond, he kept on playing with his fingers and occasionally turned his head to look at the clock on the wall.

Is he anxious to leave?

Professor Feng found it interesting and he continued to try to establish communication with Bai Chuan, “Do you guys still have something to do after this?”

Bai Chuan responded this time, he glanced at professor Feng, but still not saying anything. However, Professor Feng understood this one glance of his, it was showing resistance and impatience.

Is he going against me?

Professor Feng wondered, although Bai Chuan didn’t like talking as usual, but he had never shown such a big conflict towards him like this. If Professor Feng talk about a topic that interested Bai Chuan during the treatment, Bai Chuan would still sometimes chat with him with his own initiative. However, just now, his topic clearly aroused Bai Chuan’s interest, but Bai Chuan insisted on ignoring him instead.

“We’re going to pick furniture in a moment.” receiving Professor Feng’s gaze, Mu Xiaoya helped Bai Chuan to answer.

“Are you going to move out?”

“Yes, do you know about this?” Mu Xiaoya was a bit surprised.

“It was my proposal to let you guys move out, how could I not know about it?” Professor Feng took a sip of his tea and smiled.

Hearing this, Bai Chuan raised his head to look at Professor Feng, the unwillingness inside him was somewhat reduced.

Professor Feng became more and more interested in Bai Chuan today, it was only ten minutes after they entered, but Bai Chuan had been more expressive today than the ten plus years he had treated him.

“Then… do we need to pay attention to anything before we move out?” Mu Xiaoya asked. Although she had done a lot of preparation, she was still worried that she couldn’t take care of Bai Chuan by herself.

“You don’t have to pay special attention to anything, Grandma Bai can live with Bai Chuan alone, of course you can do the same.” Professor Feng encouraged her.

“I will work hard.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t know if she could do better than Grandma Bai, but she will try her best.

After that, Professor Feng let Mu Xiaoya go outside as he chatted with Bai Chuan alone for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes later, Professor Feng came out from the treatment room alone.

“Professor Feng, what about Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya hastily greeted him.

“Hush, let’s talk here.” Professor made a silent gesture to Mu Xiaoya, as if afraid that Bai Chuan could hear it from inside the room. He took Mu Xiaoya to the corridor outside before he said with a normal voice, “Xiao Chuan is unwilling to cooperate with my treatment.”

“Why?” Mu Xiaoya was anxious as she said, “He has been doing well recently, and his parents said that Xiao Chuan’s condition is much better than before.”

“He’s indeed much better than before, furthermore, it was a really big change.”

“Then…” Mu Xiaoya was unable to understand.

“He has exposed more and more emotion, but his resistance to me wasn’t inside his own sealed world, instead, he deliberately doesn’t want to respond to me.” Professor Feng smiled, “The word ‘deliberately’, I usually don’t use it for autistic patient.”

Mu Xiaoya finally understood, what Professor Feng wanted to say was that this kind of deliberate resistance was a kind of recovery manifestation.

“But I still hope that you can ask him later why he resisted my treatment, then secretly tell me the reason.” This was why he came out here to speak with Mu Xiaoya without Bai Chuan knowing.

“Okay, I’ll ask him when he’s in a better mood.” Mu Xiaoya promised with a nod.

“There’s still…” Professor Feng continued, “Some time ago, in order to surprise you, Xiao Chuan secretly left the company and ran to find you, right?”

“Yes, actually, I also want to consult you about this matter too.” Mu Xiaoya said, “If there’s a similar situation, do you think I should stop him? Or let him follow this natural development?”

“What do you think yourself?” Professor Feng asked back.

“I… I want to let him follow his own natural development, I want Xiao Chuan to do whatever he wants.” Mu Xiaoya said, “but I don’t know if this is good or not?”

Professor Feng gratifyingly smiled and praised her, “Your idea is correct. Actually, quite a long time ago, it should be the second time Bai Chuan ran out from home, that time, I gave a suggestion to Bai Chuan’s parents to give him some freedom. But something happened at that time and made this plan fizzle out.”

“What happened?”

“Because they’re afraid that they can’t find Bai Chuan, Bai Chuan’s brother found a watch with a GPS function and put it on Bai Chuan’s body. However, Bai Chuan threw that watch and stayed outside for a day and a night before finally returning home. The Bai family was so terrified, and after that, they dared not let Bai Chuan run anywhere.”

“One day and one night, where did he go to?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

Professor Feng looked at Mu Xiaoya and asked meaningfully, “Do you want to know?”

“Can I?”

“Of course you can.” Professor Feng laughed, “You go and ask Bai Chuan, if he doesn’t want to tell you, then I’ll send you a video.”

“Oh, okay.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t ask why Professor Feng didn’t just send her the video directly, she only thought that there’s a reason for him to do this.

“Letting Bai Chuan go out alone is a good way to promote his integration to the society.” Professor Feng continued the topic just now, “In fact, I always think that Bai Chuan’s family is too overprotective of him. People with autism could easily immerse himself inside his own world, so if we can let him go out and move more, especially going out alone, we can force him to communicate with the outside world, it’s a very effective treatment. Of course, this method is very dangerous. We can’t exclude the chances of him encountering something that could irritate his condition, but looking at Bai Chuan’s condition now, I think it’s okay to give it a try.”

“Actually, I suggest you to release more restrictions on Bai Chuan. For example, don’t arrange a driver for him, let him take a taxi to and from work, and maybe have him talk one or two sentences to a stranger every day.”

“Wouldn’t it be too difficult for Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya was worried.

“Just try it, if it’s not successful, then we can adjust our plan.”

“…okay.” Mu Xiaoya pondered about it a bit and agreed.

“Alright, go back in, he’s waiting for you.”

Mu Xiaoya nodded towards Professor Feng and turned to the treatment room to pick up Bai Chuan. Professor Feng walked down the corridor and pulled up a little boy who was eating leaves.

After leaving the nursing home, Bai Chuan’s mood was obviously much better, but Mu Xiaoya didn’t rush to ask why he didn’t want to cooperate with Professor Feng today. She took Bai Chuan to a lunch first, and then the two went to the furniture centre according to the original plan.

During this period of time, Mu Xiaoya already purchased a lot of things, such as curtains, carpets, washing machine, air conditioners, TVs, kitchen utensils and so on, she almost finished buying everything needed, so their purpose coming to this furniture centre was only to select beds and sofas, and the bookshelves that Bai Chuan would use.

Because Chinese Valentine Festival was approaching, the furniture centre was full of promotional activities. After all, it was Valentine’s day, so there were all sorts of things for couples, no matter what, as long as it was to be used by a couple, there will be a very big discount for it.

Mu Xiaoya, who had been a single dog in the whole of her previous life, has never enjoyed such a discount that was only meant for couples, thus it can’t be helped that she would look a few times over at the discounted products no matter if she needed it or not.

“Sir, madam, if you buy this double bed, we’ll give a pair of pillows, a pair of bolsters, a pair of lover dolls as well as a pair of lover pyjamas as a bonus.” the promoters spared no effort to sell.

“Thank you, we’re still looking around.” Mu Xiaoya tried it a bit but felt that the bed wasn’t very comfortable so she pulled Bai Chuan away.

“Why? Do you like that bed?” Mu Xiaoya saw Bai Chuan looking back frequently, so she can’t help but asked.



Couple pyjamas.” Bai Chuan’s eyes were bright, he wanted to wear the same pyjamas as Mu Xiaoya.

Cough… at the back, there must be some at the back.” The teased Mu Xiaoya’s face was blushing red, she quickly dragged Bai Chuan away.

“Sir, madam, our mattress is made with the latest nanotechnology, it’s soft and elastic, it will make for a good sleeping experience oh.” The salesman suddenly moved close to Bai Chuan, passing a look that only men would understand and said ambiguously, “It won’t get deformed no matter how you toss around.”

“…” the hot blush that Mu Xiaoya put down with much difficulty immediately went back up again.

There’s still a mountain higher than the other, is the Chinese people nowadays this open? Haven’t you see that online novels all forbid writing about anything underneath the neck? You guys actually speak so brazenly about this matter in broad daylight, be careful your shop doesn’t get closed!

“Do you give couple’s pyjamas?” Bai Chuan who didn’t catch on the hint, was persistently thinking about pyjamas.

“Couple’s pyjamas?” The salesman brother’s expression became mysterious, he said quietly, “We can give you sexy pyjamas.”

“…no, thank you.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t wait for Bai Chuan’s respond before immediately pulling the whole person to flee that place.


A spoiler, next chapter’s title is Sleep With Me. (*・艸・)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 49
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