My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 — I’ve Already Liked Him From A Long Time Ago

The ‘surprise’ made by Bai Chuan to his wife also caused a considerable upheaval for Yifeng Group. The one who blamed himself the most for giving this foolish idea in order to get 2 more weeks of debugging time was none other than Astro.

Early the next morning, Astro offered a humble apology in front of Bai Zheng’s office.

“General Manager, it’s all my fault, it was I who gave the idea to Second young master to pick Second young mistress from work.” Astro didn’t find any excuses and just owned up to his mistake straightly.

Xiaoli from the front desk also blamed herself, “There’s still me, if I didn’t leave the front desk at that time, I’d have seen Second young master going out, and I could then contact the driver to pick Second young master up.” One of Xiaoli’s tasks was to inform the security guard and the driver the second Bai Chuan wanted to leave the company, to ensure that he can get on the company’s car smoothly. But, unluckily, Bai Chuan left right at that time she went out for a while to get a glass of juice.

To guarantee Bai Chuan’s safety inside the company, Bai Zheng had set up several checkpoints, but eventually, a small incident can still emerge. The R&D department’s people thought that the front desk would see Bai Chuan when he went out, yet by chance, Xiaoli left her post at this time. As the driver didn’t receive a notice, he only kept awaiting orders inside the office.

A chain of coincidences created yesterday’s matter, but to boil it down, they didn’t violate an extremely big blunder, and one can’t just not give their employee a bit of time to boil some coffee or get some juice after all.

“Forget it, just don’t make this kind of mistake again in the future.” Bai Zheng also didn’t plan to look into it too much.

“Thank you, General Manager, we assure you that this matter won’t happen again.” The two people really didn’t expect that General Manager would just easily pardon them, their expression were saying how it was really unbelievable.

“Leave then.” Bai Zheng opened the documents beside his hand, preparing to do his work.

“Yes.” The two turned around to leave, but Astro was suddenly called out by Bai Zheng.

“Astro, you stay.”

“General Manager.” Astro was trembling with trepidation as he walked back, sure enough, he, as the main culprit, won’t be let off so easily right?

“The planning department said that you want to postpone 2 weeks to release the game?”

“N-no need, I’ll just go and take overtime, no need to sleep, I’ll finish all the test run by the scheduled time.” Where would Astro brave enough to mention postponing? It was precisely because of this matter that he almost lose Second young master.

“Not sleeping, it’s easy to have a sudden death like that, although our Yifeng Group doesn’t lack money, but we still don’t want to pay for the funeral expenses of the employees.” Bai Zheng gave Astro a cold look.

Astro only felt that his back was suddenly chilly, he didn’t dare take a breath while standing unmoving.

“Is two weeks enough?”

“Ah?” Astro blanked, and when his brain finally connected to what Bai Zheng said, a happy expression almost broke out of control, “Enough, it’s enough, it’s enough.”

“Then I’ll give you one week more, let the people under you go back and tidy up, I was almost stunk to death when I went to your office yesterday.” Bai Zheng looked disgusted.

“Still… still give one more week?” The pie that fell from the sky made Astro stupid there and then. What does it mean? This is not only agreeing to postpone the release, but also give their R&D department a week more?

“Go away.” Bai Zheng brushed the person away.

“G- general manager, see you!” Astro walked out in a dazed expression.

Closing the door of the General Manager’s office, Astro stood at the door, thinking that he just worked overtime yesterday and even worked until really late at night, so he felt that he must be dreaming or something right now. Why, when they made such a big mistake, the General Manager not only didn’t punish them, but also reward them? How about he go back to ask once more, no, he can’t, he doesn’t have the courage.

“What are you standing silly for?” Lu Yang saw Astro standing at the door with a stupid look, thus he knocked on his shoulder with the document in his hand.

“No… why do I feel that this is unreal ah?” Astro looked over for help, “Assistant Lu, is General Manager really agreed to postpone, and moreover, for three whole weeks?”

“Look at your stupid face.” Lu Yang sneered, “How could our bro-con General Manager not give when Second young master personally asked for more time?”

“That’s true! It all makes sense now!”

“You can move Second young master, you’re also quite capable ah.” Lu Yang sincerely admired, for in the three plus years Second young master has been working in the company, he’s not willing to go downstairs for a meal, let alone a meeting.

“Hehe… hehehe…” The happiness came too suddenly as Astro rubbed his greasy head and left with a foolish grin.

He can’t wait to run back to the R&D department to share this great news to everyone, but once he entered, he covered his nose and retreated.

Sh*t, it really stunk to high heavens, how come I didn’t find out before?

Fang Hui encountered a traffic jam when she came to work so she arrived a little later than usual. When she entered the studio, she found that Mu Xiaoya’s work space was empty. She immediately frowned and asked the two employee in the studio, “Has Mumu came in?”

“She has come, in the workshop.” Xiao Xin pointed to the back.

“How is her mood?”

“Really good, she even brought us snacks.” Leng Yi raised the spicy stick in her hand.

“She recovered so fast?” Fang Hui raised her eyebrows in surprise, and then patted away Leng Yi’s hand that was covered in spicy oil, “Eating spicy strips early in the morning, wipe the keyboard clean.”

“O-oh.” Leng Yi realized that she was too arrogant, so she hurriedly took wet tissues to start cleaning.

Fang Hui dropped her bag and went directly to the workshop, Mu Xiaoya was drawing a design on the leather shoes.

“Bai Chuan’s shoes?” Customizing leather shoes in the studio hasn’t been officially launched, so the shoes tha Mu Xiaoya currently made can only be Bai Chuan’s.

“That’s right.” Mu Xiaoya nodded and smiled.

“The left and right feet are half a number apart.” Fang Hui glanced at the sole prepared by Mu Xiaoya.

“Right ah, Xiao Chuan’s left foot is half a number larger than his right.”

“Let me help you.” Fang Hui took out the tools, wanting to help Mu Xiaoya.

“There’s no need, I want to personally make this pair of shoes by myself.” She promised Bai Chuan that these shoes will be made by her own hands.

Fang Hui looked at Mu Xiaoya, Mu Xiaoya’s expression was very focused, talking and laughing with her as if nothing had happened, she can’t tell the difference with the normal Mu Xiaoya when she looked at her. However, the more she’s like this, the more worried Fang Hui was. Suddenly she remembered when she chatted with Liang Nuonuo yesterday night.

“Nuonuo, you didn’t see how Mumu was so anxious when she found out that Bai Chuan was lost.” Fang Hui was worried, “I can see it myself, even if Bai Chuan performs well, but he’s still not an ordinary person after all. He has autism, he can’t integrate into the society. If hes’ normal, then when he went out alone, how come he can make Mumu anxious like that? The future is still long, how can she survive like that?”

“Why? Do you still want to persuade her to divorce?” Liang Nuonuo asked.

“I don’t dare.” Fang Hui sighed, “Mumu looked like she had lost her soul already just because she can’t find Bai Chuan, how can I dare to persuade her to divorce?”

“That’s why ah, let’s not say anything, Mumu needs not our concerns, she needs our support.” Liang Nuonuo said.

Support? Fang Hui recovered her thought, put the tools in her hand back, and found a chair next to Mu Xiaoya, discussing the future arrangement of the studio with her.

“I plan to start customizing shoes next week, do you think our set price of a pair of customized leather shoes appropriate?”

“It depends on the leather used by the customer.” Mi Xiaoya replied.

“I think so too, I only plan to keep two or three high-quality leathers. Customized shoes ah, if the price is too cheap, we not only won’t earn any money, but also wasting time and energy. So it’s better to use the best one, we can set the price a bit higher then.”

“Agree.” Mu Xiaoya thought that Fang Hui was right.

“And so, I plan to set the price of a pair of shoes at…thirty thousand yuan.”

“Thirty thousand?” Mu Xiaoya was shocked as she looked at Fang Hui.

“Of course, this is just the price in this early stage. When our brand starts shooting, we can adjust the price again.”

“No, I mean… are you sure someone will come to customize shoes with us for 30k yuan a pair?” Mu Xiaoya asked without much confidence.

“Why not? The middle class this year is most willing to spend money, although those local tyrants won’t take a plane to customize their shoes in Italy, but they’re still willing to churn out 30-40k yuan ah.” Fang Hui said, “Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if no one take any order, we’re not relying on this to make money.”

“Okay, so you see that our casual shoes sold well this time, and now you’re floating in the air?”

“I don’t care, anyway, the price is set, I think we’re worth that price.”

“Alright, alright, will hear you then.” when Mu Xiaoya saw Fang Hui insisting, she couldn’t care less about it, anyway, she didn’t open this studio to make money ah.

“That…” Fang Hui stammered, still wanted to talk about something, but can’t find the right words to say.

“Want to ask my and Bai Chuan’s matter?” Mu Xiaoya lost her smile, and since Fang Hui came in and started to talk to her, she already guessed Fang Hui’s intention. Her appearance yesterday must have had scared Fang Hui.

“Is it that visible?”

“You only lack someone to write it on your face.” Mu Xiaoya rolled her eyes.

“Since it’s that visible, then, you say it ah.” Fang Hui’s face was full of gossip.

“What do you want to hear?”

“Your… love for Bai Chuan, is it true?” Fang Hui asked directly.

“En.” Mu Xiaoya smiled and conceded readily.

“So it’s really…” Fang Hui’s face showed that she guessed right, “I knew it, when I look at your wretched appearance yesterday, I already knew that you’re in love with Bai Chuan, and it’s not just an ordinary love. But, what’s strange to me is, how can your feeling developed this deep in only two month’s time?”

Fang Hui still remembered the day when Mu Xiaoya said that she wanted to get married, she clearly didn’t see any bit of love from Mu Xiaoya’s face. If one have to say that she had this kind of feeling, then it can only be regarded as a simple liking. Even for a time, Fang Hui suspected that Mu Xiaoya was only overwhelmed by her maternal love that her brain was fried before agreeing to marry Bai Chuan.

“Fang Hui, I think… I have liked Bai Chuan from a long time ago, it’s just that I didn’t realize it myself.” Mu Xiaoya replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Bai Chuan is two years older than me. When I was five years old, he moved next door. Our area was full of old teachers, there were very few children of the same age as me, furthermore, Bai Chuan is so good-looking, so I like running to his house.” Mu Xiaoya recalled, “Kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, every weekend, every summer vacation, I’d always go to find Bai Chuan. I didn’t know he had autism at first, and I was angry everyday because he’d often ignore me. That time, Grandma Bai told me…”

“She said, ‘your brother Bai Chuan is particularly introverted so he doesn’t like talking. But he doesn’t run away from you, that means he likes you, you should never be angry with him.’ Then, Grandma Bai gave me a lot of snacks to eat, I was immediately coaxed because of these snacks ah, believing what Grandma Bai said.” Remembering until here, Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but laughed a little.

“Later, when I knew that Bai Chuan had autism, he had already been able to talk with me. He’d ignore others, but he’d never ignore me. I’m not good at math, he taught me over and over, sometimes, when I turned around for five minutes, I’d already forgot about the topic that he just taught me, but he would still tirelessly teach me. When I was in junior high, my English wasn’t good, so he accompanied me to remember vocabulary. When I was in high school, I chose to study liberal arts, but I honestly just can’t remember history, so he remembered everything and read them to me every day.”

“He actually doesn’t like to talk, but because I told him that I might be able to remember if he read it to me from time to time, later he kept on reading those English vocabularies, historical times or whatever for me.”

“These things, I haven’t heard it from you before.” Fang Hui was astonished.

Mu Xiaoya pinched a strand of hair that fell down and smiled bitterly, “Because…I also haven’t remember it for a long time, I… left Bai Chuan in high school.”

“Didn’t you always ask me before, why do I always look down on those many people who chased after me?” Mu Xiaoya smiled, “Maybe because, in my heart, there’s already no one who can be as good to me as Bai Chuan.”

How can I bear to lose such a good person?


So… Xiao Chuan and Xiaoya married their first love? (ᗒᗨᗕ)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 48

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  1. I am also lamenting about their previous life, however I still won’t blame Xiaoya for their separation.
    She’s such a bubbly girl with wonderful talent. It is normal for her to also want to enjoy her youth with other friends and to chase her dream career.
    Like it or not BC is like a shackle that would hold her back from pursuing her career.
    Neverthless, she didn’t abandon him on purpose. It just happened naturally.
    In highschool she found new friends, school works, sports event and all the activities that she couldn’t share with BC.
    And then going on to college and her studies abroad.
    It was never her fault, no body’s fault…
    She never promissed anything nor should she be responsible for him in the past.
    Be it in the past or present are never anybody’s fault.
    It was/is just the way it was/is.
    After the death experience it is also natural that she would change her life’s focus.
    It is very natural that she no longer wish to pursue career and just go with the flow and spend her rest days to create beautiful memory with everyone who love and cherish her.
    Therefore she now can dedicate her life for BC too, because he is also one of the people who cherish her unconditionally.
    Started with empathy, want to hinder him from being burnt and then slowly being reminded again to their childhood romance …then grow love as an adult.

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