Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 406

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Chapter 406: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 59)

That winter, she had her first birthday since they reunited.

He didn’t know what to give her even after thinking for a long time.  He had asked many people and did a lot of research, even going to forums and searching on Baidu.

In the end, after receiving all the unrealistic opinions, he thought about it and gave her a handmade bracelet.

He could still clearly remember the expression she had on the day she opened the present.

It was a pleasantly surprised glow that appeared in her eyes.

Seeing his favourite girl revealing this kind of moved expression, he felt especially proud in the depths of his heart.

Then during a gym class, she had accidentally fallen.  The red crystal was scratched and he went with her to many stores, but they all said that it couldn’t be fixed and could only be repaired.

So she leaned in with a smile and said, “Life needs to be a bit imperfect for it to be complete!”

At that time, she was wearing the red and blue uniform with a sweet smile on her face.

The gentle sunlight penetrated through the leaves and shined down on her white face.

It was incomparably beautiful…..

“Director Ye, do you have any orders?”  The manager saw Ye Zhi Jin and quickly ran over to ask this.

“Immediately bring out all the surveillance footage for today, right now, immediately.”  He took the bracelet and tightly held it in his hands, as a flash of light shined in his dark night.

Seven years, she had been gone for an entire seven years.

Everyone had said that she was certainly dead, but he never believed it.  He would never believe, even until the day he died, he would never believe it.

“Yes…..Yes, director Ye.”  The manager quickly went off looking very nervous.

“Zhi Yin, what is it?”  Su Lan saw his cold face and asked in a concerned voice.

She had never seen him look so agitated, whether it was at Cambridge or in this country.  No matter what large scale deal he had, he was always calm when he didn’t and didn’t have a single fluctuation in emotion.

“Don’t speak.”  He took a deep breath.  His eyes had been on the seven coloured bracelet the entire time, never leaving it.

Ye Zhi Jin felt that when he held this bracelet, he could feel a faint warmth coming from it.

The warmth from her.

He was afraid that if someone else spoke to him, it would break this beautiful dream.

He was afraid that this was all a dream.

After all these years, he had dreamed out countless encounters with her.  He had been so excited and happy in his dreams.

But the moment he woke up, he knew that everything was just in his mind.

For half an hour, he sat in front of the screen watching the monitor.  His slender fingers were prepared to press the pause button the moment she appeared.

She had short hair that were put in curls.  She was wearing a yellow goose feather coat and her eyes were as clear as water.

Time hadn’t left a single mark on her face.  She was still the past Luo Qing Chen, she hadn’t changed at all…..

Every gesture she made was that moving.

Su Lan stood by him in a daze, watching his red eyes as her heart began beating fast.

She had never seen this Ye Zhi Jin before.  In her eyes, Ye Zhi Jin had always been cold and calm, never showing his real emotions because of anything.

This was her first time in all the years that she had known him to see this kind of indescribable emotion in his eyes.

So, some people weren’t naturally cold, it was just that the people they were facing were not the ones they cared about.

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